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Renewable Energy Industry Review Alliedschools Sep09


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In This Issue:
*ASES Green Collar Jobs report
*30-Year Old White House Solar Panel to be Displayed at Smithsonian
*Career as a LEED Professional - Today’s Green Building Practice
*29 States - Renewable Energy Goals
*Incentives for Green Home Owners
*Hilton, Wyndham and Marriott Target LED Certification for Corporate Headquarters
*California Wineries Utilize Renewable Energy Sources

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Renewable Energy Industry Review Alliedschools Sep09

  1. 1. September.09 Renewable Industry Review Insider’s peek at green jobs, events and news you can use Emerging Technology News from Allied Schools Considering a Career in Renewable Energy or Energy Efficiency? There’s Good News… The new ASES Green Collar Jobs • As many as 37 million jobs can be accountants, analysts, environmental report from American Solar Energy generated by the renewable energy scientists, and chemists Society (ASES) and Management and energy efficiency industries in Information Services, Inc. (MISI) the U.S. by 2030 – • Renewable energy provides an analysis of the opportu- more than 17% of Renewable Energy- and energy efficiency nities in the rapidly growing all anticipated U.S. One of the Fastest can create millions renewable energy and energy employment Growing Industries of well-paying jobs, efficiency industries: in the U.S. many of which are • Hottest sectors not subject to foreign • Renewable energy and energy effi- include solar thermal, outsourcing ciency currently provide more than solar photovoltaics, biofuels, and fuel 9 million jobs and $1,045 billion in cells (in terms of revenue growth) • The renewable energy industry revenue in the U.S. (2007) grew more than three times as fast • Hot job areas include electricians, as the U.S. economy in 2007 (not • 95% of the jobs are in private mechanical engineers, welders, metal including hydropower) industry workers, construction managers, - Allied Schools is an accredited educator offering 100% online courses that support the efforts to sustain and improve our planet. You will find courses that cover today’s emerging technologies – from renewable energy options to green energy management programs. For the most recent and archived versions of this newsletter, please visit training4green-news-index.asp
  2. 2. 30-Year Old White House Solar Panel to be Displayed at Smithsonian According to the Smithsonian Institute, above the Oval Office to heat water in a symbolic act at the time and The Smithsonian’s National Museum the staff kitchen. demonstrated the direction the Carter of American History recently accepted administration planned to take regarding a solar panel that was once installed The panels were removed in 1986 energy sources in America. on the White House. The panel was during the Reagan Presidency and donated by Unity College in Unity, obtained by Unity College in 1991. One of those panels was donated to the Maine, during a ceremony on July 21, Of the original 32 panels, 16 were Smithsonian’s collection in the division 2009. refurbished and installed on top of the of politics and reform. The solar panel college cafeteria. They were used to is the museum’s most recent addition to “Solar America” was an initiative heat water until 2005 when they reached its White House collection, which dates undertaken by President Jimmy Carter’s their maximum lifespan. to the early 17th century. Another of the administration three decades ago. On panels was donated to the Jimmy Carter June 30, 1979, 32 solar panels were The installation of the solar panels Library and Museum in Atlanta. installed on the roof of the White House on the White House was considered 29 States Have Renewable Energy Goals Careers in 29 states, plus Washington, D.C., have established a required minimum amount of Renewable Energy electricity generation that must come from renewable energy sources These goals are known as the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). Green Advocates want the national Renewable Portfolio Standard to foster fast- er growth of renewable energy sources throughout the U.S. The definition of renewable power varies by state – for example, some states include hydropower generation and nuclear power in their goals. Below is a list of the states with Renewable Portfolio Standards, compiled by researchers at North Carolina State University and the Pew Center: State Standard by Year Build Your Career as a leed Professional - PlaY an imPortant role in Arizona - 15% by 2025 Montana - 15% by 2015 todaY’s Green BuildinG PraCtiCes California - 20% by 2010 Nevada - 20% by 2015 Colorado - 20% by 2020 What is LeeD? •Innovation in Design (ID) Associate credential, you New Hampshire - 25% by 2025 must be either involved in a Connecticut - 27% by 2020 Developed by the U.S. Green The number of points the proj- LEED-registered project, or New Jersey - 22.5% by 2021 Buidling Council (USGBC), ect earns determines the level employed in a sustainable field Delaware- 20% by 2019 LEED is an internationally of LEED Certification the proj- of work or enrolled in an educa- New Mexico - 20% by 2020 recognized green building certi- ect receives. tion program that addresses Hawaii - 20% by 2020 fication system, which provides green building practices. New York - 24% by 2013 third-party verification that a How do you Allied’s Green Illinois - 25% by 2025 building or community was become a LeeD LEED Building North Carolina - 12.5% by 2021 designed and built using green professional? Practices strategies. is an internationally course pro- Ohio - 25% by 2025 Kansas - 20% by 2020 For individuals recognized green building vides qualify- Oregon - 25% by 2025 How does LeeD work? that want to dem- ing Maine - 33% by 2010 onstrate green certification system educa- Pennsylvania - 18% by 2020 LEED includes a point-based building expertise tion for the Maryland - 20% by 2022 system whereby buildings earn in non-technical LEED Green Rhode Island - 16% by 2020 LEED points for satisfying spe- fields of practice, GBCI has Associate certification exam Massachusetts -15% by 2020 cific green building criteria. The created the LEED Green and is the perfect starting point Texas - 5% by 2015 categories of points include: Associate credential, which pro- for a career as a LEED profes- Michigan -10% by 2015 vides basic knowledge of green sional. Washington - 5% by 2020 •Sustainable Sites (SS) design, construction and opera- Minnesota - 25% by 2025 •Water Efficiency (WE) tions. There are also other Washington, D.C. - 20% by 2020 •Energy and Atmosphere (EA) higher-level Missouri -15% by 2021 •Materials and Resources (MR) certifications available. Wisconsin - 10% 2015 •Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) To be eligible for the Green
  3. 3. Incentives for Green Home Owners The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a massive energy conservation and emissions-control bill that contains a whole subsection dedicated to creating incentives for building and financing more energy- 1 efficient homes. Here are some of the key Hotels target leeD CertifiCation for Corporate HeaDquarters housing-related provisions tHree well-known Hotel CHains are seeking leeD CertifiCations for “greening” tHeir Corporate included in the bill: HeaDquarters. CHeCk out wHo tHey are, wHat tHey’re Doing anD How tHese major Hotel CHains are setting preCeDents for businesses worlDwiDe. Fannie mae and Freddie mac Hilton Hotels corporation Wyndham Worldwide marriott international would be directed to develop new mortgage products and more Hilton moved its Wyndham is encouraging Marriot International is headquarters from Beverly employees to drive less. currently seeking LEED flexible underwriting guidelines Hills, CA to McLean, So, the company has certification for its existing 2 to energy-conscious borrowers Virginia. The new building equipped their headquarters home office building. In and builders. has received LEED-Gold with a green dry cleaner, fact, the company has certification. Here’s why: credit union and a gift shop successfully diverted 64% offering necessities like milk of its landfill waste simply • 70% Powered by Green and eggs. Wyndham is by recycling. Here’s how Power seeking LEED certification the company is making The FHa is directed to insure a • Reflective Roof for the commercial interior progress towards LEED • Low-Flow Plumbing - 40% of its headquarters. certification: minimum of 50,000 new energy- less water used Currently, the building is: efficient mortgages in the next three • 10,000 Gallon Cistern for • Cafeteria has Eliminated years. (an energy-efficient house Capturing Rainwater • 100% Powered by Wind Disposables • Sustainable Wood in (through ConEdison) • Use of Sustainable Paper is defined as one in which energy Doors and Lobby • Energy Efficient Lighting & & Cleaning Products 3 consumption is reduced by 20 • Energy Efficient Windows Motion Sensor Systems • Energy Efficient Lighting percent after renovations.) • Special Parking for Low • Decorated with Low-VOC • Low-Flow Faucets & Emitting Vehicles Paint Toilets • Recycled Steel, Aluminum & Particle Board Cubicle Walls real estate appraisers would be required to consider energy improvements and the money they save in determining the california Wineries Utilize renewable energy Sources 4 value of homes. can wine be “green” friendly too? absolutely. Stags’ Leap Wineries in napa Valley have collectively Wineries worldwide are utilizing renewable energy utilized three megawatts of photovoltaic energy to technologies, like solar energy, to cut costs and meet their daily operation needs. improve overall efficiency. and with california’s State governments would ensure current tax rebates and federal tax breaks, businesses eoS Winery, which is located on california’s central that homeowners who are no can earn a quicker return on a smart, earth-friendly coast, is making efforts to convert to 100% solar longer fully dependent on utility investment. Here’s how a few are pioneering the way: power. The winery is currently using three solar companies will not be denied power systems, including a 504 kWp photovoltaic (PV) 5 property-hazard coverage by grgich Hills of napa Valley boasts a commercial tracking system that spans two acres. insurance companies. photovoltaic system that produces an estimated 170.08 kilowatts of electricity during peak production J Lohr Winery boasts a 3-acre photovoltaic panel hours. The PV system was designed to meet 100% of installation in Paso robles that will cut approximately Heftier tax credits for solar the winery’s energy needs. 75% of the winery’s energy use and reduce carbon panels, solar water heaters, emissions by 30,000 tons over the next 25 years. geothermal heat pumps, Foster’s Wine estates, which includes Beringer heavy-duty insulation, windows, Vineyards and asti in Sonoma county and etude and air-conditioning and the like.
  4. 4. FinD THe rigHT green career For YoU aLLieD ScHooLS Enroll 888.501.5221 Be on the ground floor of the emerging technology industry and realize your full career potential with green training from Allied. • The Business of Solar Course • Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems • Advanced Principles of Photovoltaic Systems Installation • LEED - Green Building Practices • Introduction to Green Building • Home Energy Survey Professional 22952 alcalde Drive Laguna Hills, ca 92653 Alli Allied Schools is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council 1601 18th Street, N.W., Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009