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Dear Mr Angela: Engaging with International Students at the University of Bristol


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Dear Mr Angela: Engaging with International Students at the University of Bristol, Angela Joyce

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Dear Mr Angela: Engaging with International Students at the University of Bristol

  1. 1. “Dear Mr Angela” Engaging with international students at the University of BristolAngela Joyce – International Librarian – June 2012
  2. 2. A short story…• 1980: A young languages student called Angela Joyce is in Perpignan, France for her year abroad……a few months later she will move on to Vienna, Austria.
  3. 3. Fast forward to 2012….Angela Joyce is now working at Bristol University, as International Librarian. She still remembers her year abroad and what it was like…
  4. 4. Facts about University of Bristol• Russell Group University• C4,000 international students from 120 countries• 21% of our students are international• Top incoming: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, France, India, USA, Greece, Germany• International Librarian post created Sep 2011
  5. 5. Aim of the job• “To plan, develop, deliver, and monitor Library services and collections that meet the changing needs of international students, and to contribute generally to the provision of subject-based Library services in line with Library, departmental, faculty and University strategies, and to represent the Library in the University”.• (From job description)
  6. 6. The challenges• Reaching students• Working with SLs effectively• Using technology better• Too much information for students• (Many things apply to home students too!)
  7. 7. What does job involve? Giving 1:1 Developing training to international students Liaising across the collection University Aim: to support Aim: to support Training staff – our international our international internationalPromoting the students students awareness 10 Libraries Supporting pre- Looking at Feeding back sessional best practice to subject students outside Bristol librarians
  8. 8. International collection
  9. 9. Outreach• Library leaflets• 1:1 help• Attend International Office events• Xmas & Easter events• Facebook• Blackboard• Library Web page
  10. 10. Small group support workswell Foundation English students – economics project
  11. 11. Online tutorials are popular –produced with Camtasia
  12. 12. Typical IL class – eg.Econs, Finance & Management• Mixed nationalities• Small or large groups• I use lots of visuals and handouts• Aim for clear English• Get students to participate – use PCs if possible• Ask them about their country/libraries• Chance to ask questions at end, in class or 1:1
  13. 13. Staff trainingTo build international Watching UKCISA DVD –awareness students talk about alcohol• Practical sessions in the UK• Academic theory, eg. Hofstede• Sharing references (EndNoteWeb)• Discussions• International food! DVD image shown with thanks to UKCISA
  14. 14. Hofstede’s 4 dimensions• Power distance• Individualism v collectivism• Masculinity v femininity• Uncertainty avoidance Hofstede has researched how people’s workplace values are influenced by national cultures.(Hofstede, 2005)
  15. 15. Around the University• I work with the International Office, Students Union, Careers, student counsellors, some lecturers, Erasmus reps – with anyone who is interested in the welfare of international students.
  16. 16. International week…Munich 2011…Erasmus funded
  17. 17. The future…• Internationalisation group at Bristol – look at curriculum• Spread the Library word• Use more online methods eg. HK students• Develop pre-sessional work• Get some feedback from students• Keep learning Mandarin!• Contact with other international librarians
  18. 18. Final commentFrom our Pro Vice-Chanchellor, Nick Lieven:“Treat students as I would wish to be treated myself”.
  19. 19. Talking point….• How do you support international students? - Teaching/collections/social media• Should we be inclusive or treat international students as special group?
  20. 20. References• BARTY, A., LAGO, C. & UK COUNCIL FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AFFAIRS. 2008. Bridging our worlds : a DVD for training staff working with international students : trainers manual, London, UK Council for International Student Affairs.• DOLAN, M & MACIAS, R, 2009. Motivating international students. Available from• HOFSTEDE, G. H. & HOFSTEDE, G. J. 2005. Cultures and organizations : software of the mind, New York, McGraw-Hill.• JONES, E. 2010. Internationalisation and the student voice : higher education perspectives, New York ; London, Routledge.• Prepare for success. Available from 2012, University of Southampton
  21. 21. Thank you! Angela Joyce International Librarian