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Retrospec)ve	  Dialogue	  Sheets	  allan	  kelly	  	                                     Øredev	  	  Twi+er:	  @allankelyn...
Allan	  Kelly	                          Director,	  SoFware	  Strategy	  Ltd	                          –  ConsulIng	  &	  ...
Dialogue	  Sheets	  
Stats	  Over	  2000	  Downloads	            Frequency	  of	  retrospec)ve	  •  USA	   	   	  20-­‐25%	         •  Never	  ...
What	  people	  have	  said…	     the	  difference	  from	  the	  last	  few	  )mes	  was	     like	  night	  and	  day.	  ...
Norway	  •  SImulates	  equality	  among	  team	  members	  	  •  Few/no	  barriers	  for	  parIcipants	  to	  express	   ...
What	  people	  have	  said…	     Using	  the	  sheet	  definitely	  promoted	   discussion	  in	  the	  retrospecIves	  an...
What	  people	  have	  said…	    Walking	  around	  the	  pods,	  it	  was	  interesIng	    to	  see	  that	  the	  teams	...
I	  was	  a	  bit	  nervous	  about	   trying	  something	  …	  but	  the	      energy	  in	  the	  room	  was	    tremend...
Go	  Agile	  Go!	  –	  IntroducIon	  tool	  
More….	  Download	  &	  order	      –	  Allan	  Kelly	      –	      –  Twi+e...
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Retrospective Dialogue Sheets @ Oredev 2012


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Slides to accompany Dialogue Sheets workshop at Oredev 2012 conference in Malmo

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Retrospective Dialogue Sheets @ Oredev 2012

  1. 1. Retrospec)ve  Dialogue  Sheets  allan  kelly     Øredev    Twi+er:  @allankelynet   November  2012  h+p://  h+p://      
  2. 2. Allan  Kelly   Director,  SoFware  Strategy  Ltd   –  ConsulIng  &  Training  for  Agile   –  Custom  SoFware  Development  Author   –  Changing  So*ware  Development:  Learning   to  be  Agile  (2008,  Wiley)   –  Business  Pa8erns  for  So:ware  Developers   (2012,  Wiley  -­‐  ISBN:  978-­‐1119999249)     97  Things  Every  Programmer  Should  Know   Henney,  2010   Context  EncapsulaDon  in   PaEern  Languages  of  Program  Design     Volume  5,  2006  (c)  Allan  Kelly   h+p://   2  
  3. 3. Dialogue  Sheets  
  4. 4. Stats  Over  2000  Downloads   Frequency  of  retrospec)ve  •  USA      20-­‐25%   •  Never  33%  •  UK        12½-­‐20%   •  1  or  2  a  year  10%  •  France    5-­‐7%   •  Quarterly  6%  •  Germany    5-­‐9%   •  Monthly  20%  From  70  countries  since   •  2-­‐weeks  23%  May  2011   (At  Ime  of  download)  
  5. 5. What  people  have  said…   the  difference  from  the  last  few  )mes  was   like  night  and  day.  I  had  some  worries  going  in   some  team  members  would  be  reluctant  to  engage   but  found  that  no  one  held  back  and  everyone   got  involved  in  scribbling  on  the  sheet  and   talking  about  the  sprint.     AFerwards  I  got  some  very  enthusiasIc  feedback   from  the  people  who  Id  originally  worried  about!    
  6. 6. Norway  •  SImulates  equality  among  team  members    •  Few/no  barriers  for  parIcipants  to  express   themselves  •  Prevent  the  Scrum  Master  from  falling  into  a  "team   leaderish"  role  sessions  less  bureaucraIc  and  more   inspiring  •  We  spend  our  Ime  on  issues  of  real  value  to  the   team  instead  of  ceremony  parts  no  one  really  likes  •  Sheet  can  be  put  directly  on  a  wall  aFer  the  meeIng  
  7. 7. What  people  have  said…   Using  the  sheet  definitely  promoted   discussion  in  the  retrospecIves  and,  by   bringing  the  focus  away  from  the   facilitator,  the  team  concentrates  more   on  the  project.   The  team  thought  it  was  a  fun  way  of  doing   a  retrospecIve,  it  felt  fresh.  When  I  asked   them  if  we  should  try  using  them  in  the   future,  the  answer  was  a  definite  yes.    
  8. 8. What  people  have  said…   Walking  around  the  pods,  it  was  interesIng   to  see  that  the  teams  posted  their  resulIng   sheets,  and  in  one  case  had  referenced  it   several  Imes  during  a  conversaIon  about   an  issue  they  were  discussing.  
  9. 9. I  was  a  bit  nervous  about   trying  something  …  but  the   energy  in  the  room  was   tremendous.  In  fact  I  had  several  people  tell  me  it  was   the  best  retrospecIve  they   have  had  in  years.  
  10. 10. Go  Agile  Go!  –  IntroducIon  tool  
  11. 11. More….  Download  &  order   –  Allan  Kelly   –   –  Twi+er:  @allankellynet   –  h+p://   –  h+p://