ROE - Return on Email: Email Marketing for Law Firms


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ROE - Return on Email: Email Marketing for Law Firms

  1. 1. ROE – Return on Email:Email marketing for law firms
  2. 2. Why email is the killer app forrelationship-based businessesYou can develop a personalized, targeteddialogue with your clientsClients give you permissionIt is inexpensive and easy (great ROI) Use email to nurture, convert, grow and retainclients
  3. 3. Our goal as law firm marketers is tonurture relationships Loyal Strangers Friends Customers CustomersEmail can do this!Advertising, search, directories can’t do this!
  4. 4. The email that changed my viewof my law firmChange to visa law for engineers during thehigh-tech boom – immediate action needed!Relevant Changed perceptionsHigh-value “They’re looking out for me”Immediate action “They are delivering value”
  5. 5. 4 ways to improve your email tomorrow1. Identify topics that deliver response2. Have a communications plan3. Personalize and target4. Design for results
  6. 6. 1. Identify topics that deliver responseNews: “The law changed and you need to act now”Relationship: “Let us introduce you people thatcan help your business”Expertise: “Let us teach you something to helpyou run your business”
  7. 7. Madrid ProtocolThis marketing programdrove over $200,000 inrevenue- No fancy technology- Emails werepersonalized- No fancy “creative”- Part of larger program- High value topic- Urgent action needed- Short- Links to firm website
  8. 8. 2. Have a communications planEmail is part of a communication plan thatincludesWeb, Telephone, Articles, Memos, etc.What is the goal of the email?What is the follow up plan?Track performance by setting up an “area oflaw” number
  9. 9. 409A ComplianceThis marketing programdrove over $550,000 inrevenue- Campaign included emails, memos, calls- High value issue- Urgent action needed
  10. 10. 3. Personalize and targetAsk your clients what they wantIrrelevant email will train clients not to openthemCreate a “Preferences Center” on yourwebsiteDon’t be afraid to cleanup your lists Value quality over quantity
  11. 11. 3. Personalize and target Opt In Email -This email got a >20% response rate - Clients signed up for 300 new publications  We gained much more than we lost!
  12. 12. 4. Design for resultsTrackbounces, opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribesDo A/B tests to see what design gets results Test: Sender, Subject, Design, Call to action, List segmentationThrow away your templates You may need to fire your design department and your email vendor too!
  13. 13. Design for the message pane- Who is the message from?- Convey your message in 35-45 characters Step 1 is getting them to open the email
  14. 14. Design for the preview pane- Text headline for main message- Logo in upper left- Use color/graphics to highlight call to action- Readable type size- Create a separate text version
  15. 15. Learn moreBooks: Online: Email Marketing By – The Numbers – Chris Baggott – Permission Marketing – Seth Godin – – Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug