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Social Media for Economic Development


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Part of a presentation for the University of Alaska Anchorage's Basic Economic Development course on social media marketing for communities and EDCs.

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Social Media for Economic Development

  1. Social Media MeetsEconomic Development @alizasherman
  2. 1. Determine your goals² Build a brand² Increase awareness² Attract attention² Amplify messages² Stakeholder relations² Outreach and acquisition
  3. 2. Identify your audienceWho are you tryingto reach?
  4. What are youtrying to getthem to do?
  5. 3. Map out your process
  6. Mapping out your process² What tools do you use?² Who is responsible?² How often do you engage?² What should you automate?² Why should people care?
  7. What is success to you?
  8. 4. Pick Your Tools Foursquare" Instagram" Facebook" Tumblr" Website Flickr" Twitter" Blog"Pinterest" YouTube" Google+ LinkedIn
  9. Facebook = Exponential reach Engagement Response Images
  10. Twitter = Broad reach
  11. LinkedIn = Biz reach Cover image Conversations
  12. YouTube = Multimedia reach
  13. Website = Gateway
  14. Website = Shareables
  15. Social Mobile networks Foursquare" Instagram" Trover Facebook" GLMPS Tumblr" Website Flickr" Twitter" Over Blog"Pinterest" YouTube" Google+ Overgram Foodspotting"
  16. Pictures: Instagram
  17. Places: Foursquare
  18. Things: Pinterest
  19. 5. Plan your messaging Ma p a gi ngM e ss
  20. Messaging Map (position) ² Who ² What ² Where ² Messages ² Post Types
  21. Social Media Calendar (plan) ² Events ² Promotions ² Seasonal ² Topical ² Actions
  22. Timing & Frequency (schedule) ² Optimal times ² Staying visible ² Repeat messaging ² Live interactions ² Experiment
  23. 6. Tell your story² Provide value.² Produce shareables.² Start conversations.² Join conversations.² Initiate campaigns.
  24. #NoCincy BananaSp lit nas forCLT#bana CEO: “Tw o GR8 reg ions w lo ts of pos itive peop le”
  25. #ilovejax
  26. M o n i t o r
  27. M a n a g e
  28. A m p l i f y Social Ads, Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets Targeted Self-Service Ads Inline Ads, Promoted Videos
  29. A s s e s s
  30. 1.  Determine your goals.2.  Identify your audience.3.  Map out your process.4.  Pick your tools.5.  Plan your messaging.6.  Tell your story.
  31. Measure & Optimize
  32. Aliza Sherman • •  @alizasherman •