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  • Very nice paintings
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  • Hi Dear Friend,
    I can not get an email someone comments on my presentation.
    Slide Share tested this out and was able to reproduce the issue and forward to technical team and they are working on a fix for this. ''I hope''
    For this reason so sorry I can not replay your nice comment..
    Please accept my apologies....
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  • Very nice paintings !!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!! Wish you a beautiful evening! Best greetings from Greece. Nikos
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  • Sorry dear Ali, this morning I did not have access to your wall, also at my different
    groups for make known and reference your work in the world (I like this formula :-))) ...
    Unfortunately I do not have access to reading of your presentation .... Bugs Slideshare
    ...I am sorry...I know, I am not alone in this situation ... I'll come back. Have a great week
    to you too. Greetings from France. Hugs. Bernard
    PS : I spend the same message if I have the same problem of reading.

    NB : I have a lot of problems, bugs with Slideshare ...I still do not access regularly to walls
    of my friends, I do not receive their emails, I can not discuss in or with my groups,
    etc...There are moments when it works partially and then a little after... all is blocked
    again. This bothers me a lot, in my daily with my 36 groups.... you can imagine! :-))) I'm
    realy sorry..
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  • Like the photo ... Interestingly Nadia tells herself: 'My paintings centre around figurative representations of the human form. I work predominantly with oils on canvas/linen. I seek to represent and capture a fleeting moment in time, a transient image of contemplation that is a combination of dreams and reality.

    This is achieved by a careful construction of mood and atmosphere which is created by the deliberate juxtaposition of the central figure against an ambiguous background, defined by intense artificial lighting and a restricted colour palette. This projects the image outwards towards the viewer, establishing its presence within the central frame of the canvas. The play of light and shadows conveys an effect that is both welcoming and remote, it distorts the image and produces an abstract quality arising from the gradual fading of parts of the image from sight.

    It intensifies an ephemeral moment which is interpreted by the viewer in their own personal way, yet being guided by the ambience and composition of the image as a whole.

    The works possess a contemporary tone which is achieved through the integration of a soft-focus, chiaroscuro and dry brush techniques combined with an illustrative edge.' Good work, Ali! Have a nice day!
    From Croatia,
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Nadia Lazizi

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