Do-It-Yourself World


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Some thoughts and insights on DIY trends and culture.

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Do-It-Yourself World

  1. 1. Do-It-Yourself World
  2. 2. What comes to mind when you think of Do-It-Yourself ?
  3. 3. has been around as long as humans DIY • a fundamental part of life As basic as cooking and sticks DIY goals: • create • repair • maintain
  4. 4. As our world changes…as the materials and tools of our world change…as the availability of information dramatically increases: DIY is undergoing huge changes
  5. 5. The Three Elements of DIY • Tools • Information • Need or desire
  6. 6. DIY = Tools Desktop Computers Digital Cameras Tools can become an obsession--an end in themselves
  7. 7. DIY = Tools COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE … the new tool shed Monitor Digital Camera CD/DVD Burner Computer Printer Audio speakers Scanner MP3 Player
  8. 8. DIY = Information Various types of practical How-To-Do-It knowledge
  9. 9. DIY = Information Sources of DIY info • Word of mouth ---------------- • Books, magazines, print • TV, video, DVD • Computers (CDs, DVDs) • The WORLD WIDE WEB INFORMATION may be the biggest piece of the DIY puzzle
  10. 10. Information Channels: Print
  11. 11. Information Channels: TV, video, DVD
  12. 12. Information Channels: CDs & DVDs
  13. 13. Information Channels: Internet Find out everything or how to do anything on the Internet!
  14. 14. The internet itself has been a huge collaborative DIY project Collaborative open systems Linux, Napster
  15. 15. DIY is undergoing a tools-and-information explosion Tools = (computers x software) x internet Information = (computers x software) x internet Tools X Information = (Computers x software x internet)2 = DIY gone wild
  16. 16. DIY gone wild … via the internet Four examples • DIY surveys • DIY health care • DIY websites • eBay
  17. 17. DIY Surveys & Opinion Polls Online. Available to everyone Do your own consumer research!
  18. 18. DIY Internet Health Care Health website users are more likely to: •Ask their doctors questions •Question their doctors about diagnoses and recommendations •Agree that the medical Internet often explains things better than their doctors •Feel more like partners with their doctors regarding their health care •Have more faith & trust in their doctors
  19. 19. DIY websites Weblogs
  20. 20. And then there is eBay Huge DIY system An object sells on eBay every 1.7 seconds. • Searching & buying stuff More than 70,000 Americans make their • Selling your stuff living by selling on eBay •Promoting it yourself •Writing text •Pictures • eBay has spawned a cottage industry of “DIY on eBay” businesses • Buy stuff for DIY projects
  21. 21. The Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards of DIY • survival • practical – money/prevention • mastery & control/confidence • pride/reputation • adds personal meaning to • amusement & pleasure the objects in our lives • joy of self-expression • adds meaning to our lives • joy of problem-solving • joy of learning (& flow)
  22. 22. Need/Desire & Expertise Human Experience and Motivation of DIY • From need to desire • From practical and functional to expressive and fun • From learning to mastery
  23. 23. Hypothesis/Insight: In general, as learning continues, expertise grows and the DIY activity moves from being motivated by practical considerations to being sustained by intrinsic and expressive rewards
  24. 24. Can we plot consumers and brands on this map?
  25. 25. DIY Priorities We can’t do everything DIY Which DIY activities do we pursue & which do we hand off? Cost/benefit trade-offs & personal desires
  26. 26. DIY trends Artisanal Cheese Making At Home Experts see a few trends at work here: Sales of artisanal cheeses have spiked, science-happy home gourmets continue to seek new challenges, and the ferment-it-yourself trend is going beyond standards like homemade beer and wine. From Keeping Up With the Cheese- Makers by Lisa Kalis, Wall Street Journal, Nov. 7, 2003
  27. 27. DIY trends Shed Chic Backyard sheds traditionally house lawn mowers and garbage cans. But in the insane California real-estate market, where many families can’t afford to buy bigger homes, gussied up sheds are housing something else: people. Newsweek Sept 2003
  28. 28. DIY trends DIY as Religion Groups now organized in New York San Francisco Los Angeles Seattle Montreal Toronto Stockholm
  29. 29. DIY trends Self-organizing shopping-alert groups DIY recognizance
  30. 30. End comment It’s a do-it-yourself world… and you’ve got yourself a do-it-yourself life