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Is there a role for Project Managers and Business Analysts in Agile?


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Quick look how Business Analysts contribute to Agile teams and the future of Project Managers

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  • It is not so black and white. Projects end; Product don't is true only for internal IT departments or companies selling software as a product. In case of vendors, that get RFP from customer and deliver product as one off, it is project that does end. Project is an abstract thing connected to another abstract thing called budget. So even in internal IT departments projects will end due to budget allocation.
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Is there a role for Project Managers and Business Analysts in Agile?

  1. 1. allan kellyTwitter: @allankellynethttp://www.allankelly.netIs there a role forBusiness Analysts &Project Managers in Agile?PAM SummitCracow PolandJune 2013
  2. 2. Allan Kelly• Business Analysis and Leadership, Pullan &Archer 2013• 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know,Henney, 2010• Context Encapsulation in Pattern Languagesof Program Design, Vol 5, 2006 Consulting softwaredevelopment & strategy Training for AgileAuthor– Changing Software Development: Learningto be Agile (2008, Wiley)– Business Patterns for Software Developers(2012, Wiley - ISBN: 978-1119999249)
  3. 3. How many BAs in the room?How many ProjectManagers in the room?How many think you aredoing Agile?
  4. 4. Look beyond thelabel
  5. 5. There is workto be done• Meat• Sausages
  6. 6. How do you manage work?People (think devs)…• Inherently dislike work• Must be controlled anddirected• Shun responsibility• Have little ambition• Want securityPeople…• Work leads tosatisfaction• Can exercise self-direction• Will be committed toobjectives if therewards are valued• Seek responsibilityFrom McGregor, D. 1960. The human side of enterpriseTheory X Theory Y
  7. 7. The great divide…• Agile predicated onTheory YYou will find it hard to workwith Agile practices &techniques if you believeTheory X• Agile evangelists believeWaterfall is predicatedin Theory XIndeed, this might be thecase
  8. 8. There is workto be done• Meat• Sausages
  9. 9. Constraints9FeaturesResources(People)TimeLots of workto doCost =Resources x TimeQuality = freeTime boxedScope Creep –run backwardsFixed overshort run(Brooks Law)
  10. 10. Traditional Development• Negotiate Features at start• Cut Test• Demand more time• Demand more people• Demand more money• Argue• Renegotiate features whenyou can no longer get moretime, money, peopleAgile Development• Negotiate features on Day 1• Negotiate features on Day 15• Negotiate features on Day 29• Negotiate features … (every 2weeks)• (Fix time, Fix money• Accept the people you have• Pursue quality)The Difference
  11. 11. Who you gonna call?What shouldwe build?
  12. 12. Business Analyst as a….12Investigator –gathering the detailsStrategist – looking longrange, the big pictureEvaluator– Does it make sense?Customer proxy– Did it make sense?
  13. 13. Business Analysts – Yes!• Lots of useful skills & experience• They can be…– Professional Customer Proxy– Product Owner– Tactical Product Owner– Requirements expert (between sprints)– Specification expert (inside sprint)
  14. 14. Project Managers,What you gonna do now?• Traditional parameters fixed• Gantt charts done• Quality is always high– Cutting quality slows work– Cutting quality increase cost– Cutting quality upsetscustomersTime fixed
  15. 15. Successful products live• Successful software is not Temporary– Requires ongoing changes & support• Outcome is not defined• Resources changeA project is: “A temporary organization that isneeded to produce a unique and predefinedoutcome or result at a pre-specified timeusing predetermined resources.”PRINCE2 definitionof project
  16. 16. The End of Projects• Projects are accounting codes• Finished Software is Dead Software– Living software changes– Living software doesn’t end• Project thinking kills software
  17. 17. The End of Project Management?• Projects are for accountants• Organize work by– Work streams and/or– Products• Aim for stable teams– Occasional personnel changes– Continuity– Living, changing code bases
  18. 18. Management work to do• Large teams -> More admin• Large organizations -> Lots of reporting• Line Management• “Manager” -> More authority to fix• Supplier / Client relationships– Contracts to discuss, police– Role shoot out: “they have an X manager so weneed an X manager”
  19. 19. John SmithProject Manager (Aries Project)Big CorporationJohn.smith@bigcorp.comTel: +123 456 7890Payments Manager• “Project Manager” becomes:– First Line Manager, Junior Manager, DevelopmentManager, Team Manager, Team Leader, or or or• You have continuity– Projects end; Products don’t
  20. 20. Management needed• Manage the system– Watch the numbers– Manage with metrics– (Learn your statistics)• Manage the flow• Trust the people• Kill non-beneficial work– Fail fast, fail cheapOnly Y typemanagers need apply
  21. 21. Take-away1. Lots of BA work to do– Skills & Experience to workwith customers & proxy2. Projects are meaningless Successful software lives3. “Project Management”will be replaced bysomething new Type Y managementallan kellySoftware Strategy Ltd.www.allankelly.netallan@allankelly.netTwitter: @allankellynet