Panic Attacks And How To Keep It Under Control


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Panic Attacks And How To Keep It Under Control

  1. 1. Panic Attacks And How To Keep It Under Control By Allan F Kane  Click Here To Access Resources To Help You Stop Panic Attacks Today Every single one of us has experienced some form of anxiety or panic to some degree during the course of lives.Life’s full of stress and stressors that have potential to cause anxiety with detrimental consequences to ourhealth. So many people do not know that anxiety is just a normal reaction to stress.Common anxiety symptoms which you may or may not have experienced before include a sense ofapprehension, a rapid heartbeat, profuse or mild sweating, headaches, chest tightness and breathlessness andrestlessness. For those bona fide sufferers of anxiety, reactions to stress are exaggerated, and are often broughton by unrealistic thinking or worries.Panic attacks often occur when anxiety levels are out of control. The symptoms of a panic attack are so very realand are extremely terrifying for those experiencing them. The terror experienced during the course a panicattack is usually out of proportion to the existing situation. In fact, it could be completely unrelated to theirsurroundings but that is what the person affected feels at that time.  Click Here For Resources To Help You Stop Panic Attacks Today An impending or overwhelming sense of doom, accompanied by racing heart, feeling faint or dizziness, chestpains, unable to catch their breath, a sense or feeling of loss of control, and tingling sensations in the hands,fingers and around the corners of the mouth are all symptoms that may be experienced during an attack. Somecases can be so severe that the person in question might get the feeling he or she is going to die. Luckily, themost severe symptoms of a panic attack often only last just a few minutes, though other less severe symptomscould possibly last much longer.Treating anxiety attacks require various forms of therapy and medication. Both are highly successful in reducingoccurrence and severity of the attacks. However, there are quite a number of things a person on their own cando to make treatment more effective that therapy and or medication alone cannot help with. Deep breathingtechniques, or breathing into a paper bag if learned properly, can have a profound and miraculous impact whenan actual attack occurs. Breathing techniques may not be sufficient to stop an attack, but I could greatly reducethe intensity and duration of attacks.Learning various stress management strategies can also be an effective tool in controlling anxiety and thereducing the severity and frequency of panic attacks. Regular exercise, relaxation techniques, and timemanagement are a few ways to help lower stress, which in turn reduces anxiety. It may be helpful to join a fewfacebook fanpages like Panic Away Ebook Facebook Fanpage or to get up to date information from expertsby visiting anxiety self-help websites to help you in coping with anxiety. Once your anxiety is under control,you are better equipped to control any panic attacks that might happen.  Click Here For Resources To Help You Stop Panic Attacks Today  Panic Away Ebook Page 1
  2. 2. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants or illicit drugs are most important. Caffeine and alcohol,especially, have a huge effect on mood and behavior. In someone who has anxiety and panic attacks, they areapt to worsen the situation. Always consult with your doctor about your diet and drinking and how it could affectyour treatment.After someone experiences a panic attack for the first time, the attack, its self may become the source for yetmore anxiety. Worry and fear of another one happening could lead to avoiding any situation (real or imagined)that might cause anxiety and provoke another attack. People end up feeling isolated and alone inside their ownanxiety. That is why it is crucial to seek help.Anxiety and panic attacks are very manageable. If left untreated, the physical side effects could be deadly. Highblood pressure and heart disease are a real threat. Along with your doctor, there are many ways you can learnto control stress and anxiety.  Click Here For Resources To Help You Stop Panic Attacks Today  Panic Away Ebook Page 2