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Spotlight 6

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Sabantuy – a national folk festival Sadriev Marat 6 form Secondary school of Dmitrievka
  2. 2. The word “ sabantuy” means a festival of plow
  3. 3. the annual folk festival in the end of spring symbolizing the end of field work in the republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan
  4. 4. DATE Country Food Facts About the 10th of JUNE Russia, Bashkortostan,Tatarstan Chak – chak, kebab,bishbarmak
  5. 5. During sabantuy people wear traditional costumes,
  6. 6. compete in different contests and play various games
  7. 7. The main events of sabantuy are: horse race and belt wrestling
  8. 8. The winner of belt racing gets the main prize!
  9. 9. There are also dancing and singing competitions and concerts !
  10. 10. Climbing up a pole!
  11. 11. Horse riding! Horse riding!
  12. 12. Jumping in bags!
  13. 13. Sabantuy – is a very good Muslim holiday! There is a playground for children, as well as a playground for adults!
  14. 14. THE End