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PowerTools for Women in Business


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A presentation based on my book "PowerTools for Women in Business" - the 10 PowerTools are a compilation of advice on how to succeed in work and life. Universal messages.

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PowerTools for Women in Business

  1. PowerTools for Women 
in Business Aliza Sherman"
  2. I speak, I write…"
  3. 10 PowerTools"1.  Tell  your  stories.  2.  Find  your  life’s  mission.  3.  Take  charge  of  change.    4.  Overcome  crisis.  5.  Wield  your  power.  6.  Never  stop  learning.  7.  Leverage  technology.  8.  Nurture  your  network.  9.  Find  a  mentor.  Be  one,  too.  10. Give  back.   @alizasherman"
  4. 1. Tell your stories." @alizasherman"
  5. Your stories & experiences are
 a gift to others." @alizasherman"
  6. 2. Find your lifeʼs mission." @alizasherman"
  7. What makes your heart soar? Do more of that." @alizasherman"
  8. 3. Take charge of change." @alizasherman"
  9. Make change happen." @alizasherman"
  10. 4. Overcome crisis. " @alizasherman"
  11. Be a diamond."Brilliant under pressure." @alizasherman"
  12. 5. Wield your power." @alizasherman"
  13. Own It!"No apologies." @alizasherman"
  14. 6. Never stop learning." @alizasherman"
  15. “Only a fool knows everything."A wise woman knows how little she knows.”" @alizasherman"
  16. 7. Leverage technology." @alizasherman"
  17. Do what you do better
 with the right tools." @alizasherman"
  18. 8. Nurture your network." @alizasherman"
  19. Seed, water, weed." @alizasherman"
  20. 9. Find a mentor. Be one, too." @alizasherman"
  21. 10. Give back." @alizasherman"
  22. Donʼt strive for balance." @alizasherman"
  23. Get good at the “Juggle.”" @alizasherman"
  24. Nix the Superwoman act." X" @alizasherman"
  25. ASK
FOR"HELP" @alizasherman"
  26. Believe in yourself." @alizasherman"
  27. Whatʼs your next step?" @alizasherman"
  28. Q&A"
  29. Aliza Sherman""Twitter: @alizasherman"
  30. Aliza Sherman on"""