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Different Kinds of Instruments Played in Traditional Irish Music

If you want to know about the different kinds of instruments that have been played in traditional Irish music, have a look at this slide share presentation.

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Different Kinds of Instruments Played in Traditional Irish Music

  1. 1. Different Kinds Of Instruments Played In Traditional Irish Music
  2. 2. Irish traditional music has been around for centuries. Have a look at the most popular traditional Irish musical instruments, which are played in Ireland.
  3. 3. Bodhran is the heartbeat of traditional Irish music. It is basically a huge drum that's covered up with stretched animal skin. It is struck with stick to give that pulsating beat.
  4. 4. have a very unique sound appreciated by the listeners. They are played by expanding or compressing the bellows while pressing the keys or buttons, causing valves, known as pallets, for opening, which allow the air to flow across steel or strips of brass that vibrate for producing sound inside body.
  5. 5. Uilleann Pipes have the capability of mesmerising listeners with a haunting tone since the fifth century. They are a popular instrument that takes years to master.
  6. 6. Celtic Harp has reached the iconic status. It appears on the national flag and Euro coins.
  7. 7. Irish Fiddle is one of the most important traditional musical instruments. It looks very similar to a violin but its sound and playing style is different from that of violin. It is quite expressive and a high-pitched instrument that may be heart-breaking as well as euphoric in equal measure.
  8. 8. Irish Bouzouki was brought to Ireland in 1960s. It has been adapted from a Greek instrument. So, it is basically a recent addition to the traditional music arsenal. It is played quite often and regularly at many traditional music sessions
  9. 9. The high, shrill notes of the Tin Whistle have long been a fixture of traditional Irish music. It is cheap to make and simple to play, and produces a wonderful music that is by turns lively or plaintive. They've been used in Irish music since at least the 18th century.
  10. 10. Irish musicians tend to prefer older style Wooden Flutes with six open finger holes, as they feel it gives a tone more appropriate to their style of music. The modern flute, with its pure, mellow tones, was the invention of a 19th century musician named Theobald Boehm, who made his flutes from silver instead of wood, enlarged the holes and equipped them with padded stops.
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