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TD-LTE Industry Briefing

  1. 1. TD-LTE Industry Briefing December 12, 2013| No. 19 Edited by GTI Secretariat December 12, 2013
  2. 2. Contents Top News China Officially Issued 4G TD-LTE Licenses 03 8th GTI Workshop Held in Thailand 04 Industry CoMP Trials Have Been Implemented in TD-LTE Network 05 GCF Test Progress in TD-LTE 06 Achievements in TD-LTE Test Solutions 07 International TDD/FDD VoLTE Calls Demonstrated between China and South Korea 08 News in Brief 09 Market TD-LTE Global Market Overview 10 GTI 2013 GTI Ad Hoc Seminar: Promoting the Maturity of 3.5GHz Industry Chain 11 2013 GTI Latin America Seminar Held in Brazil to Promote TD-LTE Commercialization in Latin America 12 Upcoming 2014 GTI Events in Barcelona 13 GTI Development Overview 14 Appendix Appendix 1 - Welcome to Join GTI (to operators) 02 15 Appendix 2 - Welcome to Join GTI Partner Forum (to non-operators) 16
  3. 3. Top News China Officially Issued 4G TD-LTE Licenses China Has Formally Entered 4G Era 4th Dec 2013, China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) officially issued 4G TD-LTE Licenses to China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. During the TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop held on 19th Nov, 2013, MIIT has announced TDD spectrum allocation, of which: • China Mobile obtained 130MHz (1880-1900MHz, 2320-2370MHz, 2575-2635MHz) • China Unicom obtained 40MHz (2300-2320MHz, 2555-2575MHz) • China Telecom obtained 40MHz (2370-2390MHz, 2635-2655MHz) Delegates from China and Thailand Governments, ITU, GTI, GSMA, XGP Forum, TDIA, global operators and partners attended this workshop. Besides the spectrum allocation, China MIIT also announced that 1.4GHz and 3.5GHz would be actively considered as further development of TDD spectrum in China. 04 03
  4. 4. Top News 8th GTI Workshop Held in Thailand Overview Date: 20th -21st Nov, 2013 Attendance: Over 120 Place: Bangkok, Thailand GTI operators, vendors and potential TDD operators got together in the 2-day session to discuss the issues faced by TD-LTE in terminal, network, spectrum, business and service areas, aiming to promote converged LTE TDD/FDD commercialization and to accelerate WiMAX operators’ fast migration to TD-LTE. Achievements Spectrum GTI •Promoted global unified spectrum allocation including 3.5GHz •Completed the technical requirements of Terminal GTI MMMB smart phone •Demonstrated GTI 5-mode 13-band global roaming smart phone prototype Achievements •Drafted GTI Liaison on Operator Network Specific Domain Names support in IPX to GSMA RILTE and PACKET •Restructured Network Group into 4 Task Forces Business Service 04 3.5GHz •Shared 3.5GHz products and solutions to further promote 3.5GHz industry •Confirmed voice global roaming trial plan •Established new task force, to explore broader commercial opportunities for TD-LTE
  5. 5. Industry CoMP Trials Have Been Implemented in TD-LTE Network DL CoMP Trial in TD-LTE Network Background CMCC and ZTE have successfully implemented downlink (DL) CoMP trial in TD-LTE network in Guangzhou, China: • Industry’s first DL CoMP-JT/CS trial in TD-LTE network • Inter-site Cloud Coordination • PTN-based transmission • Based on TDD channel reciprocity • Apply CoMP JT at Rel. 8 and 9 in advance of LTE FDD Main Results With inter-site DL CoMP: • Probability of throughput less than 2M drops from 8% to 1%, and less than 4M drops from 20% to 8% • The throughput of the 5% users with the poorest experience is improved by 300%, and that of the 10% users with the poorest experience is improved by 100% The test results verified that the DL CoMP could decrease inter-site interference and improve user experience effectively. UL CoMP Trial in TD-LTE Network CMCC and Ericsson have made extensive trials to evaluate uplink (UL) CoMP performance for TD-LTE. • Successful demonstrations have been made in a larger scale field trials network using multi-cell and multi-user scheduling for UL CoMP • The results indicate that significant gains in cell edge performance, in the range of 50%-100%, in a loaded Marco cell network • This shows that UL CoMP can also be an efficient way of interference mitigation in addition to performance enhancement through multi-point reception • UL CoMP has also been demonstrated and evaluated for heterogeneous network configurations • In such environments similar and in certain interference configurations even higher benefits can be observed compared to the Marco cell environment 06 • UL CoMP can be widely applied in various environments to improve cell-edge performance. It also demonstrates Ericsson’s product capability 05
  6. 6. Industry GCF Test Progress in TD-LTE More than 20 TD-LTE Work Items activated till now Validation of TD-LTE Test Progress is keeping pace with FDD in GCF WI-090-38 WI-090-39 WI-090-40 WI-090-41 WI-091-38 WI-091-39 WI-091-40 WI-091-41 WI-092-38 WI-092-39 WI-092-40 WI-092-41 WI-095-3839-40 WI-096 WI-097 WI-099 WI-139 WI-150-38 WI-150-39 WI-150-40 WI-151-0740 WI-151-2541 WI-156-3839-40 WI-173 WI-150-41 WI-162CA_38C WI-162CA_40C WI-162CA_41C WI-169 WI-174 • LTE R9 features, ZUC Algorithm are newly supported in Conformance Test Platforms • Support of Band 41, R9 inter-RAT and Carrier Aggregation needs more efforts In 2003, Conformance Test Platforms on R8 inter-RAT Work Items have reached TPAC, and LTE R8 EPS TDD - UMTS TDD Inter-RAT, EPS TDD GERAN Inter-RAT and EUTRAN TDD - UTRAN TDD - GERAN multi-RAT Conformance Testing Work Items are activated. 06 LTE R9 features, such as EPS Enhancements TDD single mode, dual mode (FDD/TDD) FDD Band 07 - TDD Band 40 and LTE Enhancements Inter-band Conformance Testing and so on, ZUC Algorithm are newly supported in Conformance Test Platforms. The relevant Work Items are activated. Support of Band 41, R9 inter-RAT and Carrier Aggregation is ongoing and needs more efforts. 07
  7. 7. Industry Achievements in TD-LTE Test Solutions Conformance Toolset Supports VoLTE and LTE-Advanced 2013 GTI Summit Anite’s Conformance Toolset for protocol and performance testing supports large number of GCF validated protocol conformance test cases for TD-LTE. This was confirmed at the CAG#36 meeting in October. The support for TD-LTE includes all of the immediate requirements such as TD-SCDMA and GSM inter-RAT, TD-LTE inter-band and LTE TDD/FDD inter-mode testing. Conformance Toolset also supports future requirements such as TD-LTE support for LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation and VoLTE. Anite’s China Mobile specific test case suite now supports over 1000 distinct tests, including Data Performance. These tests are run on SAS, Anite’s interoperability testing solution, which also supports future technology requirements such as VoLTE and LTE-Advanced. Simplified Envelope Tracking Test System Rohde&Schwarz, one of the leading test equipment manufacturers, provides a unique Test & Measurement solution to test Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers/DC modulators. This achievement strengthens the LTE ecosystem by paving the way for future innovative Power Amplifier concepts that further drive the adoption of the global radio technology TD-LTE and LTE FDD. Power Amplifiers (PAs) are traditionally operated with a constant supply voltage. PAs are most efficient, if they work near its maximum output power. Considering a varying RF signal (like in particular for TD-LTE and LTE FDD) a significant portion of the energy will be dissipated as heat in the PA. Envelope Tracking is a technique to improve efficiency of PAs by modulating the DC supply according to the envelope of the I/Qsignal. As a result the PA is working in the efficient regions most of the time which translates in improved device battery times and increased end user experience. Power amplifier (PA) RF RF Envelope R&S®SMW200A 08 DC modulator Voltage/current probe, e.g. R&S®RT-ZD10 Device under test (DUT) R&S®FSW Rohde & Schwarz provides a unique Test & Measurement solution to test Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers/DC modulators with Signal Generation of RF and envelope signal out of one box (R&S®SMW200A) and Signal Analysis of RF and envelope signal in one box (R&S®FSW). RF and related envelope signal are both generated in the R&S®SMW200A which enables a precise delay adjustment between both signals in pico second resolution without any synchronization procedure. Different shaping methods can be applied in real time to the envelope signal. A test time reduction can be achieved by the automatic envelope voltage adaptation for different RF power levels, which eliminates the need for time-consuming manual recalculation of the envelope signal. The Signal Analyzer R&S®FSW provides fast measurement speed for EVM and ACLR and high dynamic range. 07
  8. 8. Industry International TDD/FDD VoLTE Calls Demonstrated between China and South Korea VoLTE has been identified as China Mobile’s TD-LTE voice solution. Earlier in June this year, Li Yue, president and CEO of China Mobile announced VoLTE white paper aiming at accelerating the development of TDD VoLTE and comprehensively bridging the gap between TDD and FDD VoLTE. To promote the global mobile communications industry and accelerate the development of TDD VoLTE, China Mobile launched VoLTE trial in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Nanjing in August 2013. Successfully Demonstrated International HD Voice and Video Calls On 13th Nov 2013, cross-border 4G VoLTE HD audio and video call between China Mobile (TD-LTE) and SK Telecom (LTE FDD) was successfully dialed in Chengdu, China, which turned out a milestone to global 4G development. By introducing VoLTE HD coding mode, it realized end-to-end full IP voice technology. It also marked a huge breakthrough in China’s leading TD-LTE technology in voice solutions. Thus, China stepped into a new 4G era with High-Definition audio and video communication. First Demonstration of CSFB International Voice Roaming 08 On 4th Dec 2013, SCFA Strategic Cooperation Summit among China, Japan and South Korea was held in Seoul, South Korea. The first CSFB voice roaming call was dialed between China Mobile (TD-LTE) and KT (LTE FDD) with TD-LTE smart phone. During the call, user experienced clear and smooth call quality, which verified seamless and consecutive characteristics of 4G voice roaming. And the TD-LTE smart phone used in this demonstration could also provide 4G data roaming service under KT’s commercial LTE FDD network. This demonstration is a remarkable progress for SCFA LTE and Global Roaming Call Team, and effectively broadened TDD VoLTE industry alliance.
  9. 9. Industry News in Brief Global TD-LTE in Commercialization Sprint’s Large-scale U.S. Roll-out 30th Oct 2013, Sprint proved its leadership with a demonstration of 1.3Gbps downlink throughput in Burlingame, California. SaskTel Provided Commercial Service 23rd Sep 2013, Canada SaskTel officially provided commercial TD-LTE network service. SaskTel started launching of a new commercial fixed-wireless broadband service based on time TD-LTE technology under the ‘High Speed Fusion Internet’ banner in Dec. 2012, which ended in Aug. 2013. Sprint ‘Spark’ is now offering commercial services on TDD LTE Band 41 in some of the largest US markets. Until now, SaskTel deployed 12 TD-LTE base stations, and planed to reach 43 TD-LTE base stations by 2014. Global TD-LTE in Trial TTK Tested TD-LTE in 3.5GHz In 2013, TTK launched a pilot zone in the small Russian town of Rossosh to test TD-LTE in 3.5GHz. The test has been successful and the network is ready for commercial use. TTK builds and operates WiMAX networks throughout Russia with possibility to upgrade to LTE. The possibility of the further migration to this promising technology is considered in those regions where economically justified. 08 Taiwan is Underway TD-LTE Trial ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and Vee Telecom in Taiwan are underway TD-LTE trial, of which consists 2 phases: Phase 1, service demonstration including telepresence and mobile vehicle; Phase 2, terminal and WiMAX to TD-LTE migration test , to promote terminal maturation and lowering the costs. VOD in the Mobile Vehicle 09
  10. 10. Market TD-LTE Global Market Overview TD-LTE Became Global TDD Technology Evolution Direction 25 Commercial TD-LTE Networks Have Been Launched Additional 46 Commercial TD-LTE Networks Are Planned More Than 5 Million TD-LTE Subscribers Sweden Hi3G UK UKB Russia Megafon Russia Vainakh Telecom Russia MTS Poland Aero2 Spain Bahrain Japan Menatelecom COTA Saudi Arabia India Softbank Bharti Airtel Mobily China Saudi Arabia Oman China Mobile HK STC Omantel Nigeria Sri Lanka Indonesia Spectranet Uganda Dialog Axiata PT Internux MTN Australia South Africa Optus Telkom Mobile/8ta Canada Sasktel USA Sprint Brazil SKY TV Brazil On Australia NBN *As of November 2013 Source: GSA 274 TD-LTE Devices Released 43 TD-LTE Smart Phones Been Commercialized TD-LTE Device Type TD-LTE Device Type Quantity USB modems 65 Smart Phones 43 MiFi/CPE 10 Quantity 134 Mobile Tablets 8 *Source: GSA 09
  11. 11. GTI 2013 GTI Ad Hoc Seminar: Promoting the Maturity of 3.5GHz Industry Chain Attendees Organization: CATR of MIIT China Operators: SoftBank, China Mobile, UKB, Optus, Sprint, Wateen, Bollore Telecom, WiMAX Forum Vendors: Huawei, Ericsson, NSN, ALU, Datang, Hitachi, Aipspan, Qualcomm, Sequans, Altair 3.5GHz Demonstration GTI and SoftBank successfully held 3.5GHz Ad Hoc Seminar on 27th and 28th August, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. Over 120 representatives from 56 entities in 17 countries attended this seminar. Attending delegates including government officials, TD-LTE related operators and vendors. Entrepreneurs introduced their approaches toward TDD applications in 3.5GHz through lectures and technology demonstration. SoftBank Mobile builds the world's first 3.5GHz TDD LTE Advanced trial network in Ginza, the most densely populated area in Tokyo, and conducted a car demonstration to testify practical application of TD-LTE Advanced technology in the 3.4-3.6GHz band. The network showed the support for max Lab Peak: 1.2Gbps Field Peak: 770Mbps download speeds by making use of cutting-edge LTE-A technologies like Carrier Aggregation (CA), Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) and Cloud BB (Baseband). By 2015 in Japan, further spectrum from 3.4 to 3.6GHz is expected to be allocated for introducing commercial 4G networks. Globally speaking, more 3.5GHz spectrum is expected to be released to promote the development of mobile broadband services using high spectrum bands. 10 Lab avg. peak 1.2Gbps Outdoor avg. peak 770Mbps 11
  12. 12. GTI 2013 GTI Latin America Seminar Held in Brazil to Promote TD-LTE Commercialization in Latin America Overview Date: 21st Oct, 2013 Attendance: Over 100 Place: Rio, Brazil Taking the first step into Latin America, this seminar covered vital topics of TD-LTE industry, such as its latest progress, commercial deployment, 3.5GHz eco-system, and migration from WiMAX to TD-LTE. GTI members shared their industry-leading strategies for TD-LTE globalization, establishing and advocating cooperation between operators in Latin America and the whole industry. This seminar successfully introduced GTI to Latin America operators and vendors, promoted TD-LTE global deployment. Agenda Session Welcome Note Content Moderator Speech Opening Converged LTE TDD/FDD Development and Global TD-LTE Speech Deployment Accelerating Global TD-LTE Commercial Deployment and Application Speaker GTI GTI &China Mobile GTI & CMRI Using TD-LTE to Bridge the ‘Fixed’ Broadband Internet Gap On Telecom TD-LTE Development and Deployment in Brazil SKY TD-LTE(AXGP) Deployment and Progress of SoftBank Group in Keynote Japan Speech SoftBank Group 3.5GHz LTE-A trial Driving the TD-LTE Ecosystem in 3.5 & 3.6 GHz WiMAX to TDD-LTE Migration Strategy Azqtel TD-LTE Technology and Deployment 12 UK Broadband Huawei TD-LTE Spectrum, Commercialization and Beyond 4G NSN Heterogeneous Networks and TD-LTE Convergence Ericsson 11
  13. 13. GTI Upcoming 2014 GTI Events in Barcelona GTI Summit @ 2014 MWC The year of 2014, is destined to be the new epoch of 4G development with USA, Japan, China, India, Europe and other key markets all showing great prospects. The year of 2014 is also the 3rd Anniversary of GTI, which has now become an important industry cooperation platform. The 2014 LTE TDD/FDD International Summit (GTI Summit), hosted by Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), is aimed to promote the TD-LTE global large scale commercialization, the convergence of TDD and FDD, as well as the service development of 4G including VoLTE/RCS, roaming etc. This Summit will invite top leaders from government agencies, pioneer operators and international organizations to share the vision and global strategy of 4G development. Highlights Schedule Time: 09:15-11:30, 25th Feb, 2014 Place: Barcelona, Spain Invited Delegates: Government officials and national regulatory agencies, global operators, industry partners GTI 3rd Anniversary Ceremony TD-LTE Commercial Release in China Release of Multi-Mode Multi-Band LTE Terminal GTI Awards @ GTI Night 2014 GTI Night is a dedicated social event for GTI members, and will be hosted in the evening of 25th Feb, 2014. GTI Awards program aims to acknowledge achievements and success of industry players in TD-LTE ecosystem across a wide range of market segments. Innovation Award Market Development Award For application, please visit 13
  14. 14. GTI GTI Development Overview 85 Operators and 65 Partners Joined GTI by December 2013 65 Industry Partners 85 Operators 4 Europe 5 Test North America 22 South America 7 Asia 36 14 12 12 Organizations 2 Oceania 4 Terminal Chipset Antenna 32 System Africa GTI established 4 Working Groups, 1 Interest Group covering 11 Task Forces and 1 Core Team GTI Technical & Product Works Spectrum WG Network WG 3.5GHz IG Terminal WG Business & Service WG Restructure New New HetNet Converged LTE TDD/FDD Network Performance Voice VoLTE MMMB Solution IOT Inter& Mode Dual SIM Testing Mobility CEM Global Roaming Core Team Business Models and Funding for TDD Operators GTI Activities in 2014 Jan/Feb Summit (2) Workshop (5) 14 Feb 25 (MWC) Barcelona, Spain GTI Summit Feb 20-21 (MWC) Barcelona, Spain The 9th GTI Workshop Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov/Dec Jun (MAE) Shanghai, China GTI Asia Conference Jun (MAE) Shanghai, China The 10th GTI Workshop Aug/Sept Oct/Nov Taiwan Turkey GTI Seminar --The 11th GTI WiMAX migration Workshop to TD-LTE Jun Feb find Exhibition You can also 24-27detailed events introduction at GTI website: (MAE) (MWC) (3) Shanghai, China Barcelona, Spain Nov (ITU) Qatar TD-LTE Technology & Spectrum Workshop Nov (ITU) TBD
  15. 15. Appendix Appendix 1 –Welcome to Join GTI (to operators) More Information about GTI To find out more information about GTI, please visit or email us. How to Join GTI GTI Operators (with TDD Spectrum) 1. Fill out the application form (download from ), and return to GTI Secretariat: and/or; 2. Sign the Accession Form and return the signed copy to 5 initiators; 3. Once the participation process finishes, a GTI website account and associated password will be assigned to the new participant. GTI Observers (without TDD Spectrum) 1. Fill out the application form (download from ), and return to GTI Secretariat: and/or; 2. Sign the declaration form and return the hard copy to GTI Secretariat; 3. Once the participation process finishes, a GTI website account and associated password will be assigned to the new participant. 14 15
  16. 16. Appendix Appendix 2 –Welcome to Join GTI Partner Forum (to non-operators) More Information about GTI Partner Forum To find out more information about GTI and GTI Partner Forum, please visit or email us. How to Join GTI Partner Forum 1. Fill out the application form (download from ), and return to GTI Secretariat: and/or; GTI Secretariat and Working Group Chairmen will review; 2. Sign the Declaration Form and return the signed hard copy to GTI Secretariat; 3. Once the participation process finishes, a GTI website account and associated password will be assigned to the new participant. CONTACT GTI: If you have any questions, comments, suggestions regarding TD-LTE or general enquiries regarding GTI, please contact: or Miss Xiaofan Zhao (Becky) 16 15