Hypersensitivity revealed


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Hypersensitivity revealed

  1. 1. Hypersensitivity RevealedThere is a great chance that everyone may acquire food allergies and food intolerances. Someindividuals often wonder why they experience unpleasant reactions after ingesting some types of food.This is because many people are unaware that they have food allergies.There is one out of three people who claim that either they have acquired food allergy or a familymember is suspected to have food allergy that is why they tend to modify their diet. Among children, 5%are diagnosed of having food allergies. About 4% of the teen and adult populations are being diagnosedof having allergies to food.The perception of the public to the problem and the clinically proven cases of food allergy are altered.This is because there is a misconception of the difference of food allergies and food intolerance. A foodallergy is characterized by the bodys hypersensitivity to a certain type of food. The immune systemreleases histamine that causes an allergic response. Food intolerance and food allergy may have similarsymptoms. However, the immune system is only responsible for the symptoms of allergy to food. Forexample, milk allergy and lactose intolerance may share similar symptoms. However, the former ischaracterized by an adverse reaction of the body due to milk, and the former is the inability to absorb ordigest milk. Pollen Allergies FactsThese round or oval pollen grains used by plants for reproduction are tiny so that it cannot be seen bythe naked eye In some species, the plant uses the pollen from its own flowers to fertilize itself. Othertypes of plants should be pollinated with others of their own species.In order for the plant’s fertilization to take place and for the seeds to form, the pollen must betransferred from the flower of one plant to that of another of the same species; thus cross-pollination.For some flowering plants, insects do the job of pollination. For some, it is carried by the wind. Plain-looking plants such as trees, grasses, and weeds; the ones that do not have showy flowers, are the types
  2. 2. of pollen that commonly cause allergic reactions. The pollens produced by these plants have to besuitable for air transport, therefore they must be small, light, dry. Vaccine AllergyAlthough it is not a common response that the body be allergic to vaccine, it can still cause anaphylaxis.There is a one in a million chance for an allergic reaction due to vaccination to develop. Before decidingbetween getting vaccinated or not, take note of the dangers of skipping a vaccination. Mumps andmeasles are both reported to have caused death. Children may be required by their schools to getvaccinated. Moreover, parents may also protect their children from acquiring these conditions.In this case, what can become potential triggers that may be acquired in the vaccine? Egg protein andgelatin are considered to be the main ingredients in vaccines. In fact, flu and yellow vaccine contains eggprotein. Varicella, Japanese encephalitis, Mumps, Measles, and Rubella vaccine contains gelatin. The useof thimerosal as preservative for vaccines has been stopped in the U.S. This was done after it wasdiscovered that it can trigger allergic reactions to several individuals. Allergy OverviewThere are symptoms that a person is experiencing allergies and these include wheezing, coughing,rashes, itchy eyes, and runny nose. How a person experiences the symptoms depends on the allergenand how he was exposed to it.For instance, an individual may experience difficulty in breathing if he inhales pollen grains or skin rashesif he applies a certain type of lotion which contains some of the chemicals he is allergic to, or nausea and
  3. 3. vomiting if he eats something he is allergic to. Some people inherit their allergies from their familymembers. You are said to have atopic allergy if this happens. Babies who have low birth weight are morelikely to inherit allergies. On the other hand, boys are also said to be more likely to inherit the conditionthan girls. Mild, moderate, and severe are the levels of allergic reactions.There are cases that are life threatening. This is what is referred to as anaphylaxis. Being a medicalemergency, anaphylaxis must be attended to right away.Cigarette Smoke Allergy Research shows that respiratory infections and asthma are higher in the family smoking individuals. According to research, a child growing in a family of smokers has a higher tendency to develop respiratory infections and asthma. An individual suffering from a smoke allergy is more sensitive to smoke than others. People suffering from cigarette smoke allergy may be easily affected than others. A number of toxic chemicals and irritants are present in a cigarette smoke. Bronchitis and sinusitis are allergic complications. Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of experiencing complications. If you wish to figure out more about Shrimp Allergy Causes, dont hesitate to go to author’s website.