Communication powerpoint


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Communication powerpoint

  1. 1. Ashley Lane
  2. 2.  According to human resource, Emotional Intelligence is the difference between those who become successful in life and those who struggle.Emotional Intelligence is made up of a set of skills that enables people to benefit from their own self- actualization and independence in order to interact with others in socially responsible and healthy ways.
  3. 3. Daniel Goleman wrote a book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.Emotional intelligence was defined by Daniel Goleman as “the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.”
  4. 4. Develop Self Listen to OthersI Awareness IN NT TR E DevelopA Manage Your R InterpersonalP Emotions P SkillsE ER RS S Help OthersO Motivate Yourself O Help ThemselvesN NA AL L
  5. 5. ExamplesDevelop Self-Awareness Noticing whether you haveraised your voice because youare angry or surprised.Manage Your Emotions Deciding whether expressingstrong emotions will facilitate orinterfere with your goalsMotivate Yourself Seeking help from a trustedmentorListen to Others Paraphrasing what you hear to make sure you understand someonebefore responding emotionally.Develop Interpersonal Deciding whether and how toshare your Skills emotions with a close friendHelp others Help Themselves Providing emotional support toa distressed friend
  6. 6. The Four Branches of Emotional IntelligencePerceiving Emotions: The first step in understandingemotions is to accurately perceive them.Reasoning With Emotions: The next step involves usingemotions to promote thinking and cognitive activity.Understanding Emotions: The emotions that we perceive cancarry a wide variety of meanings.Managing Emotions: The ability to manage emotionseffectively is a key part of emotional intelligence.
  7. 7.  A study at Islamic Azad University A test to determine the relationship between emotional intelligence, life satisfaction, and determining their communication skill test effectiveness. Included forty students who had low scores in life satisfaction and emotional intelligence. Two groups randomly picked and twenty in each. A communication skills training program was conducted for both groups. In 1-5 hours, 8 sessions and a post-test was done on both groups after training. Results proved a significant relationship between emotional intelligence and life satisfaction. Communication skill training significantly enhanced the emotional intelligence and life satisfaction.
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