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Recruitment buildout part 1


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Recruitment buildout part 1

  1. 1. Recruiting Efficiently or EffectivelyThe keys to making a corporate recruiting department a value added service. Kathryn Ramirez
  2. 2. Effectiveness Efficiency Measures quality of hire  Measure of speed and cost ◦ Time to hire ◦ Get it right mentality ◦ Cost per hire Seasoned recruiters  Automation ◦ Sourcing to specific industries ◦ Good at efficiency ◦ Bad at effectiveness Automation  Analysis to industry bench marks ◦ Track reporting data focused on ◦ Comparing company to company quality of hire not quantity  Efficiency model ◦ Tracking hiring data without ◦ One size fits all prospective workflow interruption  Benefits of Recruiting Efficiency Benefits of recruiting effectively ◦ High volume fast churning positions ◦ Process driven with little relationship ◦ Personalized building ◦ One size does not fit all
  3. 3. Starts with identifying two buckets Effective Recruiters Efficient Recruiters Past hires/present trends  Administratively driven Administrative support  Full-cycle recruiting High level of skill and mastery of  Job boards for mass hiring their craft  Experienced in high-volume Recruits higher exempt level short turn around hiring positions  Recruits non-exempt positions Strong sourcing and closing skills  No sourcing or closing skills
  4. 4.  Breakdown previous years requisitions by ◦ Job code ◦ Hiring manager Specify the value ◦ Efficiency  High volume non-exempt hiring ◦ Effectiveness  Higher level exempt hiring Review the type of business process ◦ Efficiency ◦ Effectiveness ◦ Combination of both Assign recruiters ◦ Higher amount of effective recruiters ◦ Lower amount of efficiency recruiters Automation ◦ Systems need to be able to differentiate between the two different hiring processes and track accordingly
  5. 5.  Recruiter to requisition ratio ◦ Balance staffing according to past and future company needs Recruiting coordinators to effective recruiter ratio ◦ Proper support balance to ensure effective hiring and on-boarding processing Realistic view of resources needed to support both types of recruiters ◦ Job boards  Using what works  Dropping what isn’t working ◦ Free Services  State resources  Non-profit organizations  Vocational schools & colleges
  6. 6. Effective Recruiters Efficient Recruiters Low salary & higher commission  Base salary ◦ Agency pay in a corporate setting ◦ Higher salary Increase competitive spirit ◦ No commission ◦ Incentive not to use an agency  Performance & year end bonus ◦ Based on time to fill Retention ◦ Cost per hire ◦ Employee Longevity  Promotional opportunity ◦ Grow into effective recruiter role