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Online Washington Real Estate Sales Person License Training


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Online Washington Real Estate Sales Person License Training

  1. 1. Washington Real Estate Salesperson License A Small Investment in Your Future Can Pay Off Big Time! Part of the thriving Pacific Northwest, Washington offers something for everyone – from the hustle and bustle of the mainland to serene island life. The state attracts new residents each year and boasts a strong economy due to the presence of Microsoft Corp., The Boeing Co. and construction industry. Start a real estate career today and be part of the growth. In any type of market, a licensed real estate salesperson is needed to assist with the real estate process. The good news is that people will always need to move - whether for their job, family, or other reasons – and you can be the one they call. Allied Leads the Way As a Washington licensed real estate salesperson, you will assist sellers in marketing their property; assist Choose the school that buyers in purchasing suitable property; and act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Your duties cares about your success may include: obtaining listings, determining sales price, showing properties, conducting open houses, and provides all of the assisting with financing and overseeing inspections. resources you need to reach your career goals. Real Estate is the Ideal Career Choice • Experience reward and high income potential • Be in charge of your career • Nationally Accredited • Set your own hours • Work outside of a traditional office setting • Interact with many different people • Convenient Online Courses Opportunities Abound for a Bright Future • 110% Money Back Promise According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the real estate industry offers nothing but opportunities for your career: • Live Student Support • Employment of real estate brokers and sales agents is expected to grow 11 percent during the • 825,000 Students in 15 Years 2006-16 projection decade • In 2006, real estate brokers and sales agents held about 564,000 jobs; real estate sales agents held approximately 77 percent of these jobs • About 61 percent of real estate brokers and sales agents were self-employed There has never been a better time to get your license and enter the real estate market. Be ready for all the opportunities Washington real estate provides, and pave the path to an exciting career. Start Today! (800) 617-3513
  2. 2. About Allied’s Online WA Fundamentals & Preparation Package Your Washington real estate career is calling – it is fast, easy and affordable to get started! Allied’s Online Washington Fundamentals & Preparation Package fulfills the real estate education requirements and prepares you to pass the Washington state exam on your first try. What Your Package Includes Study Aid $308 Fundamentals Course and Preparation Package $68 Online Exam Prep This all-inclusive 60-hour DOL approved course will provide all of the education Washington online exam preparation you’ll need to prepare for and pass the state exam. materials provide you with a fast, convenient and easy way to review How Long Your Course Will Take important real estate concepts. Lesson Title Hours • Hundreds of Questions & Answers • Customized Exam Questions 1 Washington Real Estate 3.25 • Practice Tests 2 Property, Estates & Ownership 3.25 3 Encumbrances & Transfer of Ownership 3.25 The Grading Process 4 Contracts - The Basics 2.5 Every multiple-choice quiz submitted to 5 Agency Law & Brokerage Relationships 4.25 Allied for grading must be completed with 6 Real Estate Contracts 3.25 a passing grade before you are allowed to take the final exam. For multiple-choice 7 Disclosures in Real Estate 3 assignments, a passing grade of 70% or 8 Settlement & Closing the Transaction 3.25 higher is required. Assignments that do not 9 Tax Aspects of Real Estate 2.5 meet the passing criteria will be returned to you, and must be redone. On the final exam, 10 Real Estate Finance – Loans 4 you must get a grade of 70% or higher to 11 Real Estate Finance – Lending Institutions 4 pass the course. If you do not pass the final 12 Valuation & Appraisal 4.5 exam, you will be allowed to retake it. 13 Land Use, Subdivision, and Housing 4.5 Need help? Live Student Support 14 Real Estate Brokerage 4.25 • Educational Support Department (888) 751-2303 • Student Services Department (888) 925-4282 15 Real Estate Specialization 3 16 Getting and Keeping Your License 4 Final Exam 3 Estimated Total Time for Required Lessons 60 Green Your Career with Emerging Technologies There’s never been a better time to go green in your career. The current administration plans to invest $150 billion over 10 years toward the nation’s clean energy economy. Allied’s career training in today’s emerging technologies, such as solar and sustainable 22952 Alcalde Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 building, prepares you to join an industry poised for tremendous growth. Customize your career with in-demand green training – you’ll be at the forefront of opportunity! Allied Schools is accredited by the Accrediting Commission Call today to learn more about Allied’s available courses. of the Distance Education and Training Council 1601 18th Street, N.W., Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009 Start Today! (800) 617-3513 04-09