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Press Release - Alizem - AMPP - December 12th 2012


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Published in: Technology
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Press Release - Alizem - AMPP - December 12th 2012

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE For immediate release Alizem new COTS Motor Control Software IP for Servo-Drives applications receives Altera AMPP certificationQuebec City (CANADA), December 12th 2012. Alizem is pleased to announce that its newly released COTS MotorControl Software IP for Servo-Drives applications has received the Altera Megafunction Partner Program (AMPP)certification from Altera Corporation, the highest existing IP quality standard for Altera FPGAs.“This is another important milestone for Alizem to receive AMPP certification from Altera.” said Dr. Marc Perron,President at Alizem. “It is a well-known fact that IP quality is a critical factor when a system designer is in the process ofselecting an IP provider for its application. Furthermore, the existence of qualified IP on the market is also an importantfactor when a team decides to outsource this type of expertise or not. We are very proud at Alizem in having our world-class expertise in power electronics and FPGA-based embedded software design recognized by Altera, a very respectedcompany that has recently been listed among World’s Top 100 Most Innovative companies by Forbes”.“The addition of Alizem to our AMPP program creates new IP offerings to Altera’s customers in the field of powerelectronics applications such as motor control and energy conversion,” said Sheri Andrew, senior manager IP marketingfor Altera. “Our AMPP program offers customers advanced and pre-qualified solutions that extend the range ofapplications for our leading-edge components. With the new addition of Alizem to our AMPP program, customersdeveloping motor control systems can increase their design team productivity while they focus the majority of theirdesign resources on product differentiation.”The motor control software IP that Alizem has developed is optimized for Altera FPGAs and development tools. Thissolution requires no HDL coding or deep motor control development expertise, and complementsAltera’s recently launched Motor Control Development Framework, helping to boost designer productivity and furtherreduce their time to market.About Alizem inc. - Alizem is a vendor-independent embedded software company specialized in power electronicsapplications such as motor control and solar power conversion. Alizem’s off-the-shelf software solutions are designed tobe quickly and easily integrated by non-power electronics experts and meant to provide significant cost, risk and time-to-market reduction in the development of custom power electronics systems. Alizem is a proud member of the AlteraDesign Service Network (DSN) since 2008. ###Source: Alizem Inc. +1 418 614 4643 -