Reserch paper kaab school


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Reserch paper kaab school

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Reserch paper kaab school

  1. 1. Assuring Quality in Kaab (school)<br />Match ministry standers<br />Abdullah Alkaabi<br />SQU<br />(Overview):<br />This research is about quality assuring in Kaab School where I internship in my practical day. My research l is to ensure that school; teachers and students did the good job and achieve the ministry goals by measure the quality in teaching.<br />This school is in second circle that’s mean from grade 5to grade 10. This institution introduces teaching for the learner in age of 10 to 16. My plane is to assess this school in three dimensions which is personal (teachers and students), environment (school and classes) and curriculum which is books. The main goal of the research is to ensure quality of learning process in Kaab School.<br />The first objectives that will focus in this research are to develop method of teaching use by teachers. The second objective is to improve the curriculum in this school by assessing the whole content to ensuring that match the ministry goals. The third objective of this research is to provide appropriate environment for teaching and learning by ensuring the quality of material and stuffs around the environment in Kaab School.<br />Personnel: <br />School as institution contain personnel (teachers), teachers as instructors they teach students knowledge and skills. I will assess these teachers in method of teaching, using technology in teaching, attendance all the classes and their information about the subject that are teaching. Also dose those teachers implement the instructions that ministry of education gave them in teacher guide or not.<br />In this target I will use questioner to assess teachers teaching like that:<br />ItemAgreedisagree not applicable1. Teacher use multi method of teaching2. Teacher used internet in teaching3. Teacher used PowerPoint slide in teaching4. Teacher attends all the classes and investigates the time.5. Teacher used additional recourses in teaching.6. Teachers give students time for their out curriculum questions.<br />(This questioner will fill up by school headmaster, supervisor from ministry, students and teacher themselves.) <br />Curriculum: <br />School as institution contain curriculum which is books and teacher guide books. The goal of this evaluation of curriculum is to ensure this curriculum provide the appropriate information for students by implements many conditions like updates, novelty and social ethics. In my plan I will assess this Curriculum: dose it achieve the goals of ministry, dose it compatible with real situation in school, dose the school have the recourse that book required.<br />In this target I will use checklist to assure the main points in our curriculum like that:<br />ItemYesNoThe book have enough pictures in subjectDose the version of software is the same version in PC labThe book updated with new issues. The book provides additional activities for students in most lessons.The content are appropriate for students ageThe book provides examples from local environments.<br />(This checklist will fill up by school headmaster, supervisor from ministry, students and teacher themselves.) <br />Environment: <br />My environment is an Omani school in Muscat region, its culture as Omani school students respect the teacher and study hard and have motivation to learn. Not all parents are educated but most of them encourage their kids to study hard unfortunately, school lack a lot of technologies of teaching like many PCs are not working, LCD not clear, LRTC not work as ministry plan. All this factors are affect students achieving and grade. But by the end the school has internet connection and OHP work probably<br />In this target I will use checklist to assure that environment will achieve the ministry and plan goals.<br />ItemYesNoLRTC contain additional recourses for subjects.Computer labs are workingSchool has suitable temperature in classes. Students have motivation to learnSchool have internet connectionSchool have enough class spaces<br />(This checklist will fill up by school headmaster, supervisor from ministry, students and teacher themselves.) <br />Conclusion:<br />I will conclude my research said kaab school is developing school, I predict it will be one of the best Omani schools in future. Because it has administration, teachers and students have willing to improve their abilities in different skills and knowledge. My research have strength points like I will gave kaab school the weakness and all of administration and teachers will develop their mistakes upon my points. Also there are some weakness in my research like I discover many bad points in curriculum but kaab school cannot change the curriculum because the curriculum editing only by ministry of education. <br />My recommendation for future is all schools in sultanate of Oman should have planned for ensures quality of teaching and committee in each school to monitor the education process. If we do that we will find all the goals of ministry and goals of country are achieved to graduate generation that educated and have good culture toward the education and science.<br />Recourses:<br />1. Bureau) date of access 1042011<br />2. (education portal .com) date of access 1042011<br />3. (khalig times) date of access 1242011<br />4. (Plan for an Omani Higher Education Quality Management System (“The Quality Plan”) date of access 1542011<br />5. (Guidance for Quality <br />Assurance Project Plans) date of access 1642011<br />6. (basic high school) date of access 1742011<br />QA diagram3.1...Analyze data2.2.1. To improve content and meet ministry standards2.1. To improve teacher teaching performance2. Collect data3.1.2. Recommendation3.1.1. Presented by QA diagram and presentation2.2.2. Using checklist2.2.3. Using checklist2.1.1. Using Survey and questioner 2.2.2..To improve school and classes and meet ministry standards1.3 Environment 1.1. Personnel1.2 Content1- Objectives of Proposal<br />