Top E-commerce trends 2012 - Grzegorz Wojcik


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E commerce trends 2012 - Grzegorz Wojcik, Head of Corporate Relations MIH Internet Europe, Allegro Group - for RoNewMedia 2012

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Top E-commerce trends 2012 - Grzegorz Wojcik

  1. 1. Top E-commerce Trends 2012 Grzegorz Wojcik Head of Corporate RelationsRo New Media 6.0 MIH Internet Europe, Allegro GroupMay 18th, 2012
  2. 2. E-commerce Trends Agenda: • E-commerce Business Models • Top E-commerce Trends in 2012 • Conclusions
  3. 3. 1E-commerce Business Models
  4. 4. >> E-commerce - part of CommerceShopping is a process of many phases:• Awareness• Interest• Decision• Action• Post-sale• Re-sale >> follow the consumer <<
  5. 5. >> Consumer PerspectiveConsumer is making decisions based on:• Price o total sales cost o future benefits (loyalty gratuity)• Selection o product availability (including delivery timing)• Convenience o superb product presentation o shipping options o payment options >> follow the consumer <<
  6. 6. >> Sellers perspectiveBoundaries of e-commerce models are blurring:• Internet Retail (online retailers/e-tailers)• Intermediaries - 3rd party Marketplaces• General and Vertical Classifieds• Lead Generation (Comparison Shopping)• Payments >> follow the consumer <<
  7. 7. Examples: Retailers: 3rd party Marketplaces: Classifieds Amazon eBay Comparison Search Engines:
  8. 8. 2Top E-commerce Trends 2012
  9. 9. 5 TOP E-COMMERCE TREND Rethink the basics cross-border• Consumers: what is my unique selling proposition? o What is my product catalogue (price, selection, convenience)? o How am I effective in consumer acquisition (marketing)? o What do I do to boost my customer satisfaction?• Who is my competitor? o What is my leverage on suppliers? o Should I compete alone or cooperate with platform providers? o How can I scale for growth?• How am I efficient? - measure everything! o What is a fact and what is a prediction? o What is my priority for growth? o Am I local or do I go for cross-border trading?
  10. 10. 4 TOP E-COMMERCE TREND Social Integration• Lead generation - social networks o Comparison Shopping o Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, etc. o Pinterest – visual discovery• Recommendations and gamification o Connect people, ideas and ...products o Convertion of fans into loyal customers o Loyalty programs based on personalized expectations• Business inteligence integration o Quality based marketing o Convertion based website usability
  11. 11. Examples: YouTube Facebook New Visual Discovery: Twitter eg: Pinterest
  12. 12. 3 TOP E-COMMERCE TRENDInspirational Design• Visual: from operational to beautiful o eye catching images o interactive video o 3D presentation and augmented reality• Hyper-verticalization o Single Page Stores o One Category Verticals o Discovery Zones in Comparison shopping• Dynamic pricing o Know your customer: traffic sources, ARPU, LTV (LCV) o Loyalty program and recommendation systems
  13. 13. Examples: 3D presentations across many categories Interactive – Clickable video Virtual Dressing Room Hi Resolution Zoom
  14. 14. 2 TOP E-COMMERCE TREND Mobile Experience• New format of potential consumers: o internet users --> general public o product: simplicity or resignation o tablet browsing experience:mobile apps vs mobile optimized sites• Location based services o Product Discovery o Emotional Shopping• Smartphone personalization and loyalty o Recommendation Deals o Coupons & loyalty programs o Payments
  15. 15. Examples:
  16. 16. 1 TOP E-COMMERCE TREND M-Payments• Technology innovation o Remote payments o Proximity payments o Cash-killer vs at-the-door experience• Consumer experience beyond single transaction o Electronic Wallet (Simple-Universal-Secure-Fast) o Loyalty club cards• Business model disruption: o banking industry o telecommuniction industry o intermediaries
  17. 17. Examples: Credit Card - Square PayU – integration with banking NFC Payment Apps See also YouTube videos: iWallet Patent from Apple • PayPal - Future of Shopping • Google - Google Wallet
  18. 18. ONTOP TOP E-COMMERCE TREND Brands GO online with multi-channel strategies
  19. 19. ONTOP TOP E-COMMERCE TREND Regulatory Affairs 1. E-commerce package 2. Notice and Action procedures 3. Common European Sales Law (CESL) 4. Data Protection Regulation 5. Online Dispute Resolution 6. E-Payments 7. European Consumer Agenda 8. Internet Security 9. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) 10. Net Neutrality 11. Cloud Computing 12. European Retail Action Plan
  20. 20. 3Conclusions
  21. 21. >> ConclusionsStart-up DNA and professional processes:• Define your strategy (model, USPs)• Listen to your users & customers and measure everything!• Fire, Aim, Load! Repeat!• Checkout 
  22. 22. Thank you :-) Grzegorz Wojcik Head of Corporate Relations MIH Internet Europe, Allegro Group
  23. 23. >> YouTube Videos used as examplesClick to see YouTube videos:• Google – Google Analytics (• PayPal - Future of Shopping (• Google - Google Wallet (