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Utopia Kasauli Location Map Price List Site Floor Layout Plan Review Brochure

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Utopia Kasauli Location Map Price List Site Floor Layout Plan Review Brochure

  1. 1. K8 5 E u I i. Private Residences Q)“ I ‘kl li"" l lli -r l , l"IH[[‘, l'IIII’. 'l, l|l, |l
  2. 2. A small and unique villa project inspired by the elements of nature. Located just off Kasauli Cantonment, enter into a rejuvenating, remarkably serene lifestyle set on lush green zone wherea lot ofsurprises await you. One of the pleasures offine living is the freedom to step backfrom the hustle and bustle and take a few moments to rejuvenate. Utopia Kasauli, a lifestyle home project is a thoughtful attempt to create an independent natural world in one of the mostaccessible and untouched Hill Stations oflndia— Kasauli. More than just another residential neighborhood, Utopia Kasauli has lifestyle Cottages and Floors that capture the spirit and style of this Hill Station while nestling you in peaceful haven of immaculately planned luxurious cottages and floors. The beautiful living spaces overlook the dense evergreen pine forests of Kasauli. Experience life at its best at Utopia Kasau| i.This residential project bringstogether the best in design, p| anning, aesthetics and execution. Utopia Kasauli presents Studio/2/3/4/5 BHK luxury floors and cottages in the lap ofnature. Embellished with all thefacilities and luxuries, these floors and cottages are designed to provide utmost comfort to your senses. The designers have crafted them specifically for the people possessing an aesthetic taste who wish to lead their lives elegantly while basking in the warmth of nature. These cottages’ being situated in the cradle ofnature does not makethem devoid of| uxuries. They contain all kinds of modern facilities and quality infrastructure like good connectivity to roads, adequate water supply and rain water harvesting, effective sewerage, lighting etc.
  3. 3. F F ‘ -’ . E Experience nature in its truest form. V. . ' 5 Welcome to Utopia, Kasauli K A by your side I‘HIIiII| I.. ... . . ..‘ N N , ‘ 34 . » > ‘ ‘ , . §5mu}, _'. ’lr. ‘—4- -mu‘ Hnrmm W ‘ll mi! H“ I w W _ Hllllllllll
  4. 4. I J/ .'. =.-I-3‘l-'3 I ' =1 ! Ir'-I’= _IIII IClflEIHI! lII Famous Christ Church Mohan Meakin Heritage Market Monkey Point ’ " '_""/5. The Lawrence School Sanawar Tibetan Market Dotted with dense timbered pine woods, Kasauli is perched in the Solan district in the charming state of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the few hill stations that was built up by British kingdom during the peak time in India. Kasauli, nestled at a height of 6322 feet ( 1927 mts. ), is a quaint little town overlooking Himalayas and Dhauladars. It offers the allure ofa calm and composed tourist appeal. Kasauli is famed for its picture perfect surroundings and magnificent Victorian mansions. The view of snow-covered mountains, lush greenery, gurgling torrents and alpine meadows enhance the unspoiled exquisiteness of the hillstation. Far from the maddening crowd, it is undoubtedly an amazing place for all those who are seeking for a respite from the hustle and bustle ofcity | ife. Whi| e in Kasauli you will be accompanied by the brightgreen beauty and sweet voices ofthe birds. No other place in the region can offeras much peace as Kasauli. No wonder, it is one ofthe most sought after holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh. So come and bask in this beautiful paradiseonearth. LANDMARKS IN KASAU LI The Lawrence School, Sanawar: Established in 1847 by Sir Henry Lawrence and his wife Honoria, it is spread over 130 acres and is one of Asia's oldest co-educational residential schools. The school has been consistently ranked among the best residential schools oflndia. Mohan Meakin Brewery: In the late 1820s, Edward Dyer moved from England to set up the first brewery in India (later incorporated as Dyer Breweries in 1855) at Kasauli. Some of its well known brands include Old Monk, Solan No. 1, Colonel's Special and Golden Eagle. Monkey Paint: It is the highest peak in Kasauli. According to Ramayana when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas with Sanjivani Booty or the magical death defying herb, his foot touched this Kasauli hill top. Remarkablythetop ofhill is in a foot shape and has a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Kasauli Club: Founded in 1880 as the ‘Kasauli Reading and Assembly Rooms‘ by a group of Englishmen, the Kasauli Club has a reputation that extends beyond this quaint town and its membership is most sought after. It hosts two annual events "Kasau| i Night" and "Khushwant Singh Literary Festival" which draws elite crowd from farand wide. Christ Church: Dedicated to St. Francis and St. Barnabas, the Anglican Church was constructed in the year 1884 and is situated on the busiest street ofthe town, the Mall Road. Conceived and constructed in stone, the Church is an imposing structure that constantly reminds the beholder of the glorious days of the British-Raj and the Gothic English architecture. Heritage &Tibetan Market: Take a trip to these markets to buy Tibetan handicrafts, woolens, wooden souvenirs. One can also find souvenirs made of brass, clay and straw. Don't forget to stop by the small dhabas and eating joints offering lip-smacking momos, bun samosas, tikkis, pakoras and samosas to name a few. Central Research Institute (CRI): Originally the Pasteur Institute of India, it was established at Kasauli in 1904.The CRI works as a World Health Organization ‘Collaborating & Research Centre’ and as an Immuno- Biological laboratory producing the DPTgroup ofvaccines in addition to vaccines for snake bite, dog bite, measles & polio. The institute also offers educational facilities to students aspiring to pursue career in Microbiology.
  5. 5. Kasauli HIGHLIGHTS ‘Is Easy accessibility and prime / posh location near Baikunth Resort. v Tastefully designed hill architecture with fire placeinallcottages. as Customised interiors within the plan layouts. v Ideal for end use / company lease / rental income. as Panoramic view, sunlight and cool pine breeze throughout the day, moderate climatethroughouttheyear. v Rain water harvesting and 24/7 water supply. as Exclusive recreation floor with splash pool option. bar. space forpooltable and lawn in Cottage 2 and 4. v Fully furnished, ready to move in, with Fans / Geysers / Modular Kitchen / Electric Chimney / Standard furniture / 32" LED/ Refrigerator. v Independent car parking slot and servant room for each independent cottage. ‘I’ Work in full swing and possession within oneyearofbooking / payment. 4‘ Studio, 2 84 3 BHKoptions available in select cottages.
  6. 6. Cottage ONE* *studio. 2 BHK, 3BHK 3. Full Cottage options available Total Covered Area - 3213 Sq. Ft. Ground Floor + First Floor: Total Covered Area - 1873 Sq. Ft. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Drawing cum Dining Room with Fire Place, 1 Kitchen, 3 Toilets, 1 Servant Room, 1 Terrace. 2nd Floor + Attic Floor: Total Covered Area - 1340 Sq. Ft. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Drawing cum Dining Room (Double Height Ceiling), 7 Kitchen, 3 Toilets, 3 Terraces.
  7. 7. Pownzn now a 5‘ x a 9' xircnan iasxys‘ "W aztow amwmai alums. Room znuxznn‘ "fll GROUND FLOOR Covered ~ 689.1 sq. ft. + l'l. llll| ll l]’l. Illlll$ l. lllllllll. llill'l' lIEl_l l .32 “mg, s: wv»_n new 5,, ,5,_, . i:75x72‘ T , TOILET s 35‘ x 5 4‘ BEDROOM 14 i')( ma‘ 1 l_| I '_l SPACE ran :2 H warm rmks la FIRST FLOOR Covered ~ 919.3 sq. ft. Deck — 264.6 sq. ft. IYOKEN I 72'xs5 § ; ia a‘l I i ‘ I V : ; agfawgc I i —i - YERRNDE 59x55 stoma mum ATTIC FLOOR SECOND FLOOR + Covered - 431.4 sq. ft. Covered - 908.5 sq. ft.
  8. 8. Cottage TWO Total Covered Area - 3747 Sq. Ft. 3 Bedrooms, 1 Drawing Room, 1 Living cum Dining Room, 1 Kitchen, 5 Toilets, 1 Study Room, 1 Recreational Floor with Splash Pool Option, Bar, Space for Pool Table, 4 Terraces, Lawn & 1 Servant Room.
  9. 9. SERVANT AREA 7 5' X 6 9‘ {/ 2 BED Room I3 ’I')( I3 7 aw SPACE rox o H O O O wamamixs 5IlEruT: : ”“’: ..a ASH Room , ___ , __ 5 2 x 5 2‘ V KITCHEN 5 E‘ x as 7 am ROOM Rzciftlnnnt 13.75‘ X 14.75‘ zi : I x 23 9' T 8 aza ROOM D J W P 4 15 75‘ x 13 r 1 I I E J I ‘2‘“i'Wi": "I'” E J I I I 7 _ «S V > I I 2-‘q‘A°, , < 157”? WIDEDECK _ , 2I3X88’WlDEATTIC BALCONY 11, l i22)<3 g'wIoEsALcorw; I L GROUND FLOOR FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR ATTIC FLOOR Covered — 666 sq. ft. Covered — 1093 sq. ft. Covered — 968 sq. ft. Covered — 1020 sq. ft.
  10. 10. Cottage THREE‘ “Studio. 2 BHK, 3BHK 3. Full Cottage options available Total Covered Area - 3958 Sq. Ft. Ground Floor + First Floor: Total Covered Area - 2340 Sq. Ft. 2/3 Bedrooms, 1 Drawing cum Dining Room with Fire Place, 1 Kitchen, 3 Toilets, 1 ServantRoom, 1 Terrace. 2nd Floor + Attic Floor: Total Covered Area - 1618 Sq. Ft. 2/3 Bedrooms, 1 Drawing cum Dining Room {Double Height Ceiling), 1 Kitchen, 3 Toilets, 1 Servant Room, 2 Terraces.
  11. 11. I ERVANT SERVANT K TOILET , mM, TOILET 4'><59' 4e‘x69' ROW 1i‘H‘XE5‘ Iii A / my I Emma 5 2' x O 2- W! ” ii DRAWINGIDINING 3 _ I 717 am . J . E— mm __ 1 Arm: zarxiss‘ r BTX45‘ , I Wiaariim © / ' I . ':t: ; l” iKl§°x"aE§I ’ I: l L wnza TANKS I ta now A . + aaa Room , , [ 12 3‘ X ii 3' if? >'3?l’. Iil "‘§E'°" B K, [I ‘ ':1;2*. .f I [I r —I at sea ‘ I / ; TERRACE luv WIDEATTIC ‘ 2i s'x7 9‘ , I BALCONY , 13 w x 3 3‘ 22' x 11 J3‘ DECK/ TERRACE GARDEN stoma mm; GROUND FLOOR FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR ATTIC FLOOR Covered - 992 sq. ft. + Covered — 1106.4 sq. ft. Covered - 1106.5 sq. ft. + Covered — 511.5 sq. ft. Terrace — 241.6 sq. ft.
  12. 12. Cottage FOUR Total Covered Area - 4560 Sq. Ft. 4 Bedrooms, 1 Drawing Room, 1 Living & Dining Room, 1 Kitchen, 6 Toilets, 1 Recreational Floor With Splash Pool Option, Bar, Space For Pool Table, 5 Terraces, Lawn & I ServantRoom.
  13. 13. DOUBLE HEIGHT PORTION LDEEV 1 5‘ WIDE on mm 5 5‘ x s z @EI I D ncc WALL the H" 2, wIc was i ax ii 7' WIDE suitcoiiv ‘i as up sen ROOM is 45‘ x is’ KITCHEN saws LOEEY T0lLEY v c 114‘ x 7 9' . .4 ’ WI; TOILET 5”” F<E°F'EA"WL f ‘ ism a 2 x ss I noon 9 I .4 f y‘ I SPAé)E FOR 5Im, .G warm TANKS « H r x IA 4‘ sen ROOM BEDROOM lA1'XiDB' _ z’ 13¢‘Xi36‘ 59‘xw' QQ , wmsamc EALCONV a Y x 21' WVDE BALCONV I / 5 9‘ X29 5‘ WIDE oeok GROUND FLOOR FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR ATTIC FLOOR Covered — 915.8 sq. ft. Covered — 1417.8 sq. ft. Covered — 1364.6 sq. ft. Covered — 861.8 sq. ft.
  14. 14. SPECIFICATIONS STRUCTURE Earthquake resistant RCC Frame Structure EXTERIOR FINISHES Wall CIadding: WoodenI exterior tiles. fine bricksI stone/ stone finish texture or mix match DRAWING ROOM Fireplace: Exclusive designer fireplace Floor: Marble/ Tile finish or mix match. Wall Stone work / Plaster with PCP punning with plastic emulsion/ texture/ wall papers or mix match. g: POP punning with plastic emulsion/ False ceiling finished with POPI woodenltexturel wall papers or mix match. Staircase: MS/ Wood/ Glass railing or mix match DINING Bi PASSAGE Floors: Marble/ Tiles or mix match Wall Stoneworkl plasterwith POP punning Ki plastic emulsion. Ce ng: POP punning with plastic emulsion/ False ceiling finished with POP/ woodenltexturel wall papers or mix match. BEDROOMS Floors: Laminated wooden flooringl Vitrified tiles Wa| |s' Stone workl Plaster with PCP punning with plastic emulsion/ texture/ wall papers or mix match Celll g: POP punning with plastic emulsion/ False ceiling finished with P0P/ wooderlltexturel wall papers or mix match. Cupboards: Modular cupboards with PU Glass/ Veneered/ laminated finish or mix match. BALCONIESIDECK Floors: Antiskid ceramic tilesl stone finish Railing: Decorative MS/ wood railing KITCHENS Floors: Antiskid ceramic tiles/ marble or mix match Ce 9: POP punning with plastic emulsion/ False ceiling finished with POP with plastic emulsion Walls: Ceramic tiles up to 2feet height above the counter level and rest POP punning and painted with pleasing shades of plastic emulsion. Counter Top: Granite counter with stainless steel sink. Cabi et: Modular kitchen cabinets with PU Glassl Veneered finish or mix match. Chimney: Branded electrical chimney DOORS &W| NDOWS Main Door: Seasoned hardwood frames and premium quality hardwood door. Internal Doors: Seasoned hardwood frames with both sides laminated flush door shutters. External Windows & Doors: UPVC with toughened glass. TOILETS Floors: Antiskid ceramic tilesl marble or mix match. Walls: Ceramic tiles. Fittings and Fixtures: Wall hung WC, washbasin of matching shades, Diverter, provision for hot and cold water mixer system. Shower: Glass water curtain in master toilet. Counter Top: Granite/ Italian marble. Bath Ware Fixtures: Premium single lever fixtures. ELECTRICAL Wi ‘ng: FRLS Copper concealed. SwitchesISockets: Premium modular shock resistant. TelephonelData: Te| ephone &TV cables pre—wired in all rooms. SERVANT ROOMS Floors: Ceramic tiles wall Plaster and painted with pleasing shades ofOBD. Ce 9: Plaster and painted with pleasing shades of OBD. STAIRCASES Floors: Granitel Wooden Flooring. walls: External Texture paint. MS Handrail with hardwood tops. Disclaimer: All transactions in this scheme will be undertaken in accordance with laws prevailing in Himachal Pradesh. This brochure is purely conceptual and not a legal offering. Further, the promoters/ architects reserve the rights to add/ delete any details/ specifica tions/ elevations mentioned ifso warranted by thecircumstances.
  15. 15. LOCATION MAP TO KUTI-IAR r. mva: ~cissrm; ar. :4 V/ rrmn T0 SOLAN/ SHIMLA Kasauli mswu lA'7‘ERM4 now . rrHn0L DHARAMPUR M SITE 9 KM aamom FROMHERE NITE IZ KM FROM HERE «ram ~ um KIV imzweny Amman mu IUSALLI PARWANO0 RESOII7 PLVEGRDVE scuaal KASAIJLI KASAI/ Ll mxs A ZIRAKPUR MONKEY Powr CHANDIGARH T0 DELHI Fact File Chandigarh -65 km Dharampur -12 km Kalka - 35 km Nearest Airport Nearest Railway Station Nearest Bus Connectivity Volvo 8i AC Buses till Dharampur - 12 km Excellent climate conditions throughout the year Summers — ranges from 15 degrees to 30 degrees Winters - ranges from 0 degree to 10 degrees Monsoons — pleasant with low to moderate rainfalls Occasional snowfall in winters Education World Renowned Lawrence School Sanawar- 4.5 km Pinegrove School — 5 km St. Mary's School — 6 km Army Public School - 13 km Central Research Institute (C. R.| .) ~ 6 km
  16. 16. .d. --. -.---. -.-. -.-. ----------. ' Actual View from the Site