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From Employee to Entrepreneur


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My talk at Founder Institute

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From Employee to Entrepreneur

  1. 1. From Employee to Entrepreneur Allan C. Tan, PMP, SCEA Founder, Ideyatech, Inc. Founder, BPSource, Inc.
  2. 2. Allan C. Tan Passionate Technopreneur Professional Career: Graduated Computer Science, 1997. Enjoys programming and learning AI on past time. Worked with various companies including: • SFIT (Japanese Startup) • AsiaOnline • CyberJ Resources (now 77 Global) • Accenture • Alvis - ListKey • EB2 International (now Sabre) SCEA, PMP, CSM Personal Profile: • 37, Married with 2 kids. • Enjoys watching movie. • Plays tennis and basketball.
  3. 3. My Blog circa 2007
  4. 4. Into Starting Up…  Freelance from 2005-2006.  Explored franchising business and provincial operation.  2007, started Ideyatech, Inc.  Focused in Java Programming.  Clients are former employers, bosses and freelance clients.  Shared office with SQME.  2009, Ideyatech moved to a full-pledged office.  Growth is organic, mostly referrals from clients and friends.  2011, explored BPO business; opened BPSource.  2013, sold the BPO business.  2014, Ideyatech, Inc. now employs 50+ rockstar programmers!
  5. 5. Why Entrepreneur?
  6. 6. Should I become Entrepreneur? Employee Entrepreneur Consistent income and benefits. Unknown future income. Work 8 hours a day, Mon-Fri Work 16+ hours a day, Mon-Sun Escalate issues to your boss. You are on your own. Make friends with your colleagues. It’s lonely at the top. Enjoy salary increase. Risk your life savings, go for broke.
  7. 7. You should become an Entrepreneur … Employee Entrepreneur Limited to assigned tasks/role. Limitless creativity. Maintain a work habit. Everyday challenges. Sustain a lifestyle. Change the world. Help other people. Follow instructions. Follow your passion. Fixed salary. Depends on your value proposition.
  8. 8. My Tips and Advise  Follow your passion.  Bootstrap your own business.  Leverage your network (employer, boss, friends).  Deliver VALUE based on your experience and skills.  Think Big, Start Small.  Enroll in Founder Institute. 
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