Renewable Energy Industry Review Alliedschools Oct09


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In this issue:
*Is a Career in Green Building Right for You?
*9 States Awarded “Green” Money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
*Green Recovery Program Aims to Create More Jobs
*California Solar Panel Factory Creating Jobs with Government Loan Guarantee
*Historical Bob’s Big Boy Goes Solar
*Companies Nationwide Implement Sustainable Practices
*Solar Road Panels - Is this the Way of the Future?


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Renewable Energy Industry Review Alliedschools Oct09

  1. 1. October.09 Renewable Industry Review Insider’s peek at green jobs, events and news you can use Emerging Technology News from Allied Schools Is a Career in Green Building Right for You? Interested in specializing or launch- existing buildings. The CoStar Group • Attract and retain quality tenants. ing a career in green building? With found that LEED-certified buildings Improved indoor air quality in green advantages like money-saved from occupancy rate are 92 percent versus buildings result in reduced absentee- reduced energy use, green building 87 percent for traditional buildings. ism, and possibly higher productivity is in demand. Take a look at these that could increase green building facts: • Lower operating Green buildings sales. Green buildings costs by reducing generate an average also make it possible • Green buildings generate an aver- waste output and increase of 7.5% in to have government age increase of 7.5 percent in a energy consumption. a building’s value tenants. building’s value and a 6.6 percent The Environmental improvement in return on investment, Protection Agency • Better insurance while decreasing operating costs by 8 found that green risk. Green buildings to 9 percent, according to McGraw- buildings with a recycling focus can suffer fewer losses and are safer to Hill Construction. reduce waste output by 90 percent insure because of the commissioning and use 30 percent less energy, which process required to become LEED • Higher revenue due to higher rents equates to a five percent increase in certified. and occupancy rates. Vacancy rates net operating income. of green buildings are lower than Source: Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company - Allied Schools is an accredited educator offering 100% online courses that support the efforts to sustain and improve our planet. You will find courses that cover today’s emerging technologies – from renewable energy options to green energy management programs. For the most recent and archived versions of this newsletter, please visit training4green-news-index.asp
  2. 2. 9 States Awarded “Green” Money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Under DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Iowa - $9,593,500 awarded renewable energy projects. Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Improve energy efficiency and promote the program, these states will implement use of renewable energy across the state’s Tennessee - $13,818,200 awarded programs that lower energy use and create economic sectors. Enhance energy efficiency and promote the green jobs locally: use of renewable energy across the state’s Indiana - $14,052,400 awarded economic sectors. Delaware - $9,593,500 awarded Help the state’s local communities, small Reduce fossil fuel emissions, decrease businesses, non-profits, and others reduce Vermont - $9,593,500 awarded overall energy use, and improve energy their energy consumption. Enhance energy efficiency and expand the efficiency statewide. use of renewable energy at the state and Massachusetts - $14,752,100 awarded local level. Hawaii - $9,593,500 awarded Advance efficiency and conservation goals at Enhance energy efficiency in the buildings the community level. Virginia - $16,145,300 awarded sector and deploy renewable energy Improve energy efficiency and promote the technologies in state buildings. Oklahoma - $9,593,300 awarded use of renewable energy across the state’s Support various energy efficiency and public and private sectors. Source: RealEstateRama Green Recovery Program Aims to Create More Jobs In September 2009, the Political Econo- my Research Institute at the University Careers in of Massachusetts, Ammherst released a new report titled Green Recovery: A Renewable Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy. The main focus of the report was a short-term Energy clean energy and jobs program support- ed by a green stimulus package. The short-term $100 billion economic recovery package would: • Create nearly four times more total jobs than spending the same amount of money within the oil industry, and 300,000 more jobs than a similar amount of spending CA Solar Panel Factory Creating Jobs with directed toward household con- sumption. Government Loan Guarantee A $535 million federal loan Solyndra’s new plant, being by satellite to the ground- • Create roughly triple the number guarantee granted to California built near an existing plant, is breaking ceremony, saying of good jobs - paying at least $16 solar-panel maker Solyndra Inc. designed to produce 500 mega- Solyndra’s manufacturing jobs dollars an hour - as spending the is part of a larger government watts worth of solar panels a “won’t be exported.” same amount of money within the oil industry. effort that, according to U.S. year, enough to power about Secretary Steven Chu, will spur 24,000 homes. In Solyndra Chief Factory expected to • Reduce the unemployment rate creation of jobs this year and addition to new Executive create up to 3,000 to 4.4 percent from 5.7 percent next. construction and Chris Gronet (calculated within the framework of construction jobs and manufacturing said the new U.S. labor market conditions in July 1,000 long-term jobs. “The jobs will keep coming,” jobs, Solyndra’s plant will allow 2008). Chu said, speaking at a con- factory and oth- the company • Bolster employment especially in struction site southeast of San ers like it will help create other to fill customer orders for more construction and manufacturing. Francisco, where Solyndra Inc. jobs, such as solar-panel instal- than $2 billion of panels, “while Construction employment has fallen broke ground on a solar-panel lation jobs, Chu said making a positive impact on from 8 million to 7.2 million jobs factory expected to create up the world’s energy and environ- over the past two years due to the to 3,000 construction jobs and Vice President Joseph Biden mental needs.” housing bubble collapse. The Green Recovery program can, at the least, 1,000 long-term jobs. concurred, in remarks beamed Source: bring back these lost 800,000 con- struction jobs.
  3. 3. historiCal BoB’s Big Boy goes solar Companies Nationwide Implement Sustainable Practices 1 BoB’s Big Boy of BurBank, the oldest remaining BoB’s restaurant in the u.s., has a new 26 kw Canadian solar photovoltaiC panel system. Commemorating 60 years of operation By going “green,” the historiC restaurant hosted an event to dediCate the new system. Boston red Sox (Boston) Canadian Solar Inc. Boy 6000US and a Sunny of 78 trees planted and A solar powered trash (“Canadian Solar”) Boy 3000US. Energy carbon sequestered for the (NASDAQ: CSIQ), generation is monitored by life of those trees compactor system has been HelioPower and Bob’s Big an SMA Sunny WebBox implemented throughout Boy of Burbank were joined and graphically displayed • Other environmental Fenway Park. by Bill Nye, Burbank Mayor through the SMA Sunny technologies applied at 2 and other local dignitaries. Portal system. Bob’s this year include The solar power system is The Bob’s solar power recycling and energy installed on the large steel system will produce 39 efficient lighting carport structure and a flat MWh (mega watt hours) commercial roof above the of electricity a year. This “We’ve brought Bob into the neighboring Starbucks. It is enough green energy 21st century,” said owner moscone center (San Francisco) was designed and installed to provide the following Philip MacDonald. “Solar by HelioPower. benefits: technology is a viable About 2 million pounds of waste has option for powering retail been diverted annually, with 20% of The restaurant is now • Offset the electrical buildings. Bob is setting an that total as donations to local generating a portion of its demand of about seven example for the community 3 non-profits. own electricity from a solar homes and our fans worldwide power system consisting by employing solar power of 132 Canadian Solar • The elimination of CO2 to generate a portion of CS6P 200 Modules and offsets 57,000 miles driven the electricity used by the two SMA inverters, a Sunny per year and the equivalent restaurant.” Sandstone amphitheater (Bonner Springs, Kansas) The outdoor amphitheater is offsetting energy use with Solar road Panels - is this the Way of the Future? 4 several ones wind turbines. The U.S. Department of Transportation The solar road technology will: awarded Solar Roadways™ a $100,000 research contract on August • Produce clean electricity rose Quarter (Portland) 25, 2009 to develop a prototype for the • Replace power transmission and Partnered with Pacific Power first Solar Road Panel. information infrastructure and the Blue Sky Program to • Alleviate the need for plowing purchase 100% renewable Solar Road Panels include structurally- • Light up to provide navigational 5 energy. engineered solar panels that can be and safety information driven upon. The goal is to replace all current petroleum-based asphalt It is estimated that is will take roughly roads, parking lots, and driveways five billion 12’ by 12’ Solar Road Delaware north companies with Solar Road Panels that collect Panels to cover the asphalt surfaces (Buffalo, new York) and store solar energy to be used by in the U.S. alone, providing more than This hospitality management homes and businesses. three times the electricity that has col- and food services company lectively ever been used in the nation. launched GreenPath, a program that includes employment training and environmental management programs. Source: Venues Today Magazine
  4. 4. FinD The righT green career For You aLLieD SchooLS Enroll 888.501.5221 Be on the ground floor of the emerging technologies industry and realize your full career potential with online green training from Allied. Solar courses • The Business of Solar • Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems • Advanced Principles of Photovoltaic Systems Installation green Building courses • LEED - Green Building Practices • Introduction to Green Building • Mold and Allergens energy courses • Home Energy Survey Professional • Weatherization and Energy Efficiency 22952 alcalde Drive Laguna hills, ca 92653 Alli Allied Schools is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council 1601 18th Street, N.W., Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009