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Reflection on wiki


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Reflection on wiki

  1. 1. Reflection on research paper:Research paper was a good assignment, I felt very happy to did itbecause I learn a lot of new things like how to prepare theresearch paper that will help me in my future while I haveambition to continue my high study. I got challenge when I did theresearch paper like follow the APA formatting and how toorganize the recourses. Also the time was challenge because Iparticipate last week in COMEX exhibition, but finally I did it.Reflection on flickr presentation:Flickr assignment was a very nice because I learn a lot forexample: how create pictures using inspiration and how link themto be one group. Also using flickr website is a chance to uploadour pictures to make online library of images.My challenges was creating account in yahoo because I did nothave one before but after that everything is OK.Reflection on 36-41 assignment:This assignment was about Use brainstorming session to recordidea. I was very happy to did this type of assignments because Igot good grade, retrieve old information studied in method ofteaching courses to feel all the courses linked each other. It wasno challenges happened and everything going will.