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Evento Lync Server

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  • ApresentarEquipe – Gerente de SoluçaoIntroduçaoao Lync – Video Conferencia, IM e VOIPIntroduçao a serviçosemNuvem
  • Qual o desafio das empresas?Atender usuario que precisam de mobilidadeFacilitar a colaboraçao entre equipesFechar negocio e concluir tarefasAdministrar novas redes de dados e fontes de informaçaoReduzir Custo
  • Como o Lync pode ajudar ?Acesso em qq lugarLocalizar a pessoaSegurança e Administraçao pela TI interna X SKYPE, sem controle. BANDA+ArquivosReduçao de custos com telefonei
  • Customizacao de convite de reunaoLogo da empresaInformaçoes de URL da empresapagina de helpEnviopelo OutlookComo funcionaingressarnareuniao:Por URLPornumero de Telefone + PIN
  • Slide Objective: Content controls introduced in Lync 2013.Notes:Three basic types of content supported in Lync 2013:Presentable ContentThis is the type of content that a presenter will share and is the standard way to share content for Lync 2013Everyone else will see the same view as the presenter, with the option to select which monitor is shared for the complete view, or via:Program (Application Sharing)Microsoft PowerPointWhiteboardPollOneNoteShared NotesPrivate NotesThe note-taking capability is all performed within OneNote working alongside the Lync 2013 experienceNot the same as the Presentable content where everyone is seeing the same displayed material; people may work on Private Notes, or Shared NotesDue to this difference, OneNote was broken out into a separate Content TypeAttachmentsWorks the same as Lync 2010Upload the attachment, and everyone will have access to download from within the meeting
  • Cliente Lync no DesktopTablet e CelularIphone e AndroidCliente WEBAceitaconvites e entracomo Guest
  • Nome da função: Data Aggregation DADOS sao UNIFICADOS NO LYNCPerson Aggregation (sources GAL (AD)), Outlook Social Connector and contactsSimilar experience in Lync, Outlook, and OWA (Office 2013 suite) Consistency
  • Data Aggregation Person Aggregation (sources GAL (AD)), Outlook Social Connector and contactsSimilar experience in Lync, Outlook, and OWA (Office 2013 suite) Consistency
  • Ramalmovelpelo WIFI da Empresaou 3GFuncionacomoramal: Call hold/retrieve - Call transfer - Call forwardingVoice mail - Redirect Outside Voice—mobileDelegation, team callIntegration with on-premises PBXRemote Call Control (RCC)Private lineVoice resiliencyE911Unified Communications (UC) devicesRGS/Call Park Service (CPS)Analog devices, common area phoneIntegration with on-premises call center solutionsMedia Bypass
  • IcatuTvGloboTaesaJFRJQUIPFRM – PilotoANS - Piloto
  • Datacenters Microsoft
  • EU-US Safe Harbor FrameworkMicrosoft (including, for this purpose, all of our U.S. subsidiaries) is Safe Harbor certified with the U.S. Department of Commerce.This allows for legal transfer of data to Microsoft for processing from within European Union and countries with aligned data protection laws. Microsoft acts as the data processor and, to the extent of the Service’s capabilities, decisions regarding data usage are made by the data controller.ISO 27001Received ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certificate from BSI on 11/29/2011 for Windows Azure Core ServicesBroad international information security standard. Acts as security baseline.Ability to clearly demonstrate that we have achieved a baseline certification.Gets our compliance team building a rigorous security compliance framework that can then be expanded upon – documentation and process heavy with some technical gaps to close.The ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certificate validates that Microsoft has implemented the internationally recognized information security controls defined in this standard.SSAE 16Successor to SAS 70 attestations.An accounting standard that is relied upon as the authoritative guidance for reporting on service organizations.It illustrates Microsoft’s willingness to open up internal security programs to outside scrutiny.The end result is auditor’s report on the effectiveness and suitability of selected controls to achieve desired control objectives during the period under review. Detailed SSAE 16 report can then be shared with customers under NDA.We are currently working with Deloitte to define a set of controls that will be monitored in H2. We expect to have the audit report available for Windows Azure core services by mid CY2012.EU Data Protection DirectiveLaw that sets a baseline for handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the EUUS standards meet EU requirements through US Safe HarborMicrosoft self-attests compliance under the US Safe Harbor framework, which lets us transfer EU PII outside EU, and even allows the “onward-transfer” from the US to another countryHowever, EU regulators and customers increasingly consider the Safe Harbor to be inadequate and are asking for EU Model Contractual Clauses, which we don’t currently sign. Having completed ISO 27001 for WA Core Services, we expect to be able to sign EU Model Clauses for WA Core Services in Q1 CY2012.Geolocation of Data  Clarifies that we don’t transfer EU data outside of EU data centers except in extraordinary circumstancesCustomers may specify the geographic region(s) of the Microsoft datacenters in which Customer Data will be stored.  For data redundancy or other purposes, Microsoft may move Customer Data within a major geographic region (for example, between West Europe and North Europe), but Microsoft will not move Customer Data outside the major geographic region(s) customer specifies (for example, from Europe to US or from US to Asia) except where the customer configures the account to enable this (for example, through use of the Content Delivery Network feature). Microsoft may, however, access Customer Data from outside such region(s) where necessary for Microsoft to provide customer support, to troubleshoot the service, or to comply with legal requirements.  Such transfers will be done pursuant to EU-US Safe Harbor Framework.Microsoft does not control or limit the regions from which customers or their end users may access Customer Data.Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)Specifies privacy, security, and disaster recovery guidelines for electronic storage of health records. No platform can be HIPAA compliant; what is needed, though, is Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that enables third parties to build HIPAA compliant applications on Windows Azure. We need to sign a BAA with the Covered Entity if Protected Health Information (PHI) they are responsible for is to be stored, processed or otherwise accessed by AzureSubstantial overlap with ISO controls, i.e., HIPAA program will benefit substantially from ISO workGap analysis nearly complete, expected to offer BAA in Q2 CY2012Microsoft has significant investments in HealthVault and Amalga – HIPAA is one of the biggest industry-specific opportunities to unblock. Portions of HealthVault run on Azure today (not the entire solution, though).Payment Card Industry Data Security StandardRequires annual review and validation of security controls related to credit card transactions. There is an audited service provider certification that we need to get in order to store, process or otherwise access credit card informationCredit card info cannot be stored or processed on Azure. We can process our customers’ credit cards because that’s done on a separate PCI-compliant back-end separate from Azure.Many third parties can handle payment processing for Azure apps using off platform payment processors. However, this approach complicates the app and typically degrades the end user experience so our customers want on-platform processing.The latest standard (2.0) supports fully virtualization and multi-tenancy.Some work to be completed as part of ISO/SSAE first. Figure out the delta relative to ISO/SSAE first.FISMAFederal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) is a U.S. federal law that defines a comprehensive framework to protect government information, operations, and assets against natural and man-made threatsRequired by law for U.S. federal agencies, and looked on favorably by other government agenciesThe law gives National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) authority to establish standards that are not product and technology specificVery strong security standardWe are committed to obtaining FISMA Moderate Authorization to Operate (ATO)Sponsoring agency General Services Administration (GSA)Build on top of ISO/SSAE work, and remediate controls where needed to much stricter FISMA standardsEngineering gap analysis completedTimeline to be established once engineering plan is in place
  • Evento lync 2014

    1. 1. Cliente Lync Simples e intuitivo
    2. 2. 7
    3. 3. preeda@onprem154.lyncingite.biz preeda@onprem154.lyncingite.biz GAL Contact Outlook Contact 12
    4. 4. Federe com o Skype e imagine novas maneiras de colaborar Empresa para Empresa Empresa para Consumidor Funcionário para Família Comunique-se com centenas de milhões de pessoas com presen MI e voz
    5. 5. Telefonia
    6. 6. Lync 2013: Impulso para o cliente de voz 39.000usuáriosde voz 33.000usuáriosde voz 33.000usuáriosde voz 25.000usuáriosde voz 20.000usuáriosde voz 15.000usuáriosde voz 13.000usuáriosde voz 10.000usuáriosde voz 4.300usuáriosde voz 39.000usuáriosde voz 33.000usuáriosde voz 33.000usuáriosde voz 25.000usuáriosde voz 20.000usuáriosde voz 15.000usuáriosde voz 13.000usuáriosde voz 10.000usuáriosde voz 4.300usuáriosde voz % das empresas Fortune 500 usam o Lync 70 Usuários de telefonia % de taxa de crescimento de usuários de telefonia 3 M 250 Empresas americanas que experimentam o Lync Voice planejam implantá-lo 86%
    7. 7. Sprint Case
    8. 8. • Telefones IP; • Câmeras; • Equipamentos de Audio; • Salas de Videoconferência. • Gateways / SBC; • Telefones IP; • Headsets / Dispositivos de Áudio
    9. 9. Mediant 800 VoIP Gateway, 1 E1/T1, 1 quad FXS, 1 quad FXO Including 1 E1/T1 voice module, 1 quad FXS voice module, 1 quad FXO voice module, dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet, single AC power supply, SIP support and G.711/723.1/726/727/729AB Vocoders Mediant 1000 VoIP Gateway, 1 E1/T1, SIP Package Including single module of 1 span E1/T1, dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet, and single AC power supply. Supports mixed configurations of Analog and Digital voice modules. Control protocol: SIP, including G.711/723.1/726/727/729AB Vocoders Mediant 1000 VoIP Gateway, 2 E1/T1, 2 Quad FXS, 1 quad FXO Including 2 E1/T1 voice module, 2 quad FXS voice modules, and 1 quad FXO voice modules, dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet, single AC power supply, SIP support and G.711/723.1/726/727/729AB Vocoders.
    10. 10. CX100 CX200 Desktop CX300 Desktop CX500 IP Phone CX600 IP Phone CX700 IP Phone
    11. 11. CX5000 Unified Conference Station CX3000 IP Conference Phone HDX e RMX - Conference System
    12. 12. 50 GB ARQUIVE DLP LITIGIO Lync Sharepoint Yammer Hybrid
    13. 13. San Antonio, TX Approx 477K sq ft, 27MW, uses recycled water for cooling Chicago, IL 707,000 square feet with critical power of 60 MW, uses water side economization, containers Dublin, Ireland Approx 570K sq ft, up to 27MW, uses outside air for cooling. Green Energy
    14. 14. www.globalfoundationservices.com 1. Serviços e datacenters 2. Políticas 3. Videos e treinamento 4. Future insights 5. Cloud Resources
    15. 15. Contrato Termos dos serviços Política de uso aceitável Preços Contratos de Nível de Serviço www.windowsazure.com/en-us/support/trust-center/
    16. 16. Política de Privacidade Localização dos dados do cliente Diretiva de proteção aos dados
    17. 17. FISMA ISO HIPAA Program Description ISO 27001 • Internationally recognized information security standard, broadly accepted outside U.S. • 133 controls across 11 domains • Annual surveillance audits with continual improvement EU Data Protection Directive • Law that sets a baseline for handling personal data in the EU • Microsoft complies through EU-US Safe Harbor Framework • EU regulators and customers asking for EU Model Clauses HIPAA BAA • Specifies privacy, security, and disaster recovery guidelines for electronic storage of health records in the United States • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) enables third parties to build HIPAA compliant solutions ISSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 • Accounting standard relied upon as the authoritative guidance for reporting on service organizations (SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3) • Annual audit, controls monitored for 6 months, 10 domains • Detailed audit report shared with customers under NDA FISMA • U.S. Federal law enacted in 2002, based on NIST 800 series, 18 control domains, in-depth audit, documentation heavy • Applies to all U.S. Federal agencies • New FedRAMP to apply starting in June 2012
    18. 18. Características Cloud Computing TI flexível e dinâmica
    19. 19. Benefícios para o negócio Cloud Computing foco no core business Maior agilidade Custos mais eficientes
    20. 20. Servidores virtuais Serviços de infraestrutura (IaaS) • Windows Server • Linux Storage Conectividade • Armazenamento dados • VPN • Balanceamento • Escalabilidade
    21. 21. • www.azure.com.br Português, Inglês, espanhol, etc Browsers, OS e dispositivos
    22. 22. • Nome servidor • Tamanho (processador & memória) • Conta adminstrador
    23. 23. • Escolha o Datacenter de preferência • Escolha conta armazenamento
    24. 24. • Informações sobre o processo criação • Help sobre funcionalidades
    25. 25. • Windows Server • Linux • Processadores & memória • Galeria de máquinas já pre-instaladas • Migre suas máquinas virtuais (vhd) existentes • Crie suas próprias imagens
    26. 26. Cadastro nacional de produtos • Cadastro Nacional de Produtos, é uma plataforma de recursos para gestão e controle de numeração de mercadorias cadastradas nos padrões globais. • O sistema brasileiro permite inserir e manter as listas de produtos cadastrados na nuvem, o que algumas outras GS1, como as do Canadá e Estados Unidos, já ofereciam, mas acrescenta recursos inéditos, como informações sobre dimensões dos produtos, acesso a páginas de promoções relativas aos itens, imagens e URLs relacionadas. • reportagem (link)