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King Street Station Jackson Plaza's Salvaged Granit Balustrade3.15.11 slide show


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King Street Station Jackson Plaza's Salvaged Granit Balustrade3.15.11 slide show

  1. 1. Phase 2A In this slide show: Jackson Plaza’s Salvaged Granite Balustrade March 15, 2011
  2. 2. The above photo shows the northwest corner of King Street Station under construction in 1904. Rail tracks in between the buildings were used to transport the granite for the construction. The adjacent building was burnt down during The Great Fire. However, its granite footings are still in place. Sellen Construction was able to salvage this granite while excavating for new sewer line. Nine full dump truck loads of granite were salvaged for the King Street Station project.
  3. 3. Salvaged granite originally used as footings have been cut into blocks to be used for the repair of the balustrade on Jackson Plaza.
  4. 4. Jackson Plaza west side balustrade awaits salvaged granite installation. New concrete balustrade footings have been casted.
  5. 5. Salvaged granite were also used to repair other damaged areas throughout the station exterior.
  6. 6. The rail track shown in the historic photo was also salvaged with the granite during the sewer excavation.
  7. 7. Under Jackson Plaza looking northeast from southwest corner. Framing is in place for most interior partitions.
  8. 8. Looking north from mid section of Jackson Plaza. You can see that most HVAC duct work, electrical conduit, and restored windows are in place.
  9. 9. Above the geothermal well pipes are header piping which connects to the 3 rd floor purge tank. Its function is to prevent air locks in the system.
  10. 10. The primary switch gear box in the new electrical room will replace the original in current electrical room at the station.
  11. 11. This “L” shaped cutout in the floor will be the new footing for the First Hill Street Car substation located inside the King Street Station.
  12. 12. Large motors shown will pump air for the geothermal heating and cooling system.
  13. 13. The north end of Jackson Plaza will merge with Jackson Ave by a new expansion joint. Wood forms for future beam are in place.
  14. 14. A new column has been casted to support the 2 nd Avenue Extension above.
  15. 15. The crack on the NE end of the plaza will be repaved with new asphalt.
  16. 16. New “N” shaped truss and column support the sidewalk above.
  17. 17. This area will be the future ticketing location with new terrazzo floors.
  18. 18. Originals marble panels reinstalled but not yet cleaned. Stain removal process will start once all the marble panels are back in place.
  19. 19. A heater was kept on permanently during the process of marble reinstallation to help cure the adhesive, dry wall taping, and plaster.
  20. 20. Red bricks will line the station’s walkway.
  21. 21. This portion of the station will also be paved with red bricks.
  22. 22. Red brick pavers will lay flush with top of Grand Stairs. Crushed base shown will be the sub base for the new pavement.
  23. 23. The square section of the plaza will be paved with crushed marble. Blue foam insulation boards retain heat for station area below.
  24. 24. Inside each cherry tree planters is a layer of plastic insulator to help protect the concrete and retain water moisture.
  25. 25. Once paved, Jackson Plaza will be flushed with the sidewalk.
  26. 26. An expansion joint will fill in between the Plaza and the sidewalk once the pavement is in place.