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Water cycle ppt #1


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Water cycle ppt #1

  1. 1. The Water Cycle By Christine Ward
  2. 2. Water never leaves the Earth. It is constantlybeing cycled through the atmosphere, ocean,and land. This process, known as the watercycle , is driven by energy from the sun. Thewater cycle is crucial to the existence of life onour planet.
  3. 3. The Water Cycle
  4. 4. During part of the water cycle, the sun heatsup liquid water and changes it to a gas by theprocess of evaporation. Water thatevaporates from Earth’s oceans, lakes, rivers,and moist soil rises up into the atmosphere.
  5. 5. The process of evaporation from plants iscalled transpiration. (In other words, it’s likeplants sweating.)
  6. 6. As water (in the form of gas) rises higher in theatmosphere, it starts to cool and become a liquidagain. This process is called condensation.When a large amount of water vapor condenses, itresults in the formation of clouds.
  7. 7. When the water in the clouds gets tooheavy, the water falls back to the earth.This is called precipitation.
  8. 8. When rain falls on the land, some of the water isabsorbed into the ground forming pockets of watercalled groundwater. Most groundwater eventuallyreturns to the ocean. Other precipitation runsdirectly into streams or rivers. Water that collectsin rivers, streams, and oceans is called runoff.
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