Creating & Delivering Irresistible e-Learning


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In this session, you will learn:

•The components that create true instructional interactivity

•Specific tools to increase learner motivation when studying e-learning

•Gaming principles that can easily be applied to curriculum design

•Three essential characteristics of irresistible e-learning

• What to look for in a learning management system to deliver and track e-learning effectiveness.

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  • The content industry is extremely diverse and fragmented. We get questions from our customers as to which content to recommend. Intent of Saba Content Connect is to create a showcase of our content partners to our customers community. We hope that over time this will become viral and content will be ranked and rated by customers to customers, just like Yelp. Interested customers can connect directly with the partner. Also an opportunity for content partners to help Saba Sales understand their value proposition.
  • Creating & Delivering Irresistible e-Learning

    2. 2. Saba & Allen InteractionsAllen Interactions is a member of Saba’s Content Connect CommunityInnovative program to support a vibrant ecosystem for Content Partners andCustomers Provides a broad choice of quality products and services to the Saba Customer Community Provides dozens of partners with the opportunity to connect with new customers through a convenient and informative online community Content tested on Saba Content Lab for interoperability
    3. 3. Irresistiblee-Learning???
    4. 4. Irresistible e-Learning??? Yes or No
    5. 5. Irresistible e-Learning??? Yes or No Your students think e-learning is interesting.
    6. 6. Irresistible e-Learning??? Yes or No Your students think e-learning addresses their individual needs.
    7. 7. Irresistible e-Learning??? Yes or No Your students think e-learning tests and quizzes help them learn.
    8. 8. Irresistible e-Learning??? Yes or No Your students think e-learning makes them more excited about doing their job.
    9. 9. Think about these e-apps… Email Online shopping Online banking Facebook iTunes Wikipedia Google Maps
    10. 10. Think about these e-apps… Email er arn Online shopping t he le Online banking to fit ene Facebook eb iqu iTunes un ide rov Wikipedia P Google Maps
    11. 11. Think about these e-apps… Email er arn le up Online shopping the em t o th Online banking fit ing ene giv e b ine Facebook iqu ag un im iTunes ide an’t rov ’s c P r Wikipedia Use Google Maps
    12. 12. Think about these e-apps… er Email arn le up Online shopping the em ience t o th fit ing per Online banking ene giv ex b e ue gin iginal Facebook niq ma te or e u ’t i rea vid can rec iTunes Pro er’s ust Us not j Wikipedia Do Google Maps
    13. 13. Benefits of e-Learning Reduce Training Time Provide emotional safety Reduce teaching resources Reduce printing costs Easily trackable Save travel costs Ongoing reference Geographic reach Consistent message Immediate updates Available 24/7 Create individual learning experience
    14. 14. Example
    15. 15. Example NOT irresistible
    16. 16. Benefits of e-LearningBenefits to the Organization Benefits to the LearnerReduce Training Time Provide emotional safetyAvailable 24/7 Create individual learning experienceGeographic reach Ongoing referenceEasily trackable Create personal connectionReduce teaching resourcesConsistent messageSave travel costsImmediate updatesReduce printing costs
    17. 17. Learning Foundation“Companies with a learning & development culture are 46%more likely to be first to market with new products or services.” Bersin & Associates New Hire Coaching & Leadership Critical Skills Training & Training Developmen Developmen Developmen Certification t t t Unified Learning Foundation
    18. 18. Unified Learning LMS Administration Registration Transcripts Benefits LCMSTesting & Efficiency & ReportingAssessment Publisher Blended Learning User Adoption Learning Effectiveness Return on Investment Mobile Learning Virtual Classroom Social Learning Instructor Led Training Gamification E-Learning Simulations
    19. 19. Keys to Success• Enhance learner’s motivation• Focus on behavior-enhancing tasks• Create meaningful and memorable experiences
    20. 20. Example
    21. 21. The Bigger Picture at Union Bank • Loss Prevention was Key Driver for LMS Purchase • Each Employee Must Maintain 6-7 Certifications • Learning as Foundation for Talent Management – Need to develop “next generation” of bankers and managers – New managers not adequately trained to develop talent – Lack of management accountability for talent development – No formal mentoring program • Implementing Competencies & Succession Planning • The Results Significantly reduced risk and loss Better bench strength Stronger competitive advantage
    22. 22. e-Learning DesignMust create Instructional Interactivity—actively engaging the learner’s mind todo things to improve skills and readiness.
    23. 23. Instructional Interactivity Context: framework to provide meaning Challenge: stimulus to act Action: physical gestures Feedback: response back to the learner
    24. 24. Example
    25. 25. Irresistible Design Factors•Risk Learner needs to have clear sense of consequences Failure must be possible (at first, likely) but not final Minimize randomness
    26. 26. Irresistible Design Factors•Risk•Meaningful Choices Clear and accessible choices Thoughtfulness more productive than guessing Risk is commensurate with choices
    27. 27. Irresistible Design Factors•Risk•Meaningful Choices•Compelling Frame Rules add up to create a rational universe Create formal links to the real world Makes intrinsic feedback possible
    28. 28. Example
    29. 29. Listener’s Choice PollWhich example would you most like to see? 1. Healthcare counseling education 2. Fast food restaurant cooking knowledge 3. Recognizing indicators of terrorist activity
    30. 30. Example
    31. 31. Example
    32. 32. Example
    33. 33. Keys to Success• Enhance learner’s motivation• Focus on behavior-enhancing tasks• Create meaningful and memorable experiences
    34. 34. Questions?
    35. 35. Demos & White Papers Available
    36. 36. A e-Learning STDCertificate Programs Learn More: or
    37. 37. Thank You!
    38. 38. Ethan Edwards chief instructional strategisteedwards@