Mobile Robotics Market Trends


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10 Amazing uses of Mobile Robots that
would increase productivity

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Mobile Robotics Market Trends

  1. 1. 10 Amazing uses of Mobile Robots that would increase productivity:
  2. 2. The arrival of Mobile Robotics changed the meaning of robotics and brought in a few very attention-grabbing technologies paving the way for cutting edge innovation. Robots are quickly developing from factory workhorses, who are physically bound to work-cells, to more and more intricate machines competent of performing demanding tasks in our every day environment. Allied Market Research
  3. 3. “UGV is a vehicle that operates on the ground keeping a check on surrounding environment. It is predominantly utilized when human presence is not possible due to harsh environmental conditions or danger to human life. For example, bomb disabling vehicles or explosive vehicles..” UGV- Unnamed Ground Vehicles: Allied Market Research
  4. 4. “Unnamed Aerial Vehicle is flying machines that does not have a human pilot and is operated remotely by humans and are popularly known as ‘drones.’ Apart from being a major application of the military, it is also proving immensely beneficial in surveying crops, acrobatic aerial footage for filmmaking, search and rescue operations etc. UAV- Unnamed Aerial Vehicle: Allied Market Research
  5. 5. AUV- Autonomous Underwater Vehicle “AUV is an underwater robot that does not require any inputs from a human operator. AUV’s are extremely useful to oil and gas industry in surveying the water bed before undertaking any construction. They are also useful to scientist in undertaking underwater surveys.”   Allied Market Research
  6. 6. Medical Applications: “Medical applications are dependably a developing field with gigantic undiscovered applications like mobile treatment services or drug delivery. Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) can assume a significant role in aiding specialists in surgical procedures Allied Market Research
  7. 7. Domestic Application: “Are you tired of bringing a bottle of water from refrigerator? Or you don’t feel well to get up from your place? Don’t panic, you have mobile robots that would perform the task for you. Mobile robots are increasingly being utilized for domestic chores. It have saved a lot of time and energy and brought relief from mechanical work.” Allied Market Research
  8. 8. Research and Space: “Imagine the cost that the space centers would incur for sending few scientist just to repair the technical glitch of satellites. Instead, they would send mobile robots that would work with the inputs from the scientists at the work station.” Allied Market Research
  9. 9. Lean Manufacturing: “Mobile robotics connects islands of automation. The last frontier of lean manufacturing facilitates the connection between manufacturing work cells. Mobile robots are now used for transporting materials from donation areas and taking these raw materials to a work cell” Allied Market Research
  10. 10. USV-Unnamed Surface Vehicles: “USV are remotely operated vehicle on the surface of the water. They are extremely helpful in oceanography and naval application.” Allied Market Research
  11. 11. Mining: “Mobile robots help in surveying under earth areas that are hazardous and inaccessible for mining purpose. As the best possible mapping of every single mining operations require an unique consideration in order to diminish the shots of any sort of mischance.” Allied Market Research
  12. 12. Material Handling “A material handling robot moves chooses or packs items. These robots are additionally used to in separating parts or devices and automate feeding with one area then onto the next. Organizations can additionally utilize material taking care of robots to exchange parts starting with one machine then onto the next.” Allied Market Research
  13. 13. Definitely, they would drive the future of industrial growth and would become a common name at workplace and homes.
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