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One last look at RSNA 2012. A photo log from the conference. Provided by Health Imaging -

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  • The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting, which took place Nov. 25-30 in Chicago, is one of the premier forums for learning from other professionals in the field of medical imaging.
  • RSNA 2012 - Photolog

    1. 1. One last look atRSNA 2012
    2. 2. The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting, whichtook place Nov. 25-30 in Chicago, is one of the premier forums forlearning from other professionals in the field of medical imaging.
    3. 3. Final registration numbersfor RSNA 2012 showed atotal of nearly 53,000 peopleattended the event, including26,000 radiologyprofessionals.Attendance dropped 9%from 2011.
    4. 4. This year’s theme was“Patients First”, andunderscored the importanceof patient-centered care.“It’s easy to forget that thebody parts we are studyingare attached to a humanwho may be demoralized byloss of control in anassembly line radiologydepartment," RSNApresident George S. Bisset,III, MD, said in an interviewwith Health Imaging.
    5. 5. More than 600 technical exhibits were on display at the meeting. The exhibitsoccupied 445,800 square feet of space across three showroom floors. It wasn’t justscanners and PACS, either. Health Imaging guest blogger Jonathan Flug, MD,found a developer who built a mobile game hoping to capture the fun of apps likeAngry Birds or old Nintendo games and turn it into an educational tool forradiologists.
    6. 6. One of the more unique sessions at RSNA was a mock jury trial that allowedattendees to see how a hypothetical malpractice case involving radiation exposureand cancer might play out in court. “The message to radiologists is that they havemoral and possibly a legal duty to pick up the phone and discuss options with thereferring physician if they are aware of ionizing radiation exam that is ofquestionable indication, particularly in young person or is a repeat exam,” saidLeonard Berlin, MD, of NorthShore University Health System in Chicago.
    7. 7. More than 3,100 scientific presentations and posters were presented at themeeting, covering 16 subspecialties including breast imaging, cardiac, informatics,nuclear medicine, pediatrics, interventional and more. A number of the courses wereavailable to stream online through RSNA’s Virtual Meeting page. Health Imagingguest blogger Allison Tillack, PhD, wrote about two poster exhibits she feltparticularly embodied the theme of “Patients First.”
    8. 8. As the meeting closed, attendees turned their attention back to their homepractices. “I’m going to bring back to my practice the issues of screening breastultrasound, the pros and cons,” said Martha Mainiero, MD, a radiologist at RhodeIsland Hospital in Providence. “It seems there’s a trend for more and more practicesto be adopting screening breast ultrasound.”
    9. 9. Chicago will once again host the RSNA annual meeting in 2013. The theme of nextyear’s meeting will be “The Power of Partnership” and will take place back atMcCormick Place Convention Center on December 1-6. Paul Chang, MD, provideda preview and detailed how imaging informatics might resurrect the doctor’s doctorin his keynote lecture.