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Social Media for Nonprofit Volunteer Recruitment


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This presentation focuses on Facebook as a communications tool for volunteer outreach for nonprofit organizations. It was originally given to members of the Anchorage Association of Volunteer Administration. Look for the companion presentation about optimizing Facebook for more effective communication and marketing.

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Social Media for Nonprofit Volunteer Recruitment

  1. 1. Effective use of Social MediaFor Volunteer Program Support Focus:  #GiveBack13 @alizasherman Aliza Sherman ! !
  2. 2. Give Back 2013 Project #GiveBack13  Aliza Sherman @alizasherman ! !! #GiveBack13!
  3. 3. Look for bonus info at the end of this presentation.  Aliza Sherman @alizasherman ! !! #GiveBack13!
  4. 4. How does social media work?Aliza Sherman @alizasherman ! !! #GiveBack13!
  5. 5. InterconnectedAliza Sherman @alizasherman ! !! #GiveBack13!
  6. 6. How can you use social media to support your volunteer program?Aliza Sherman @alizasherman ! !! #GiveBack13!
  7. 7. Communicate  
  8. 8. Connect  
  9. 9. Build Community  
  10. 10. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman ! !! #GiveBack13!
  11. 11. It’s Social AND Mobile  
  12. 12. It’s Human and Emotional  
  13. 13. Social media isn’t abouttechnology. It’s aboutpeople. - @alizasherman
  14. 14. 2012 Social Network Benchmark Report   Nonprofits are using social networks to… 1. Expand their base. 2. Engage members. 3. Grow fundraising.Aliza Sherman @alizasherman ! !! #GiveBack13!
  15. 15. So you want volunteers?  
  16. 16. Use Visuals  
  17. 17. Eye-catchingimages  
  18. 18. Humanfaces  
  19. 19. In themoment  
  20. 20. Behind thescenes  
  21. 21. Video  
  22. 22. Calls to Action  
  23. 23. Clear.  Succinct.   Easy.  Repeated.  
  24. 24. ThankVolunteers  
  25. 25. RecognizeVolunteers  
  26. 26. Ask forVolunteers  
  27. 27. Ask forVolunteers  
  28. 28. Show volunteers  
  29. 29. Why images areso important…  
  30. 30. Why being clearis so important…  
  31. 31. Tell us more…  
  32. 32. But what does it mean?  
  33. 33. We know what this means…  
  34. 34. We know what this means…  
  35. 35. We know what this means…  
  36. 36. Who are you trying toreach and what are youtrying to get them to do?  
  37. 37. 1. Start with your goals
  38. 38. Achievable goalso  Build your brando  Increase awarenesso  Inform, educate, inspireo  Attract attentiono  Amplify messageso  Stimulate actions
  39. 39. 2. Find your tribe
  40. 40. The right peopleo  People you knowo  People they knowo  Interested in the issueso  The right ageo  The right placeo  The right time
  41. 41. 3. Map out your process
  42. 42. Things to considero  Who is responsible?o  What tools should you use?o  How often can you engage?o  What should you automate?o  What will you say /show?o  How will you measure?
  43. 43. How will you measure and determine success?  
  44. 44. Your Social Media Toolkito  Position = Messaging Mapo  Plan = Social Media Calendar o  Listen = Monitoringo  Engage = Social Networkso  Assess = Measurement
  45. 45. Pick the tools that workwell for you and that getyou closer to the people youwant to reach and serve."-- @alizasherman
  46. 46. Win  
  47. 47. Aliza Shermano  o  @alizasherman  o  
  48. 48. Bonus!  
  49. 49. Social Media Posting At  Least   At  Least   At  Least   At  Least   Several  Times   1x  Daily   Weekly   Monthly   a  Day   Facebook! Blog! YouTube! Twitter! Pinterest! Instagram! Flickr! Post  more  on  your   main  channels.   Google+   Example:    If  Tumblr   is  your  main   channel,  increase   Tumblr! posBng  frequency.   LinkedIn  Check  your  dashboard  several  Bmes  a  day.  
  50. 50. Social Media ActivitiesMin.  Bme  spent  daily  =  1-­‐2  hours   Engaging   Sharing   Listening   Growing   PosBng   Blog! Facebook! Twitter! YouTube! Pinterest! Tumblr! Flickr! Instagram! Google+   30  min+   30  min   30  min   15  min+   15  min     High  Priority  Daily  AcBviBes  
  51. 51. Social Media IntegrationThis  Channel   Can  also  autopost  or  stream  to  a  widget  or  app…   Blog! Facebook! Twitter! Tumblr! Google+   Check  out  IFTTT  to   connect  two  different  Facebook! Twitter! Blog! channels  for  autopost.  Twitter! Blog! Facebook! Example:  Post  Instagram   photos  to  your  Facebook   Page  or  tweet  Delicious   Pinterest! Facebook! Twitter! bookmarks.   In  some  cases,  you  have  to  use  a  3rd  party  app  or  Google+   plug-­‐in  to  connecBon  two  channels.  
  52. 52. Social Media IntegrationThis  Channel   Can  also  autopost  or  stream  to  a  widget  or  app…  YouTube! Facebook! Twitter! Orkut  Tumblr! Facebook! Twitter! Blog! Tumblr! Flickr! Blog! Foursquare!Instagram! Facebook! Twitter! Flickr! Facebook! Twitter! Tumblr! In  some  cases,  you  have  to  use  a  3rd  party  app  or   plug-­‐in  to  connecBon  two  channels.