Playstation 3 Release Date


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What was the Playstation 3 Release Date?

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Playstation 3 Release Date

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  2. 2. What was the Playstation 3 Release Date? The Playstation 3 has already been out for quite some time now, but many people are curious to know what the actual Playstation 3 release date was. The Playstation 3 release date actually went back and forth a bit, as it was scheduled for a few different dates and then postponed.
  3. 3. Playstation 3 Release Date? The first official Playstation 3 release date was November 17, 2006, but was then postponed a few months, and again after that.
  4. 4. Playstation 3 Release Date? There were also a few important specs of the Playstation 3 console which were mentioned at the time of the first release, including that it would come in two versions: a 20GB version and a 60GM version which was more expensive.
  5. 5. Playstation 3 Release Date? The two versions are basically now around the same price, as it has been a few years since the PS3 was released onto the market and so, just as with all other video game consoles, the price has dropped dramatically since then.
  6. 6. More Information If you are interested in learning about what the Playstation 3 release date was, then here is some more information you will most likely find helpful. The PS3, right from the get go, was one of the most talked about and controversial video game consoles.
  7. 7. Playstation 3 Release Date? The PS3 is the third home video game console that was produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the third console to be part of the Playstation series. It was an extremely coveted game before it even hit the markets, and gamers were lined up at the doors of all the video game stores, anxiously awaiting its release.
  8. 8. Playstation 3 Release Date? This was of course a few years back, as mentioned that the Playstation 3 release date was in 2006. It was first released in Japan and soon after this in North America. A few months later it went on sale in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and New Zealand.
  9. 9. Playstation 3 Release Date? If you want to get a Playstation video game for yourself you can check out virtually any basic video game store and they should have at least a remotely decent selection.
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