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Blog post_presentation_ mkt 380

  1. 1. ALIX LAUB University of Nevada, RenoGraduating Business Marketing Student
  2. 2. ABOUT MEI am a creatively driven marketing andgraphic design student who believes inusing energetic and adventurous ideasas a guide to fulfilling my visions andabilities.
  3. 3. ABOUT ME
  4. 4. ABOUT MEGraduation : May 2012Degree: Bachelor of Science, Business Marketing Major
  5. 5. ABOUT MEOutside of the marketing world..• I am a born and raised Lake Tahoe local.• I am an outdoor enthusiast • I hike, bike, swim, wakeboard, snowboard, ski, camp, scooter ride, rock climb, and long board.• I am the owner of an awesome Siberian Husky.• I am inspired by music• I am a highly social, energetic, and adventurous Leo.
  6. 6. ABOUT ME• E-portfolio can be found at• E-marketing and social media blog can be found at @alixlaub
  7. 7. ABOUT MEMarketing Experience : School Projects2010 International Marketing class • Constructed a marketing feasibility plan for CamelBak
  8. 8. ABOUT MEMarketing Experience : School Projects2011 Integrated Marketing Communications class • Developed a marketing strategy for Mt. Rose Ski Resort
  9. 9. ABOUT MEMarketing Experience : School Projects2012 E-Marketing class • Team Captain for Google Adword Campaign executed for Sunridge Golf Course ( today/news/2012/google-adwords)
  10. 10. ABOUT MEMarketing Interests• Creating marketing solutions• Utilizing social media• Overall e-marketing strategies• Conducting market research• Creating and restructuring brand image• Increasing brand awareness• Consumer relationship management• Designing and implementing advertisements• Conducting competitive analysis
  11. 11. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsCreating marketing solutions Current Trends Company Budget Goals Media Target Platforms Market
  12. 12. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsUtilizing social media Pinterest Google + Facebook Twitter Klout
  13. 13. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsOverall e-marketing strategies Online videos Online Online market advertisements research Online Company Promotions website
  14. 14. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsConducting market research Online Social Review Media Websites Analytical Experience websites Based
  15. 15. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsCreating and restructuring brand imageResearch Analyze Plan Implement
  16. 16. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsIncreasing brand awareness through social media special events promotions creation of viral advertisements videos
  17. 17. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsConsumer relationship management Upholding Maintaining positive social media customer sites experience Effective Increasing Customer customer Service interaction
  18. 18. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsDesigning and implementing advertisements Online Radio Newspaper Television Print
  19. 19. ABOUT MEMy Marketing InterestsConducting competitive analysis Strengths Weaknesses Threats Opportunities
  20. 20. ABOUT MEOther Professional Interests and abilities• Graphic Design• Management• Business communication• Finance and accounting• Writing• Spanish
  21. 21. WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON MYMARKETING BLOG:• A highlight of different effective company marketing strategies• Useful market research websites• Effective online marketing campaigns• Analysis of successful e-marketing strategies• Comparisons of different company’s social media efforts
  22. 22. MAIN FOCUS:• Current effective e-marketing and social media efforts for the Ski Resort Industry
  23. 23. OVERVIEW OF RECENT BLOG POSTS• Social Media Efforts : Vail Resorts versus KSL Resorts• Highway to Heavenly E-marketing campaign• Subaru: Triggering an Experience and a Feeling• Local Ski Resort Social Media Efforts• Website Demographics: A Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Comparison
  24. 24. OVERVIEW OF RECENT BLOGPOSTS• Social Media Efforts: VAIL vs. KSL• Vail Resorts : Heavenly, Kirkwood, Northstar • EpicMix Mobile Application • Leader in social media efforts• KSL Resorts: Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley • Relatively minimal social media efforts
  25. 25. OVERVIEW OF RECENT BLOGPOSTS• Highway to Heavenly Marketing Campaign • Heavenly utilizes Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for an awesome, effective, and genius marketing campaign. • Promotes customer-based marketing • Builds brand awareness • Customer loyalty • Effectively reaches target demographic
  26. 26. OVERVIEW OF RECENT BLOGPOSTS• Subaru: Triggering an Experience and a Feeling • Subaru creates an online application to increase social media efforts with use of customer-created viral videos. • Customer-based marketing strategy • Builds customer loyalty • Builds customer interaction • Excellent source of market information • Effectively reaches target demographic
  27. 27. OVERVIEW OF RECENT BLOGPOSTS• Local Ski Resort Social Media Efforts • Online application for the ski industry. The application compares multiple social media fans and influence, for a social media effort analysis. • Compares Facebook, Twitter, and Klout. • Measures Facebook fans • Measures Facebook engagement • Measures Twitter followers • Measures Klout influence• Heavenly is the leader in social media out of any ski resort in the world.
  28. 28. OVERVIEW OF RECENT BLOGPOSTS• Website Demographics: A Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Comparison • Using in order to obtain free, and useful market information. • A guide to understanding website traffic, analyzing results, and realizing potential marketing strategies • Comparing website demographics • • •
  29. 29. THE ENDDon’t forget to check out my e-portfolio!