Wishes or Woes: Santa Knows How to Help


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Santa and his elves feature submitted learning wishes and woes and provide helpful holiday advice!

Need a new learning strategy? Want to spice up your boring e-learning? Want to increase your ROI? Need help with design ideas or development insights? Remember, Santa has a whole workshop full of elves to help, so tell Santa what you want!

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Wishes or Woes: Santa Knows How to Help

  1. 1. Wishes or Woes:Santa Knows How to HelpTuesday, December 18, 20121:00-2:00 pm CentralEthan “Santa” Edwardschief instructional strategistLisapingle Stortzciclestrategic relationship manager
  2. 2. Hannah Von Vixen, Brittany Dasher & Carrie Bliltzens
  3. 3. The Control Panel Meet  SAM:  An  Agile  Process  for   Developing  the  Best  Learning   Experiences  
  4. 4. Share via Twitter #elearningsanta   @customelearning       Copyright ©2011. Michael W. Allen. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Webinar is being recorded…
  6. 6. Wishes or Woes:Santa Knows How to HelpTuesday, December 18, 20121:00-2:00 pm CentralEthan “Santa” Edwardschief instructional strategistLisapingle Stortzciclestrategic relationship manager
  7. 7. THANK  YOU!  SantaAllen Claus Inter action s
  8. 8. Dear Santa,For Christmas this year, I’d like to requestNot something for me, but my team - a behest.My wish list this year may be long and untoward,But each one is important to move learning forward. 
  9. 9. Gen Y’ers need many a sim challenge and game;Let’s make their X-Box and Nintendo look lame.The X’ers are easy to please, no big ask;But real life scenarios sure get them on task.Now boomers don’t like all this PC-based stuff,But weave in a story for meaningful fluff.Matures are much harder, but think if you willOf some courses where clear ROI’s not a pill.
  10. 10. Make it easy and fun, make it feature-filled;Let instructional designers add flare when they build.Give me images, videos, interactions and toys,For new hire and tenured, for girls and for boys. And last but not least, if you could, if you please,Get me some learners who take training with ease;Who jump right out of bed in the morning to findWhat new courses there are for expanding their mind.
  11. 11. That is it, that is all – not such a big list.Without learning this year, all our goals would be missed.If we get all these treats for us under the tree,We promise to share them with joy and with glee! You’ll experience the fruits of our labor and then,We can celebrate learning with family and friend! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
  12. 12. Santa’s List  •  Reining  in  SMEs  •  Deligh@ul  Design  Tips  •  CreaCng  More  Meaningful  Learning  •  Ways  to  Ensure  Learning  Transfer  
  13. 13. Dear Santa,I would really love a way keep the elves from addingtoo much content that distracts from the scope of thetoy.Wendy & KandiP.S. Could you help some of my content authors, Ithink they’ve made the naughty list?
  14. 14. 5 Analysis Questions
  15. 15. What  do  you  expect  learners   to  be  able  to  DO?  
  16. 16. Elf Job Tasks History of Tools for Workshop Reindeer Annoying Giggling Toy Safety Husbandry Elf Tricks Making Build Toys X X Load Sleigh X FeedReindeer X
  17. 17. LAUNCH  COURSE  
  18. 18. Dear Santa,I wish for coal in the stocking of those who nitpickeverything to death to hold up a course.Fredia
  19. 19. You are asking for toomuch little girl!
  20. 20. Dear Santa,I would like clever instructional design tips to guide usthrough the ID process.We need creative ideas to engage our learners.Sharon
  22. 22. Creating e-Learning That Makes a Difference
  23. 23. Santa,What I would really like for Christmas (besidesworld peace) is a better system for taking the detailedcontent and making it meaningful for our learners.Kandi
  24. 24. 5 Critical Design Activities
  25. 25. 5 Critical Design Activities•  Don’t  start  with  storyboards  •  Use  prototypes  &  sketches  •  Don’t  work  linearly  •  Pretend  your  learners  can’t  read  •  Seek  input  early  
  26. 26. Santa,I know our users are getting bored – and we are too!If you could fill our stockings with some fresh ideasfor learning activities, we’d really appreciate it!Jeremy
  27. 27. LAUNCH  COURSE  
  28. 28. Santa,Learning Attrition remains a major challenge... muchof the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are taughtand learned are not transferred to job performance.Everett
  29. 29. An Example:Training  for  safe  rail  crossings  for  truck  drivers      a  crossing p roaching when  ap•  Slow   tracCon s   is )   •  R emove  d k   and  roll” wa ys  (“Roc •  L o ok  both   w   and  liste n   w n  windo •   Roll  do d  signage    co ntrols  an •  Obey h  cauCo n   it •  Proceed  w Stopping  D istances   Storage  A reas   Off-­‐road  c rossings  
  30. 30. LAUNCH  COURSE  
  31. 31. Santa,I wish you could send new glasses to the managementso they can see the world differently, outside theirtheoretical PPT presentations!Julie  
  32. 32. Elves, get on that!
  33. 33. Santa,I’d mostly like a pony, and also I’d like aninteractive design process that doesn’t looklike I’m flying by the seat of my pants...Rhea
  34. 34. SAM: Successive Approximation Model Copyright ©2011. Michael W. Allen. All Rights Reserved.
  35. 35. SAM: Successive Approximation Model Copyright ©2011. Michael W. Allen. All Rights Reserved.
  36. 36. Dear Santa, Can you sneak into the Adobe Labs, put someelectrodes in the Authorware Cadaver and bring itback to life?! I can see the visual... the lightning!The Red Suit! Santa Resurrects Authorware! Seriously, nothing matches it - nothing. Pining for an AWful Christmas,Rudolph (well, you asked) :)
  37. 37. ZEBRAZAPPS
  38. 38. Dear Santa, Why don’t people read pre-training materials?  Andwhat’s a training manager to do about it?  Yours truly,Andy
  39. 39. loyees tTo: All Emp cember Cohesion Even DeRe: AnnualPrepare for: ria menu tricted hig h carb cafete g (uncompe nsated) •  Res etworkin or y overtime n •  Compuls pliance exam ination com •  Required zards •  Poison ha ; dry starch rations chamber cket. •  Isolation ormation pa page inf ading the attached 42- Please p repare by re tory. uniform s are manda Please note:
  40. 40. You’re Invited!   Holiday party! Candies and sweets! Get to know your colleagues! Secret Santa gift exchange! Poinsettia decorationsVideos and popcorn in the boardroom!  Wear you favorite holiday apparel!
  41. 41. Marketing – OLI Promo
  42. 42. Dear Santa,
  43. 43. Visit alleninteractions.com