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A website designer - services


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The business side of this endeavour is called Web Circle. It provides web related services like website design, app development, hosting and SEO. We have provided some information below on all of these services. You can also check out the main company site, Web Circle, where we showcase some of our premium work.

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A website designer - services

  1. 1. Obsessed with Web Design, Apps, SEO and the Web
  2. 2. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 SERVICES Website Design Online Marketing Website Hosting Support & Maintenance
  3. 3. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Website design packages We have designed the packages below to make you, the small business owner, happy – regardless of your budget.
  4. 4. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Template website This package is the same as our custom package except we use an existing theme as opposed to designing a specific theme for you. It includes: 3 week turnaround (assuming quick feedback at relevant points) All of our standard features (see the right hand side) including development on a World Class CMS platform (WordPress) Professional theme from Entering all of your content and building all of the necessary pages Google analytics integration to measure the results On page SEO for an industry relevant keyword
  5. 5. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Premium small business website $2,999 + GST Over 5 years we have designed and developed 400+ custom websites for small businesses around Australia. We have over 200 happy customers, deliver transparent, personal service and most importantly we design websites that work. Our premium small business website package represents everything we have learnt about making websites that work for small business owners. Our premium small business website package represents the best website we can build for a small business and it’s the ultimate choice for a serious business.
  6. 6. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Ecommerce Website $3,499 + GST If you are looking to sell products directly online via a feature rich, ecommerce platform, our ecommerce website package will suit your needs. We have been specialising in ecommerce websites for a number of years including focusing on strategies for conversion, working with multiple payment gateways and associated security standards and working with a range of different open source platforms.
  7. 7. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Online Marketing (SEO) I am obsessed with dominating the web, and web domination is not complete without being on the front page of Google! Over the years I have formulated and refined an SEO program for our own sites that has us on the front page of Google for some of the most competitive terms in the industry (see the list on the right). I believe if you want to dominate Google you need to do the following: Take ownership of SEO yourself, learn about building authority and take action Work with an expert on a strategy and the technical and laborious monthly tasks Implement strategies that are more sophisticated than your competitors.
  8. 8. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Website Hosting We provide a first class stress free hosting service, placing your site in one of our 2 world class facilities, with daily backups (and weekly offsite), proactive uptime checking, best of breed Panel management software and Australian Support by live chat, email or telephone (24/7 downtime support via phone).
  9. 9. Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Support & Maintenance Thankfully these days small businesses don’t have to pay a 3rd party web developer to update their website.  We upgrade your site to the latest version of WordPress (or Joomla for Joomla users) when released to keep it secure.  We provide live chat, phone or email support in using your site during business hours.  We provide a reduced hourly rate for general web work ($90 instead of $120).  We offer priority treatment for hourly web work whereby our support clients are looked after first.
  10. 10. Feel Free to Contact Us Website: Phone No.: 1300 760 363 Twitter: Facebook