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Sports trainers unlimited

  1. 1. Marketing Plan The Smart Ball Sports Trainers Unlimited Alexandra Sutter Sports Promotions and Marketing Dr. Gentile
  2. 2. Introduction/Background  Background: founded in 2005 when two college athletes were unsatisfied with training products on the market  Mission:  Innovative, quality, and effective products that take serious athletes to the next level of play  Emphasis on technology and science behind training products  First priority is customer satisfaction  Overview:  High end training products for a variety of sports  Markets to athletes in northeastern U.S.
  3. 3. Products The Smart Ball Other products/product extensions  Regular soccer ball with undetectable micro chip that records velocity, back spin, and top spin of ball as well as force of kick on ball and placement of foot on ball  Data recorded and sent to computer that analyzes numbers and offers feedback for improvement of kick  Audio file that coaches players while using the Smart Ball  Smart Balls for various sports: basketball, football, baseball, softball, tennis, and volleyball  Smart Cleat: cleats that sense where the main impact of the ball on your foot is
  4. 4. Situation Analysis  Economic Climate: current downturn, limited disposable incomes, signs of economic improvement  Legal Environment: issues with SMART trademark, attention to safety requirements, patents/licenses  DemandTrends: increased demand for sporting goods and women’s products
  5. 5. Situation Analysis Cont.  Product Life Cycle:“introduction” stage, opportunity to position STU in consumers’ minds  TechnologicalTrends: technology is crucial in sport and continually changing  CompetitorAnalysis: competitors include Soccer Pro and traditional soccer ball brands (Adidas, Nike, Brine, Select)
  6. 6. Situation Analysis Cont. Strengths Effective technology Extensive research and develop on product and markets Employees that are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about developing new products Weaknesses SportsTrainers Unlimited is not extensively known by consumers No history of networks of customers or other business partners Limited financial resources Opportunities No other products on market that are the same as the Smart Ball/no direct competitors Increase in demand for products targeted towards women Sporting goods industry expected to continue growing Threats Soccer Pro Adidas, Nike, Brine, and Select soccer balls Downturn in economy Low income of target market SWOTAnalysis
  7. 7. Analysis of Target Markets  MacroView: Dick’s Sporting Goods,The Sport’s Authority, World Soccer Shop, Eurosport, college athletic departments  MicroView: female, collegiate athletes between the ages of 18 and 22 attending Division I institutions in northeastern U.S.  Market Size:  Over 1,800 in micro target market  Potential market is infinite because of versatility of Smart Ball  Market segmentation: by level of play, frequency of play, level of usage, benefit segmentation (improve skill vs. want of latest technology/products)
  8. 8. Analysis of Target Markets Cont.  Market Research (primary and secondary):  Price is main concern of consumers  More likely that someone else (parent, coach, etc.) would actually purchase the Smart Ball  High level of interest of target market  Potential customers want to demo product before purchasing  Social Media is crucial in marketing product  Sporting good and market is growing  Technology is a vital part of sport
  9. 9. Sport Marketing Objectives 1. Conduct at least six months of research and development on any given product before it even becomes known to consumers 2. Attain backing from national soccer associations (National Soccer CoachesAssociation and NCAA) 3. Hold at least six (one per month) Smart Ball demonstrations in stores and online during the first six months the product is on the market 4. Reach at least 60% of Division I colleges in the northeast through marketing efforts, including but not limited to a Facebook page, catalogue advertisements, mailings, and email ads
  10. 10. Strategies and Tactics  Traditional Strategies:  New Market Penetration: first product of its kind/selling more soccer balls to existing sport consumers  Market Expansion: market Smart Ball to high school males, ages 13-18, playing varsity soccer in northeastern U.S.  Product Development: new products include MP3 file that acts as training coach, Smart Cleats, and Smart Balls for other sports  Diversification: computer software for collegiate soccer coaches at Division III level to use in classroom training sessions, possibility of applying technology to other types of products
  11. 11. Strategies and Tactics Cont.  Brand Management:  Brand should represent quality, innovation, effectiveness, and consumer satisfaction  Brand should be top of the line but affordable  Development of loyal consumer base to help company grow to a multimillion dollar business in future  Relationship Marketing: interactive relationship with consumers through product demonstrations and one-on-one attention from sales reps  Tribal Marketing: help consumers bond over passion for soccer and use of Smart Ball
  12. 12. Marketing Mix  Product  Smart Soccer Ball  Price  $65.00: product is elastic so need a reasonable price  Covers fixed and variable costs while still allowing STU to profit  Place  Retail Stores: Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Sport’s Authority  Online:World Soccer Shop, Eurosport, STU website  Events: soccer tournaments, professional soccer games  Promotions  Demonstrations, professional athlete endorsements, product discounts/giveaways, email blasts, mailings  Public Relations  Utilize customer testimonials to promote Smart Ball  Continual presence in soccer community