Social Media 101 (Slides, Full)


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A presentation on "Social Media 101" - an introductory view of the social media landscape for non-profits, in this case a faith-based non-profit.

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Social Media 101 (Slides, Full)

  1. 1. Social Media 101 Let’s talk
  2. 2. Concepts
  3. 3. Openness Mi casa es su casa
  4. 4. Interaction Discussion, relationships, reputation, conversation
  5. 5. Interoperable & Mashable Greater than the sum of the parts
  6. 6. Google Juice!
  7. 7. Identity 2.0 Who are you? Can I trust you?
  8. 8. Social media is more human
  9. 9. Personal Direct access
  10. 10. User Behavior What do people do with social media?
  11. 11. Social Technographics spectrum Creators Critics Collectors Joiners Spectators Inactives Source: Forrester Research
  12. 12. Social Technographics spectrum Creators Critics Not participating in social media currently Collectors Question: why is that? Are they not online, or is social media intimidating? Joiners Examine the trend: inactives are dropping. Social media is much Spectators “friendlier”. Q: how many grandparents are using social media? Inactives Source: Forrester Research
  13. 13. Social Technographics spectrum Creators Critics Read blogs Listen & watch podcasts Collectors Read online forums related to their interests Joiners Read customer ratings & reviews (e.g. Spectators book reviews) Inactives Source: Forrester Research
  14. 14. Social Technographics spectrum Creators Critics Maintain their profiles on one or more social networking sites Collectors Visit and view social networking sites Joiners Are willing to sign up for news aggregators or use RSS Spectators Inactives Source: Forrester Research
  15. 15. Social Technographics spectrum Creators Critics Use RSS feeds to read web content Collectors “Votes” for web sites Joiners Adds tags or other metadata to sites, web pages, or other media Spectators Inactives Source: Forrester Research
  16. 16. Social Technographics spectrum Creators Critics Post ratings/reviews of products or Collectors services Comment on blogs, forums, & online Joiners communities such as wikis Spectators Inactives Source: Forrester Research
  17. 17. Social Technographics spectrum Creators Critics Publish a blog or web pages Upload videos they created Collectors Upload audio/music or podcast they created Joiners Write articles or stories & post them Spectators Manage discussions about their content Inactives Source: Forrester Research
  18. 18. 3/4 of US online adults now use social tech
  19. 19. What networks are most popular? It depends on where you are.
  20. 20. Social Media dominance by country (2007)
  21. 21. What kinds of sites are “social”?
  22. 22. Social Media Portals It’s all in there
  23. 23. Orkut Bebo Hi5 LinkedIn Ning Plaxo Crowdvine Xing Social Media Portals
  24. 24. Status Updates What R U doing?
  25. 25. plurk Rejaw Yelp Jaiku Utterli Status Updating Services
  26. 26. Media Sharing ROTFL Watch This!
  27. 27. Vimeo Metacafe Viddler Mogulus Media Sharing
  28. 28. Zoomr Smugmug Facebook MySpace Media Sharing
  29. 29. iLike Pandora Odeo Media Sharing
  30. 30. Blogging Platforms ReadMe
  31. 31. Link Sharing & Tagging Where was that site…?
  32. 32. Digg Technorati StumbleUpon Reddit Link sharing
  33. 33. /wazungu
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Allan’s tagged content on
  36. 36. It’s a matter of degrees Communities spring up inside sites like Amazon or the iTunes Store.
  37. 37. Values Personal & corporate attitudes that succeed in social media spaces
  38. 38. Values Sincerity & Authenticity
  39. 39. Values Individual focus
  40. 40. Values Community, both online and local neighborhood
  41. 41. Values Mission: a cause, whether global, local, or individual/personal
  42. 42. A social media story My grandfather’s funeral
  43. 43. Col. Jack Bates setaB kcaJ .loC
  44. 44. “I was the Non- Commissioned Officer in charge for your grandfather's funeral. I want to say that I was honored to be a part of it. ”
  45. 45. A letter from Chris is reminded me that I have a perhaps strange requt. I'll be heading to a h sandy place for a ile in a few months. If somhing haens would you come out to the memorial and take piur for Trellis and the b s? I am sor t  preing all my memorial, will, lers, c. just in case. I'm n too woied ab out it, and it's a ways , but I need to g them s up just in case. You would be one  the people I would most want my wife to me. Soy about being all melo dramatic, just the nature  th e situation I gu. -Chris
  46. 46. How is “story” important to us?
  47. 47. Do our online interactions provoke discussion & passion?
  48. 48. What opportunities do social media offer us?