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  1. 1. Business Research Solutions RNCOS
  2. 2. Company Profile Established in 2002 We are a full-service market research company providing a range of services and solutions to corporates and consulting companies around the world Some of our strengths are as follows: Insight: The multidisciplinary structure of our organization fosters a creative and multidimensional perspective which is the hallmark of our research market analysis. Accuracy: Data, estimates and forecasts are generated with attention to detail and subjected to debate among the team to test their validity. Value The informational resources available, make it possible to conduct substantive research and develop sophisticated analysis cost-effectively. On-Time Delivery : Our team dedicate their energy to a successful and timely completion.
  3. 3. Market Application Areas Healthcare Industry Life sciences Pharma Telecom & IT Science & Technology Computer & Electronics
  4. 4. What We Offer Industry Research Reports Customized Research Solutions Company Level Research and Analysis
  5. 5. Industry Analysis Business research solutions using paid databases and public domain. Rational analysis of the overall industry trends, developments and future outlook Insight on the movement of the industry in terms of:  Emerging opportunities  Competitive landscape  Innovation Search  Market assessment
  6. 6. Customized Research Solutions We combine a client-focused approach with robust project management to offer a unique experience to clients Research and analysis of industries/markets across geographies catering to client’s requirements Data is collected through telephonic, face to face interviews, and desk based research and analyzed using various statistical tools and forecasting models, such as Judgmental and Time Series Methods, Causal/Econometric Forecasting, etc.
  7. 7. Company AnalysisCompany-specific reports cover company’s operations, financial analysis, market positionand its strength vis-à-vis competitors.Some of our recent company analysis projects include: Allergan, Inc.McKesson Corp.Sears Holdings CorporationRoche Holding LtdTrend Micro Inc.
  8. 8. Some of Our Recent Reports US Healthcare IT Market Analysis The report provides market forecast on various components of healthcare IT market and analysis of market drivers. Indian Tyre Industry Analysis The report provides detailed information and comparable statistics of the industry along with its future outlook.
  9. 9.  Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2013 The report analyzes the future market potential of higher education in Saudi Arabia. Global Photovoltaic Market Forecast to 2014 The report focuses on the growing marketplace for PV industry at the global as well as the country level.
  10. 10. Market Channels Dedicated Sales Team using Strong Network of 45 Sales PromotionInternational Partner ( Resellers) Technique(Press Release, SEO, Prequalified Database)
  11. 11. Work Process
  12. 12. Our Speciality In-depth Industry research/Market Domain Knowledge High Quality Research and Analysis Customized Online Industry Research Solutions Assured Customer Satisfaction Competitive Pricing
  13. 13. Our People - Our Strength Research Analyst: Our team of analysts specialize in different industry domains and draws on its collective industry experience to deliver analysis, comments, opinions, and advice on the latest market trends and conditions. Research Analysts are allocated to their respective clients on the basis of their interest and relevant experience Quality Assurance: Our Quality assurance team adheres to strict quality check guidelines and is responsible for the cross verification of the data and sources, data consistency, flow of information, etc. Content writers: Our team of content writers proofread and edit reports and ensures delivery of professionally apt language suitable for international audience Sales and Marketing: We have a dedicated Pre and Post Sales and Marketing team responsible for the overall positioning and branding of the company in the industry Operations: HR and Accounts department helps in the smooth functioning of day to day activities of the organization
  14. 14. Our Clients Client Title of the Report Prophet Saudi Arabian Healthcare Market Forecast to 2012 Sephora Indian Cosmetic Sector Analysis (2009- 2012) Morganstanley U.S. Convenience Stores Market Outlook to 2013 Google Global Credit Card Industry - Emerging Markets Exatec Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast to 2013
  15. 15. Our Clients Paxvax Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012 Roland Berger Strategy Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2013 Consultants Holding DTZ Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2013 Blackcard Group, Inc China Credit Card Market Outlook to 2013 Renesas Smart Card Market Forecast to 2012
  16. 16. Contact UsRNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd. Marketing Team Ph.: +91 120 4224700 Fax: +91 (120) 4224707 Email: info@rncos.com Website: www.rncos.com
  17. 17. Thank You !