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These are my slides from the 2011 Adobe Learning Summit presentation on Adobe eLearning Suite

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  • You are an eLearning Developer. You head a pretty good team. You are on a mission.
  • Your manager is insisting that there has to be a better way, and is obsessed with saving money and saving time.
  • Your learners are at different age levels. Sometimes radically different. They are at different experience levels, and they often have very different needs – and different attitudes about online learning.
  • You don’t mind saving time and money, but you want quality eLearning for the people in your company. You see a bigger GOAL.
  • You don’t mind saving time and money, but you want quality eLearning for the people in your company. You see a bigger GOAL. What if you could prove that the learning materials were really improving problems, and therefore saving the company money? What if you could improve the ‘likeability’ for your learners, so that more of them adopted the courses and there were greater completion rates.
  • Your staff handles the Instructional design issues pretty well, but the technology… it’s an endless maze of conflicts, changing standards, incompatibility and frustration.
  • The Adobe® eLearning Suite was designed from the ground up with integration and convenience in mind. The suite is much more than a collection of tools, its an integrated system that makes creating, editing and evaluating your educational content a breeze.Captivate, Adobe's extraordinary eLearning authoring tool becomes the center of your workflow tightly integrating editing and creativity with many of the world's most popular and powerful content creation tools. Adobe® eLearning Suite 2 adds round trip and single click update work flow solutions for Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5, Adobe®SoundBooth® CS5 and Adobe® Photoshop® Professional CS5 in and out of Adobe® Captivate® 5.Productivity and delivery are a breeze with the help of Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe® Device Central, Adobe® Bridge and Adobe® Presenter, also included in the suite. Course authors can leverage Adobe® Acrobat® from design to delivery, including the ability to embed Captivate authored courses inside their Adobe Acrobat documents. Adobe Device Central with Adobe Flash 10.1 compatibility offers more opportunity than ever before to tap the rapidly growing mobile market, easily creating custom eLearning applications for mobile devices in Adobe Captivate, and using Device Central to test and configure the applications. Maximizing your collaboration and communication with Adobe®® integration allows eLearning authors to share, review and even track and report testing data all through the interface available anytime, anywhere.
  • Export audio for an entire project from Adobe® Captivate® 5 to Adobe®Soundbooth® CS5 with one click. Speed up editing by working with it as a single file, and import to Adobe® Captivate® 5, maintaining slide association and audio quality. Import animations created with Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 into your Adobe® Captivate® 5 project as smart objects tightly linked to the source file. Make changes to the source animation and instantly update your objects in Adobe® Captivate® 5 without opening Adobe® Flash® Professional.Insert Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Extended (PSD) files as smart objects in your Adobe® Captivate® project, easily animate individual image areas, and update the images with one click whenever the original files change—no need to resave and reinsert images. Create application demos and simulations in Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 and complete your authoring workflow using a single tool.Rapidly create portions of your project in Adobe® Captivate® 5 and seamlessly integrate them in the parent Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 project, thanks to enhanced interactivity between Adobe® Captivate® 5 and Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5. Be more productive with the new, optimized user interface of Adobe® Captivate® 5 that is consistent with your favorite Adobe® applications like Adobe® Flash® Professional and Adobe® Photoshop® CS5.Jump-start development of domain-specific eLearning for compliance, soft skills, medical procedure, scenario-based and process training, and more using attractive, instructionally sound HTML templates for Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS5.
  • Introduction to adobe e learning suite no_macro

    1. 1. Introduction to Adobe eLearning Suite<br />Allen Partridge | Adobe eLearning Evangelist<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />You --><br />
    3. 3. 3<br />Faster, cheaperprove it, prove it<br /><--Your Manager<br />
    4. 4. 4<br />Your <br />Learners <br />
    5. 5. 5<br />Your <br />Opportunity <br />
    6. 6. 6<br />++ ROI<br />Of Course<br />Faster<br />++ Adoption<br />
    7. 7. 7<br />
    8. 8. 8<br />You have <br />heard rumors<br />
    9. 9. The dream team in eLearning<br />9<br />
    10. 10. What is Adobe eLearning Suite?<br />10<br />Publish multi-module courses with the Multi Sco packager <br />Jumpstart authoring with domain Specific HTML Templates<br />Roundtrip: Captivate & Photoshop / Flash / Soundbooth<br />Flash Learning Interactions<br />Dreamweaver Course Builder Tools<br /> * Adobe Presenter is not included in the Apple Macintosh® version of Adobe eLearning Suite® 2<br />
    11. 11. 11<br />
    12. 12. …<br />Let’s take a look at my computer.<br />12<br />Okay Now<br />Show Me <br />