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Supervisor's final evaluation


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Supervisor's final evaluation

  1. 1. Supervisor’sFinal EvaluationofIntern: LAW 260 or 460 Legal Studies/Paralegal Internship Directions:This evaluationistobe filledoutbythe fieldsupervisor (Attorneyand/orSupervising Paralegal) of the studentintern.It allowsthe supervisortoevaluate the intern’sperformance and communicate thisevaluationtothe student’sprofessor andAcademicProgramManager.Thisevaluation will contribute towardthe student’sfinalgrade.Thisevaluationshouldnottake more than 10 minutesof your time andisa requirementof the course.Yourresponse tothisperformance evaluationisverymuch appreciated.Please answereachitemusingthe scale provided.There isspace atthe endof thisformfor general comments.Youractual scoresand commentswill notbe shareddirectlywiththe student althoughwe doencourage you to share yourfeedbackwiththe student. Intern name: Date of evaluation: AljaPoklar 7.11.2014 Supervisorname: Name ofinternshipsite: doc. dr. Aleksij Mužina Attorneytrainee Scoring Key: 5 – Far above expectations.A definite strength.Performswell beyondthe average intern. 4 – Above expectations.Performsabove the average intern. 3 – Acceptable.Meetsstandardsof the average intern. 2 – Belowexpectations.Needssome improvementtomeetstandards. 1 – Far belowexpectations.Needsmuchimprovement.A concern. NA – Notapplicable ornotenoughinformationtoforma judgment. Domains for Review
  2. 2. Score Item Basic Work Requirements 5 Attendance:Showsupforscheduledhoursreliably 5 Informssupervisorandmakesarrangementsforabsences 5 Appearance:Is responsivetonormsconcerningclothingandappearance 5 Punctuality:Arrivesontime consistently 5 Uses time effectively 5 Appearsenthusiasticaboutwork,role 5 Initiative:Will activelyseekoutadditional workwithoutbeingasked 5 Dependability:Reliablycompletesassignedtasksontime 5 Qualityof work 5 Completesrequirednumberof hoursordays onsite Ethical Awarenessand Conduct 5 Demonstratesawarenessof ethical issues.Showsgoodprofessional judgment. 5 Personal behaviorisconsistentwithethical guidelines 5 Consultswithothersaboutethical issues,if necessary Knowledge and Learning 5 Demonstratesknowledge of substantive legal issues 5 Demonstratesknowledge of procedural issues 5 Demonstrates adequate knowledge law office/practice setting 5 Receptive tolearningwhennew informationisoffered 5 Activelyseeksnewinformationfromstaff orsupervisor 5 Abilitytolearnandunderstandnew information
  3. 3. 5 Abilitytoapplynewinformationtothe internshipsetting Interactionswith Clients 5 Appearscomfortable interactingwithclients 5 Initiatesinteractionswithclients 5 Communicateseffectivelywithclients 5 Buildsrapportand respectwith clients 5 Is sensitiveandresponsive toclients’needs 5 Is sensitivetocultural differences Interactionswith Co-Workers 5 Appearscomfortable interactingwithotherstaff members 5 Initiatesinteractionswithstaff 5 Communicateseffectively withstaff 5 Effectivelyconveysinformationandexpressesownopinions 5 Effectivelyreceivesinformationandopinionsfromothers 5 Is sensitivetocultural differenceswheninteractingwithotherstaff Work Products 5 Reliablyandaccuratelykeeps records 5 Writtenreports,notesare completedinatimelyfashion 5 Writtenreportsare of adequate quality 5 Verbal presentationsare presentedinaprofessional manner Response to Supervision 5 Activelyseekssupervisionwhennecessary 5 Receptive tofeedbackandsuggestionsfromsupervisor
  4. 4. 5 Aware of areas inneedof improvement 5 Willingnesstoexplore strengthsandweaknesses ProgressTowards EstablishedLearning Goals Score Goal Do not report. Thiswill be part of the AcademicClassroomportionof the Course. Overall,what would you identifyas thisintern’sstrengths as they relate to her/hisrole? Alja Poklar participated in regular activities of Law firm Mužina, Žvipelj and partners L.t.d. Within this framework she attended several meetings, legal representations of our clients before courts, state bodies and other institutions, wrote and archived various official documents and assisted our daily working process. She is a highly motivated team worker with a strong sense of responsibility and excellent oral and written communication skills. She proved being a reliable and diligent person with an excellent character and good relationships with colleagues as well as others. She is an extremely fast learner. Her strongest qualifications are based on a combination of her education, experiences, skills, and friendly personal nature. We truly value her professionalism are sure she will continue to succeed. Overall,what would you identifyas thisintern’sareas for improvement?
  5. 5. / Supervisorsignature: (if thisisa hard copy) Date: