Thelma Evans College Proposal


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Thelma Evans College Proposal

  1. 1. Thelma Evans College Proposal for a Department of Athletics
  2. 2. Overview of Program• Sports program to be developed over next 10 years • Begin as recreational and will develop into a competitive, intercollegiate program • NCAA Division III • NEWMAC • Other programs will also be incorporated
  3. 3. Sports OfferedSport Season Number of PlayersSoccer Fall 25Field Hockey Fall 16Cross Country Fall 25Tennis Fall 10Basketball Winter 12Volleyball Winter 18Swimming Winter 25Lacrosse Spring 18Track and Field Spring 40Softball Spring 18 NEWMAC Babson University Smith College Clark University Springfield College U.S. Coast Guard Academy Wellesley College MIT Wheaton College Mount Holyoke College WPI
  4. 4. Athletic Department Flowchart Athletic Director Assistant Athletic Director Sports Compliance Uniform Room Facilities Head Athletic Information Head Coach Director Manager Manager Trainer Director Assistant Assistant Athletic Coach Trainer
  5. 5. Mission Statement The Thelma Evans College Department of Athletics strives, first and foremost, tocreate a program that encourages physical well being and fair athletic competition. Becausethe health and well being of our students is a top priority, we make it our mission to offerprograms that cater to the needs and wants of all students. All students should have theopportunity to participate in some type of athletic activity. Each season we look to furtherimprove the abilities of our athletes in order to continue the progress and success of ourprograms. Our goal is to develop our sports teams to the point where they can compete withother collegiate sports teams. The Department of Athletics also aims to supplement students’ education in anonacademic manor. We strongly believe that the personal and social skills learned throughour programs are just as significant as the athletic skills that are learned. Students not onlywill foster better athletic ability but also will learn selfdiscipline, respect, sportsmanship, leadership, perseverance, and the importance of team.Furthermore, the Department of Athletics aspires to create a sense of communitythroughout the campus and among students and faculty. Athletics gets students involved incampus activities, gives students a common ground to bond over, and provides athletes andnon athletes alike an opportunity to show school pride. Above all, the objective of thedepartments is to tie all groups of students together to create a dynamic environment.
  6. 6. TEC Student Opinion on Sport Program Creation Yes No Indifferent 6% 9% 85%• Most institutions have sports programs• Promote physical activity and healthful living• Creates community feel• Enrich educational experience
  7. 7. Core Values • Physical activity • Leadership • Self-Discipline • Healthy living • Competition • Sportsmanship • Fair play • Dedication • Team Concept • Social Development
  8. 8. Financial Value• Admission charges to games• Cash prizes from tournaments and other similar events• Increased interest from perspective students
  9. 9. • Donations from alumni: 15% of budget• Fundraising events: 25% of budget• Grants: 15% of budget• In Kind Contributions: 10% of budget• Naming rights of fields and buildings: 5% of budget• Institutional Cost (money from tuition, college revenue, and endowment): 30% of budget
  10. 10. • Uniforms for all teams • Equipment for each team (See women’sExpenses soccer sample budget below) • New Track • Tennis Courts • New Turf field stadium including lights • Travel expenses including buses, food, hotel stays, and other such costs • Insurance for athletic facilities and athletes as well as other athletic participants (coaches, referees, etc.) • Facility improvements
  11. 11. Facility Needs• Basketball court • Track• Volleyball court • Open field space• 2 soccer fields • Fitness center• Lacrosse field • Aquatics center• Field hockey field • Cross country trails• Softball field • Locker Rooms• 6 tennis courts • Training room
  12. 12. Implementation Timeline 4 years: Continual: 6 months: 2 years: Intercollegi Improvements to oldImprovements Recreatio ate facilities (one facilityto recreational n program program in improvement per fields in place place year) 18 3 years: 5 years: months: Facility New exercise New readiness equipment for turf wellness field center and stadiu m
  13. 13. Comparison Smith College Wellesley College• NCAA Division III • NCAA Division III• NEWMAC • NEWMAC, ECAS, CSA, Seven• field Sister’s Athletics hockey, soccer, equestrian, volleyball, track, cross • Recreation, physical country, tennis, basketball, outdoor, crew, soft education, intercollegiate ball, ski, lacrosse, swimming, and squash • basketball, crew, cross country, fencing, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, s quash, swimming and diving, tennis, track, and volleyball