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Tots M Libraries Conference


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Tots M Libraries Conference

  1. 1. TOTS m-Libraries Conference Tuesday July 14, 2009
  2. 2. Lorcan Dempsey  Lorcan Dempsey’s concept of the ‘Amplified Conference’
  3. 3. The Amplified Conference  A conference or similar event in which the talks and discussions at the conference are 'amplified' through use of networked technologies in order to extend the reach of the conference deliberations
  4. 4. The Amplified Conference, Pt. 1 (1) Amplification of the audiences' voice  IRC, Twitter, instant messaging clients (2) Amplification of the speaker's talk  Video technologies (3) Amplification across time  Podcasting or videocasting (4) Amplification of the speaker's slides  Global repository (e.g. Slideshare)
  5. 5. Amplified Conference, Pt 2 (5) Amplification of feedback to the speaker  Micro-blogging technologies allow for providing real- time feedback to a speaker during a talk (6) Amplification of a conference's collective memory  Digital cameras and the mobile phones allow photographs being taken at conference (Flickr) (7) Amplification of the learning  Ability to be able to follow links to resources and discuss the points made by a speaker during a talk (8) Long term amplification of conference outputs  Authentic record of an event, providing a valuable historical record.
  6. 6. m-Libraries: Twitter  Hashtag - #mlib09  RT - An abbreviation for ReTweet, which is like Repeat. It’s like forwarding, but for Twitters instead of emails  @ Sign – sending someone a specific msg
  7. 7. Twakker Keeper – (
  8. 8. Social Networking  Flickr  Blog  Yahoo Videos!  Twitter
  9. 9. m-Libraries 2009 Website