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2020 AAS Landscape Design Challenge ideas


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"Make an Entrance" with your #AASWinners

Published in: Environment
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2020 AAS Landscape Design Challenge ideas

  1. 1. The AAS 2020 Landscape Design Challenge theme is:
  2. 2. Think Big! Plant Your Garden’s Front Entrance with AAS Winners
  3. 3. Highlight your AAS Display Garden sign in an Entrance Garden!
  4. 4. Highlight the entrance to a special garden event space!
  5. 5. Plant the AAS Winners creatively for a fun entry!
  6. 6. Arbors and Arches always make a welcoming entry!
  7. 7. Create a row of containers overflowing with AAS Winners as an entrance to a garden path!
  8. 8. Create a focal point in a special garden corner!
  9. 9. Create a front door idea garden for the home gardener!
  10. 10. We know your ideas will be even better than what we’ve presented.  Plan away and have fun with #AASWinners!