Efficiency conscious chefs, both amateur and professional alike have good reason to rejoice. An ingenious new innovation f...
your dishwasher for a cycle, reassemble and store. Thats it. Retire the Brillo pad to a cabinet and rejoice; days of endur...
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Efficiency conscious chefs


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Cut Your Cooking Time in Half with the Chef Basket

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Efficiency conscious chefs

  1. 1. Efficiency conscious chefs, both amateur and professional alike have good reason to rejoice. An ingenious new innovation for thekitchen has recently been born, and its name is the Chef Basket. Previously, cooking a meal was always a battle between the chefand his vast library of heavy pots, unwieldy pans, colanders, cooking sheets, kettles, deep fryers, rice makers, utensils crock pots andcountless other kitchen cluttering gadgets. With the Chef Basket, cooks can enjoy the benefits of twelve top-of-the-line cooking toolswithout having to tackle an intimidating pile of dishes after the meal has been consumed. Confusion and chaos in the kitchen issoothed by this innovative new design.The Chef Basket is a collapsible basket unit that unfolds and expands to become a multi-functional kitchen tool calphalon . Aninvaluable tool with facilities for rinsing, straining, steaming, deep frying and reheating, the Chef Basket is a streamlined, easy-to-clean, and self contained when it comes to storage. Working in the kitchen has never been so easy or so much fun. The innovativedesign of the Chef Basket was conceived with safety as a number one priority. Even while liquids are at a rolling boil, Chef Basketsrubber-insulated handles remain cool to the touch, so you dont have to worry about dangerous kitchen accidents. This is a particularlyvaluable asset in family and other disaster prone kitchens.Cook light all of your favorite dishes - fish, pasta, French fries, steamed vegetables, shellfish, even fried chicken with the help of thisamazing new tool. The Chef Basket will do the work for you, and do it at a four star standard. Fix satisfying, delicious meals foryourself or your family any day of the week. The Chef Basket is particularly well suited to fix delicious hard boiled eggs, as theylltransfer from heat to cold water instantly in the transferrable basket, sealing in all the nutrients and flavor they are revered for. Theyreperfect for school lunches, quick breakfasts, or delicious healthy snacks, anytime.The Chef Basket has been ingeniously designed for simple handling in the kitchen. Flip the insulated handles down to the side, and itbecomes a self-supporting colander; lift them back up in one smooth motion and carry the Chef Basket from the stovetop to the sink,with no need for unwieldy oven mitts or dishtowels. And since The Chef Basket is collapsible, storage is as simple as slipping itbetween two cutting boards.By eliminating dishwashing and pan assembly time in your weeknight cooking routine, you can focus on preparing foods that divergefrom the same old, same old. The Chefs Basket offers freedom from ho-hum Monday through Friday standbys like mac n cheese,stovetop burgers and the like. Try steaming up some freshwater clams, or deep-frying sweet, juicy chicken for a surefire hit with yourloved ones. Blanche a delicious salmon and drizzle it in cream sauce for a weeknight sensation that will make you the hero of yourhousehold.Any kitchen grill can benefit from the many forms of the Chef Basket. Cooking lids will become a pleasure. Discover the fun, economicand health benefits of eating more meals at home. Once you begin exploring all the features of Chef Basket - boiling, frying, steaming,poaching, blanching, par-boiling and more - youll have as many preparation options as a small restaurant, and with half the hassle.As if that werent enough, the Chef Baskets handy colander functions handily for all of your rinsing, steaming, draining, storage,straining and washing needs. You can save big on greasy takeout and inflated restaurant prices by preparing healthy, meals in thecomfort and privacy of your own home.And with Chef Basket, cleaning up after the meal is a truly simple affair. Just break down the Chef Basket, pop each component into
  2. 2. your dishwasher for a cycle, reassemble and store. Thats it. Retire the Brillo pad to a cabinet and rejoice; days of enduring scaldinghot water and damaging muscle strain from scouring stacks of greasy pots and pans are over.Order Chef Basket over the phone, or, for maximum convenience, online with a click of your mouse. Your fully loaded Chef Basket willarrive at your front door in 3 to 5 days time - even sooner if you take advantage of expedited shipping - and you can begin cookingimmediately, no special training required. For the busy parent on the go, a seasoned pro in the kitchen bowls, students with limitedkitchen space or enthusiasts of culinary innovation, the Chef Basket makes a fabulous gift. Its so revolutionary, in fact, you may findyourself casting-off your old cast-iron. Get yours now!