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Digital summit 2012 final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Digital summit 2012 final

  1. 1. "I don’t go to news anymore. News comes to me” - Digital Summit 2012
  2. 2. Topics Covered• Mobile • Usability• Social • Online Advertising• Online video • Email• Customer engagement • SEO
  3. 3. GENERAL TAKEAWAYS• Brands are using social to talk directly to customers – Move beyond one directional broadcast style• Brands should doing long-term engagement vs. "campaigns" – Its not something you check off your to-do list• Engagement is 50% higher when brands reach fans on multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  4. 4. GENERAL TAKEAWAYS• Make a fan feel special by coming to their rescue, solving problems, answering their questions – 44% of brands respond to issues on social channels. • Helps builds credibility and trust.• Show your appreciation – Reward your fans with “stuff”• Two things people want on social networks from big brands: 1. Discounts 2. Entertainment info
  5. 5. GENERAL TAKEAWAYS• Be agile – Don‘t spend so much time worrying about every detail at the expense of missing out on benefits
  6. 6. Customer Service
  7. 7. Tips
  8. 8. Compliments
  9. 9. MOBILE• 480 million mobile Facebook users• Average person looks at their phone 150x/day• The avg. email is opened 48 hrs. after it’s sent – The avg. text is opened 4 minutes after sent • (that’s 720x faster than an email)• 83% of people sleep next to their smartphones• 60 minutes: time it takes to realize you left your wallet behind• 15 minutes: time it takes to realize you left your phone behind• 15% of children < age 11 own a mobile phone – NOT MINE!!!!
  10. 10. FACEBOOKo Best days/times for maximum engagement 1. Midnight Sunday 2. Midnight Monday 3. 10 pm Friday 4. 11 pm Tuesdayo Sunday get 32% more interactions than weekdayso Recognize the power of the weekend/evenings o More laptop/desktop users weekends & evenings than on mobile
  11. 11. FACEBOOKWHAT TO POST: Most engaged posts: o LOW cognitive requirements / HIGH emotional value o Fans want to FEEL - not think “Edgerank”:  Facebook’s algorithm  Influenced by “Likes” “Comments” “Shares”
  12. 12. Saturday 10pm74 Likes, 56 Comments
  13. 13. FACEBOOKIMAGES• Images ARE content!• Images that work well – Captions with 14 words or less – Orange or red (due to contrast with blue page) – Cute photos (i.e. puppies) – Implied motion• Videos: 10x more likely to be shared than links• Photos: 5x more likely to be shared than links• Think mobile/thumbnail when selecting images – High detail photos won’t look good on mobile devices.
  14. 14. Facebook Clickability
  15. 15. TWITTER• 1 billion tweets every 3 days• Engagement is key• People now expect to interact w/brands via Twitter – Ask questions – Give compliments – File complaints
  17. 17. PINTEREST– Longer shelf life than Facebook/Twitter • Make sure your content is long-lasting– Deep engagement /high trust– Positive and aspirational– 80% dominated by women
  18. 18. Pinterest as page view driverAJC Pinterest page links to: AJC Travel page
  19. 19. Pinterest as page view driverAJC PRR Pinterest links to: AJC PRR page
  20. 20. GOOGLE PLUS• Influences SEO• Consider Google+ “Hangouts” – live web chat• G+ is the “thread across all Google products”• Five billion “Plus Ones” per day• Integrate with Google+ with putting a plus badge on your site
  21. 21. SEO• Lots of SEO geek-speak• SEO is still important. It’s NOT dead!!!• AJC’s traffic from SEO: • AJC = 21% • accessAtlanta = 66% • Ajchomefinder = 75% • AJCCars = 67% • AJCJobs = 67% • AJCClassified = 67%• We STILL need to optimize our headlines & content for SEO
  22. 22. What’s this mean for AJC?• “News comes to me” – New generation of headline writing• Readers “expect” to communicate with us via social• Social media platform lines aren’t solid – Cross-pollination is optimal• Fail fast – Experimenting yields “aha” moments