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Studio D Merchandise is a wholesale supplier of custom corporate branded merchandise. Custom flashlights, customized pens, stylus pens, grocery bags at low price.

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  2. 2. ABOUT US Studio D Merchandise is a wholesale supplier of custom corporate branded merchandise. Custom flashlights, customized pens, stylus pens, grocery bags at low price.
  3. 3. EAR BUDS At Studio Merchandise, we offer standard and custom ear buds and cheap headphones in small, medium and large sizes. These items are much used as they help listen to music while ‘on the go’. They are highly prized for their utility and make great trade show giveaways. When you give away promotional ear buds or headphones with your company logo, every time the item is used, your logo will be viewed and it will serve as a reminder of your brand. Please see here
  4. 4. EAR BUDS The most useful type are the retractable ear buds, which can be quickly wound up into their casing. You can enjoy hi-stereo sound, clarity and deep bass with them. Our 50 cent headphones are value for money and available in a variety of colors. If you want something stylish, check out our zipper ear buds. Zip them up or down according to the length required. Our ear buds and headphones are compatible with the latest Smartphones and mobile devices.
  5. 5. EAR BUDS
  6. 6. PENS FOR EVERYDAY USE These are the cheap personalized pens people search for when looking for the finest pens, and writing instruments for the lowest cost. These pens are precision made on a massive scale, which allows for them to be inexpensive promotional pens. Here you will find the kind of inexpensive click pens, lanyard pens and other ballpoint pens that can last for years and thousands of advertising impressions. They are made for general office use but also make great trade show giveaways and business promotional items. Pens with logo may be considered a mark of sophistication because these logo pens are all mightier than the sword! These are the tools of choice for advertising agencies, schools and all businesses. Price includes your logo on each pen. They are made from durable plastic unless otherwise noted. You will be surprised at the quality of these best cheap personalized pens. Please see here
  8. 8. DIPLOMA COVERS Our padded certificate holders, diploma covers and diploma holder are in stock and ready to ship, these elegantly hand crafted diploma and certificate holders are made from the highest quality Castillian leatherette, featuring a silk moire panel on each interior panel, four corner ribbons to hold the certificate and a clear acetate sheet to protect it. It is a very substantial certificate and diploma covers, which confers great importance to the document inside. It's suitable for all educational achievements, including University and post graduate degrees, governmental and financial use. It can be custom printed in any color. These extremely distinguished certificate holders are in stock and ready to ship. They fit an 8" 1/2" x 11" photo, certificate, menu or diploma. Allow 20 days for printed covers. Blanks ship within 24 hours. Please See here
  10. 10. CELL PHONE CHARGERS | PROMOTIONAL POWER BANKS The milliampere hour (mAh) is a unit of electrical charge that is commonly used to measure battery capacity. It is often described as the size of a battery's “fuel tank,” as it measures the total amount of energy that the battery can supply on a full charge. In general, batteries with larger mAh ratings will last longer than those with smaller ratings, assuming that the two are subjected to the same patterns of usage. On this page you'll see battery 'fuel tanks' ranging from 2600 mAh to 15,000 mAh. Please See here