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A Hundred Years in a Decade


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Yellowwood's trends report, tracking the changes in business and consumer behaviour in a rapidly changing world.

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A Hundred Years in a Decade

  1. 1. Brand success in a rapidly changing,post recession, growth focussed worldCopyright Yellowwood Future Architects 2011
  2. 2. the age of optimism to the age of anxiety
  3. 3. The WORLD in 2020 Half Empty Half Full Protectionism, zero sum logic, Second brains. Augmented east versus west, Resource reality lenses. Wireless scarcity. Social unrest. intelligent embeddedUnemployment. Food shortages, biotechnology. Shared value, failing states, global warming new capitalism, Community. and failure to deal with climate Collaborative healthcare.change, energy and food security Multipolar power.crises, global struggle to control Entrepreneurship. Infinite natural resources, economic personalisation.imbalances, genetic polarisation, Regionalisation. Ubiquitous global terrorism, powerful connectivity. Centralising data. protectionism, brain jacking, Collective buying. Realtime. mechanical arbitrage, social Genetic, Urban utopia, virtual manipulation and surveillance peacekeeping, metamaterials,,states, cognitive surplus, google avatar reality stupid, nuclear proliferation
  4. 4. Assuming we continue on this path…International scenarios, Mind of a fox Peak Oil
  5. 5. Goodbye to proof get into beta-thinkingand a rapid experiential approach to innovationand change
  6. 6. “Jump in and move quickly. It‟s not that you have to get everything perfect.Perfect can be the enemy of the good.”
  7. 7. 2011 Trendsand the shape of things to come…
  8. 8. Our SourcesInhabitat. Trendwatching. Economist.GottaQuirk. Faith Popcorn. Flux Trends.Urban Sprout. McKinsey Quarterly. JWT.TED. thecoolhunter. Bizcommunity.Harvard Business Review. Trend Hunter.Mashable. Notcot. 10and5. Cherryflava.Omnicom and TBWA Group.Our clients‟ wisdom and experience.Our talent pool.
  9. 9. “A revolution doesn‟t happen when society adopts new tools. It happenswhen society adopts new behaviours.”
  10. 10. View Don Tapscott’s “Growing Up Digital” at Ericsson 2020 cursor over people to bring up Title)
  11. 11. But still a scarcity of INTELLIGENCEInfographics make it beautiful
  12. 12. Online culture IS the culture
  13. 13. “Digital is not a set of channels. It is the context for all of our marketing”
  14. 14. Key questions to be asking yourself…• Are you and your partners still looking at digital as another channel or the context framing and informing all behaviour?• Do you truly understand what is driving your customers‟ and employees‟ behaviours now?• Have you unpacked the mobile opportunity and challenges for this year‟s marketing plan and brand success?• Are you tapping into infinite information to increase your success and to drive value for customers?• Is your brand and brand team‟s psyche an experimental one that enables leaping and learning and a beta-state mind set?• Do you still distinguish between the ON and OFF world?• Are you using different media differently and providing valuable brand content?• Is your brand operating in the NOW, ON real time, constantly actions and engagement world?
  15. 15. & Participation
  16. 16. “Watch the final video of the Old Spice response,part of the largest interactive, participatory campaignto date. Actor Isaiah Mustafa camped out with a filmcrew and filmed responses to reactions andsuggestions from social media platforms. More peoplewatched these videosin 24 hours than saw Obama‟s presidential victoryspeech.”
  17. 17. Consumers trust each other “Each year, consumers make more than 500 billion online impressions on one another about products and services.” “Roughly 25% of tweets contain links.”
  18. 18. your crowd
  19. 19. Collectives Kickstarter enables crowdfunding of creative projects
  20. 20. “Social networking is becoming social production”
  21. 21. View “The Power of Collaboration”by Michael Dell at Ericsson 2020” cursor over people to bring up Title)
  22. 22. Transparency
  23. 23. Key questions to be asking yourself…• Is your role to create perfection and control or have you learned to be a shaper and sharer brand and brand builder?• Do you understand your brands social quotient and social graph both internally and externally?• Are you still in monologue mode focussed on what you want people to think and believe or have you started to involve , collaborate and engage ?• Does your CEO really understand that how you behave is more important than what you say?• Are you surrounded by communication partners obsessed about ideas that create trans-media potential or are you still engaging ATL and BTL?
  24. 24. Key questions to be asking yourself…• Does your customer segmentation reflect how your customers see themselves and organise themselves?• Are your employees all empowered to be your social ambassadors and advocates?• Who is in charge of your integrated customer experience?• Are your differentiators authentic? Will they survive transparency tyranny?• Are your marketers asking the right questions? Is live market intelligence helping you leap and learn, tweak and beta-test?
  25. 25. “Consumers are still buying things, but they‟re becoming more conscious of what they actually need, and why.Coca Cola Happiness Stations and World Cuptaverns helped township dwellers whocouldn‟t afford tickets to enjoy the experienceof the 2010 World Cup Amazon encourages readers to sell back their read books, offering free postage back to AmazonPiggyMojo is a mobile service to help couplessave. Every time an impulse buy is resisted,your partner is notified of the value saved
  26. 26. Simply UsefulOnly what I valueMasterCard and Visa have both developedcontact-free, „tap-and-go‟ payment systems
  27. 27. “The rich world will continue to suffer from anaemic growthfor years to come. The emerging world, by contrast, will be awhirling hub of dynamism and creativity… And it will account for a disproportionate share of business innovations
  28. 28. Brands need to understand and encapsulate theyouthfulness and optimism of emerging markets.
  29. 29. GOVERNMENT
  30. 30. Key questions to be asking yourself…• Do you intimately understand your customers’ value equation, value trade offs and where they perceive value in your brand?• Are you building Afro-optimism and entrepreneurship into your psyche and skills?• Have you maximised the opportunity in localisation AND status obsession?• Are you looking for innovation ideas in emerging markets or do you still think west is best?• Do you understand the cost and impact of new consumer protection acts and increased government involvement in your brand building and communication activities?
  31. 31. Business is increasingly viewed as major causesof social, environmental and economic problems.They are prospering at the expense of ourcommunity and our future
  32. 32. From Profit to PurposeGenerosity becomes embedded and spreads beyondthe developed world. “87% of global consumers expect companies to consider societal interests equal to business interests.” Edelman, November 2010
  33. 33. “Only a company that produces a Triple Bottom Line is taking account of the full cost involved in doing business.“ The Economist M&S encourages their shoppers to hand in old gadgets for recycling. Holiday Inn pedometers with keys to encourage walkingWater Pebble monitors water used De Vegetarische Slager –during a shower to help you save The Vegetarian Butcher
  34. 34. Key questions to be asking yourself…• Does your CEO believe its philanthropy or self interested to create economic value by creating societal value?• Should you not be embedding shared value in your thinking and operating or giving it to the CSR department?• Have you discovered the profit in being sustainable and planet conscious?• How generous is your mind set, culture and general ethic or is this still a threat to margins rather than a customer growth opportunity?• Will your industry need to respond to a consumers‟ desire for healthier living and reduced consumption?
  35. 35. 2011Learning to play
  36. 36. The rules of the game for 2011Anxiety AntidoteMust be MobileInsight InsideInterconnectSeize SocialEngageDo what you say and say what you doWield your crowdCollaborateValue valueEmbrace entrepreneurialism & emerging energyDefine new prosperity pillars
  37. 37. and… one more thing…
  38. 38. The World is brand newNew Technology New Thinking New Ideas New behaviours
  39. 39. A new era of brands and communications It‟s about intimate and engaging conversations Based on dialogue, not monologue And forging a deeper relationship with the people you talk to Through participation and active involvement And being open and transparent
  40. 40. The future of branding is
  41. 41. Brands that deliver against this agenda create greater word of mouth, advocacy, sales and loyalty
  42. 42. This is our philosophy and we havefound an international partner thatshares our view and has developed amodel for evaluating and developing effective engagement…
  43. 43. IntroducingFounded nearly 20 years ago in the UK by a planner calledMike HallNow a global boutique operating across 8 countries globallywith a team of highly innovative and insight obsessed people.They have a unique set of tools and principles of branding togive a more holistic, multi-dimensional view.
  44. 44. And a UNIQUE tool called…Used to identify the top ten most engaging brands in the UK, US,China and Australia and what makes them so engaging
  45. 45. Top 10 in UK & US
  46. 46. South Africa is next…
  47. 47. Thank you for your time…If you think it would be valuable for more people in your business to beexposed to the trends, we’d be very happy to come to your offices andshare it with your team. We can also facilitate a workshop to unpack theimplications for your business and brand and to brainstorm the actionsthat need to be taken to leverage the opportunities and mitigate the risks.Please contact if you would like to arrange a session.Copyright Yellowwood Future Architects 2011