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Secret Follow - Ali VAROL


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Secret Follow - Ali VAROL

  1. 1. SECRET Ali VAROL
  2. 2. Your Placement Tree ? OsmanMahmut Selim Emre İnan Doruk Özel
  3. 3. What does ‘FOLLOW’ mean ?FOLLOW doesn’t necessarily meandrinking a cup of tea with your Prospects.
  4. 4. FOLLOW1- Up-Line Follow2- Down-Line Follow3- Prospect Follow
  5. 5. Up-Line Follow• Leaders are Successful Networkers.• How did they succeed ?• You must follow them.• Be a Leader such as your leaders.• Your team starts Follow You.
  6. 6. Have you ever seen ? After Before
  7. 7. Down-Line Follow• Your are a great Up-Line Follower.• New people start to join your team.• Beginners are baby.• You must learn NM and Follow them.• They start to behave like you.
  8. 8. Which ?• Websites• Books• Presents• Follow-up• Up-Line Follow Leaders• Motivation• Problems• Clothing etc.
  9. 9. Your Mission• Up-Line Follow your leaders.• Down-Line Follow your team. • Your team has to Up-Line Follow you and leaders.
  10. 10. Prospect Follow• After present, you usually meet your Prospect and listen his/her objections• It isn’t important to follow him. • Make him follow you.
  11. 11. Presenters or Trainers don’t believe to earn money, they already earn. It is necessary to show your BELIEF.
  12. 12. Your Changes attract your Prospect• Your CAREER• Clothing• Locations you spend time• Speech style• Reading book• Your new photos on Facebook• Friends• Communication with people• Hair style etc.
  13. 13. Down-Line FollowUp-Line FollowProspect FollowLIC It is the mostA importantTI thing for NMON
  14. 14. If your team can’tUp-Line Follow you, it is your failure.It means ‘YOU ARE COMPLICATED’.
  15. 15. Be Copiable andAutomatize the kinds of Follows. Have aRemarkable Team and Be a Millionaire.
  16. 16.