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Global public health databases- an overview of the content of major subscription services - November 2011


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Global public health databases- an overview of the content of major subscription services by Ian Walker, British Library.

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Global public health databases- an overview of the content of major subscription services - November 2011

  1. 1. Global Public Health DatabasesIan WalkerContent Expert, Science, Technology & Medicine10th November 2011
  2. 2. Overview of presentation:Sources of public health informationImportance of using specialist databasesIntroducing the Global Health databaseIntroducing the Informit Health databaseOther public health resources of interest
  3. 3. Public health - a definition:What is Public Health? “The science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organised efforts of society” (Sir Donald Acheson, Independent Inquiry Into Inequalities In Health, 1988)
  4. 4. What is global public health?• Global public health is public health which transcends boundaries• Today we live in a more global, interconnected world• Developed world is taking a renewed interest into the health of global populations
  5. 5. Who are public health professionals? What are their information needs?• Modern public health practice requires multidisciplinary teams of professionals, drawn from a diverse variety of backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, sociologists, engineers, health educators, community health workers, etc.• Need for current and relevant information and also the need for global literature• Public health literature comprises many varied sources, including, journal articles, books, grey literature etc.• Traditional biomedical databases such as MEDLINE only partially meet the needs of public health researchers
  6. 6. Databases covering public health / global public available atthe British Library:Database CoverageMEDLINE Biomedical literatureGlobal Health Public health researchCAB Abstracts Agriculture, environment, human healthInformit Health Allied health and nursingEMBASE Biomedicine and pharmacologyCINAHL Nursing and allied HealthPsycINFO Behavioural sciences and mental healthWeb of Science Sciences, social sciences In the next few slides we will focus on Global Health and Informit Health databases
  7. 7. Global Health:•Specialistbibliographic, abstracting and indexing database dedicated to public health research and practice.•Containsover 1.2 million records from 1973 to present day. Over 100,000 records are added each year.•Informationis sourced from more than 5,000 serials, monographs, reports,conference proceedings, newsletters, patents, theses and other grey literaturesources.•Controlled vocabulary indexing.•Publicationsfrom over 150 countries in 50 languages are abstracted. 97% ofrecords have an English abstract.
  8. 8. Global Health: International CoverageData from : ‘Global Health – Solving Local Problems With Global Information’ CABI, p.9.
  9. 9. Global Health: Subject Coverage:• Global Health database covers the following aspects of human health and disease: • Communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS) • Tropical and Parasitic Diseases • Human Nutrition (including food composition, effects of diet on health) • Community Public Health • Social Medicine • Environmental and Occupational Health • Medicinal and Poisonous Plants
  10. 10. Global Health: Subject Coverage: Biomedical and Life Sciences Tropical and International Health Physiology Tropical Medicine Medical Microbiology Traditional Medicine Food Science International Health Toxicity Public Health Health Systems Community Health Health Economics Rural Health Health Publicity and Planning Refugee and Migrant Health Women’s Health Health Promotion Nutrition and Food Sciences Community Health Programmes Public Health Nutrition Disease Prevention Clinical Nutrition Disseminating Health Messages Environmental and occupational Infectious Diseases and Health Parasitology Food safety and hygiene Bacterial and Viral Diseases Sanitation and water supply Medical Entomology Zoonotic Disease Veterinary Public Health
  11. 11. How is Global Health different to MEDLINE?Why not simply use MEDLINE?• Content of MEDLINE dominated by North American and European literature (GH is more global in its scope)• MEDLINE only indexes journal articles and often only selectively indexes these journals (GH indexes journals but also non-serial sources such as reports, conference proceedings, book chapters, theses etc.)• Subject matter – MEDLINE focuses on clinical and experimental medicine, biomedical science etc. (GH also focuses on public health, nutrition, food safety, etc.)• Searching MEDLINE alone is not enough for public health information – need to search additional specialised databases to obtain comprehensive results.• Aalai, E. et al. Accessing public health Information: a preliminary comparison of CABI’s GLOBAL HEALTH database and MEDLINE. Health Information and Libraries Journal, 2008. 26, 56-62
  12. 12. Global Health: Data from : ‘Global Health – Solving Local Problems With Global Information’ CABI, p.4.
  13. 13. Informit Health Collection:•Full text database providing access to alliedhealth and nursing content from Australia, NewZealand and the Asia Pacific region.•Developed in response to growing demand forAustralasian health information.•Produced by RMIT Publishing – leading provider of scholarly Australasianpublications.•Replaced Meditext database in January 2010.•Delivered through RMIT’s Informit platform.•Department for Business Innovation and Skills ranked Australia in the top 10countries performing health research in 2011
  14. 14. Informit Health Collection: subjects covered:•Communicable diseases•Counselling•Geriatrics•Indigenous health•Mental illness•Neurology•Nursing•Pediatrics•Physiotherapy•Public health policy•Rehabilitation•Rural health•Traditional and alternative medicine
  15. 15. Informit Health – content covered:•Content includes Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific health journals,monographs, reports and case studies. Many of the titles included in the collectionare not available online elsewhere.•As of November 2011, Informit Health consists of : o 138 journals o 22 monographs o 20 conference papers o ACOSS papers series (Australian Council of Social Sciences)•Key journals include: Aboriginal Islander Health Worker Journal; After Abuse;Environmental Health; Health Information Management; Nursing.AUST
  16. 16. Other electronic sources of public health information:China / Asia on Demand (CAOD):•Source of Chinese science, technology and medicine serials•Public health titles include: Chinese Journal of Public Health; Chinese Journal ofPublic Health Management; Journal of Public Health and Preventative Medicine•While there are English language articles and abstracts, most articles are onlyavailable in Chinese languageSpringer eBooks:•Access to over 5,000 titles from the biomedical & life sciences and medicinecollections•eBooks include : Encyclopedia of Public Health, Encyclopedia of Aging and PublicHealth, Public Health Policy and Ethics
  17. 17. In summary:• Public health professionals need access to a wide range of sources and also access to global information• Interdisciplinary nature of public health field means that no one database will cover all topics• Extending range of inquiry outside of MEDLINE to other databases - such as Global Health - will help obtain more comprehensive results