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Al Kafaah - Reverse Osmosis, RO Plants Company - Dubai, UAE


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Seawater & Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis RO Systems, Desalination, Water Maker, Compact RO, Residential RO and Municipal RO Systems in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah - UAE.

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Al Kafaah - Reverse Osmosis, RO Plants Company - Dubai, UAE

  1. 1.                      CMW-7 Series      
  2. 2. Packaged Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems      AKRO WATER seawater & brackish water Containerized Reverse Osmosis (CRO) Plants are considered to be one of the finest technologies for water treatment throughout the Middle East, supplying clean and treated water to the most remote locations in an efficient and cost effective manner. Containerized Reverse Osmosis (CRO) Plants have the capability to desalinate water from virtually any water source (sea, lake, well, river etc.) and provide a sustainable source of clean and treated water for drinking, potable or even high purity applications. The prime target of any CRO plant designed by AKRO WATER is sustainability and reliability, which is crucial for sites with generally no electrical utility or infrastructure. Such plants are served with additional features, such as built-in power generators and energy recovery devices. Each plant is housed in specially built weather-proofed steel containers, installed with air conditioners and heat protection fixtures. AKRO WATER RO units are custom built, which ensures that every technical requirement of the client is accommodates within a single unit. AKRO WATER containerized units are housed in specially built ISO containers, in 40 ft and 20 ft and semi trailer sizes. Systems are fully ‘plug & play’ type which ensures immediate operation Containerized RO Systems
  3. 3. Packaged Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems      Equipment Specification - Low pressure pipe-work in uPVC Sch. 80 - Low feed water pressure/level switch - pH & conductivity analyzer with high & low alarm (optional) - Zero recovery flush piping and valves (brackish water) - Product water UV disinfection, chlorination and pH adjustment - Automatic control panel (NEMA-12) with control switch, LED indicator, circuit breaker etc. - Clean-in-Place (CIP) RO membrane cleaning skid (optional) - Standard power supply is 380-440 V, 3 phases, 50 or 60 Hz. - Operation and maintenance manual (in English) - Feed water intake booster pump - Multi media pre filter (sand, activated carbon, gravel etc) - Pre-chlorination systems - De-chlorination systems (seawater) - Acid dosing systems with manual dosage control - Cartridge pre filter with pressure gauge at inlet and outlet - Stainless steel (duplex for seawater) or aluminum bronze high pressure pump material - Reverse Osmosis membranes in GRP housing - High pressure pipe-work in stainless steel (duplex for seawater and 316 L for brackish water) Each containerized RO desalination plant (40 ft & 20 ft) is fully air-conditioned, with heat proofing, sound proofing, lighting, corrosion resistant container with rust proofed paintjob to house the following equipment AKRO WATER USA Mobile RO Plant
  4. 4. Packaged Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems      Standard Containerized RO Features Standard and custom-built containerized systems offered by AKRO WATER are designed and built to operate automatically. Plants can be configured as a single pass or double-pass, depending on the feed water parameters. Since the RO unit combines pretreatment and RO in a single trailer, installation costs and response times are reduced significantly. This means lower produced water costs and minimum downtime for AKRO WATER customers. These mobile systems contain instrumentation and equipment for fully automatic and monitored operation. Chemical feed skids and failsafe shut-down controls are also included to ensure efficient and reliable operation. Plant Containers Each plant is housed in specially built weather-proofed steel containers, installed with air conditioners and heat protection fixtures. Containerized RO Plants are housed in both 40’ (12 m) and 20’ (6 m) containers. Tailored trailers are designed and built for special applications in different dimensions, and may be mounted on a wheel base for immediate transfer during an emergency.
  5. 5. Packaged Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems      High Performance and Minimal Maintenance AKRO WATER extensive experience in the water treatment industry of the Middle East assures clients of trouble-free operation and plant longevity. All components used in plants are built with materials that have been tested thoroughly for their reliability in harsh and corrosive environments. Proper material selection provides higher performance and least maintenance costs. Additional Features A wide range of additional features may be incorporates into Containerized RO seawater and brackish water plants, including skid mounted power generators, energy recovery device, laboratory, flexible and containerized water storage tanks, special intake systems, polyelectrolyte dosing systems, additional heat and chill proofing, special paint job etc. Industries Served - Power - Chemical Processing - Construction - Oil & Gas - Petrochemical - Housing Camps / Facilities - Food & Beverage - Commercial & Institutional - Agricultural / Gardening - Municipal Transportable Trailer Mobile RO Units can also be installed in smaller sized trailers to enable instant onsite water production. These units are ideally suited for immediate short or long term water production, especially for aid/relief missions, military camps, onshore & offshore expedition/exploration etc.